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Comments on Cobwebs Of The Mind: Never Again

Updated: 2014-12-02T03:38:37.414+02:00


Some CHOOSE to live in denial of history and and e...


Some CHOOSE to live in denial of history and

and every crime committed.

Those people CHOOSE to deny.

Those who lived it, lost because of it

and continue to face it, don’t have

the luxury to CHOOSE. It’s real

it happened and it continues to happen.

Racism = hate

Symbols = disregard

Disregard = disgust


I know the truth and can’t deny it

Ya know, This goes beyond wrong.I am against any f...


Ya know, This goes beyond wrong.
I am against any form of hate and disrespect for people.

There should have been NO DOUBT in the mind of the user. Obviously there was if they felt the need to link the explanation/difference.

There really is nothing else to say.

John Arsenault

I've read both posts on the matter.I find the comm...


I've read both posts on the matter.
I find the comments you quoted by the Moderator of said forum to be troubling.

The message she sends is clear. She will tolerate this regardless of how it affects anyone else.

This trouble me in many ways.
I noticed she called you self-righteous and desperate and then accused you of formatting hatred and said you have poor reading comprehension.

Normally, I would not give much credit to this type of person. Her message is clear.

She will try and go off topic by discrediting you and calling you names.

This symbol used obviously was not represented in a manner to eliminate the questions of many who look at it. If the symbol appearred by itself, as a picture, it left room for questioning.

One should not need to further investigate. If the intention of the board or the individual uses this as a sign of peace, then should this person not be at least a bit concerned that the opposite effect it is having.

Just a thought

Rob Douglas

There really is nothing to say. You've said it al...


There really is nothing to say. You've said it all.

How absolutely disgusting, and how utterly depressing that a site supposedly devoted to a profession of the mind can be so ignorant. I wish I could say I was surprised, but none of this crap surprises me anymore. A little disheartened? Maybe. Surprised? No.

I was asked by a co-worker to read this and what m...


I was asked by a co-worker to read this and what my
opinion is on this matter.

There is no question that the usage of this symbol is wrong.

It does not matter the explanation given. When in doubt, don’t. Simple and easy.

Never Again. Words to live by

One should not be forced to look upon something so evil and asked to ignore it.

As someone who knows the horror this represents, I too am outraged.

J. Shapiro

I seriously doubt that these symbols represent goo...


I seriously doubt that these symbols represent good luck.

Please look at these and tell me that one should not get upset.

TeddyI give you a lot of credit. You at least hav...


TeddyI give you a lot of credit. You at least have the decency to be an adult.I noticed in the response to your post there was name calling and accusationsthrown at you. You should not have to defend yourself nor validate the reasons for your being upset. It is quiet obvious. Ignorance is dangerous. The one question that comes to mind over and over again is Why?Why would someone choose something that can be misconstrued intosomething so hurtful?Why would this person go through the bother of posting a link explaining thesymbol used but not bother to post a picture of Buddha with the symbol emblazonedon it’s chest?Why start a thread asking what people see?Why not clarify this upfront, to be seen by all and eliminate any doubt?Why would the question of one of the posters go ignored when he /she identified offensive symbol?The why’s can only be answered by what you said. To call attention to one’s self.Many will say “Where do we draw the line? Why not ban the symbol of other cultures?The answer is easy. It is not a matter of just finding something offensive. It is a matter of all it represents. The chosen symbol by the person was in very poor taste. I apologize for the length of this comment but I am so angry right now.Now, on to the Mod who felt it necessary to try and appear intelligent.Maybe it’s me, but I doubt it. By stating as she did“By the way Teddy before you go and accuse me of anti-Semitism, my marriedname is Cohen”Is she for real???? That is the equivalent of someone stating“I’m not a racist, I have black friends. I’m not racist, I work with a Shapiro”Unless she has been a part of such terror, suffered great loss or has witnessed the brutality of all this symbol represents, that is the most ridiculous statement ever stated.Are you going overboard? NoShould you let it go? NoWhy? Because, as you, I feel by ignoring things and letting them go, you are enablinghate to continue.In response to those who defend the usage because it is going in the wrong direction, The world will continue in the wrong direction as long as we let this go.Any sign, act or show of hatred is unacceptable in my world.It should be in yours as well.This goes much deeper than a misinterpretation. Many of you who read this and oppose the reaction are allowed your opinion, but please ask yourself this first.If you realize what the symbol represents and know all that it stands for, would you alsoother signs of hate to be displayed?What if I thought it was really cool to see an airplane or two lodged into two skyscrapers while they burn to the ground and decided to put that as a decoration on my letterhead?Would that also be acceptable? I could put a link saying that it was something other than an attack.What if I thought it was cool to show a woman being raped and had that as my decoration? Would that be acceptable? I could put a link and say it was erotic.I could never do these things, I still cry when I see footage of either of these things. I am just checking to see at what point people get horrified.I promise, there is an ending to this post soon.Ted,I have read most of your works. I follow your blogs and find you have tremendous talent. Your stories are full of passion, emotion and talent. I applaud you. You havemade me laugh and cry with your words. I doubt anyone who has taken the time to readany of your stories could accuse you of having anything other than compassion and a drive for life.I would consider it an honor to call you a friend and please know that I am as outraged as you.Don’t ever change who you are and all you believe in. I am sending you all the good vibes I can muster. From my heart to yours[...]