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Preview: Murder at Avedon Hill - Novel and Podcast

Murder at Avedon Hill - Novel and Podcast

Hi, P.G. Holyfield here. Murder at Avedon Hill, my first self-published novel, will be released in January 2008. The official website for the mystery/fantasy novel and its accompanying podcast is Murder At Avedon Hill. I was interviewed in 2005 by Biowar

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Murder at Avedon Hill Gets a Publisher


Murder at Avedon Hill is being published later this year by Dragon Moon Press. For more information, visit the Murder at Avedon Hill website.

Murder at Avedon Hill Video Promo


38 episodes (of 42) have been released. Over 10,000 have downloaded the first episode so far, and I am very happy with how the podcast has been received.

Finally finished a video promo for MaAH

Murder at Avedon Hill Continues


I haven't posted here in a long time, but I still get referrals from here every month... so I guess I should post here sometimes.

I've released 27 episodes of the podcast so far. I've got around 15 more episodes left. The response has been great. I'm in the Top 100 Daily podcasts in the Lit section of iTunes most days, and on Page 2 of the Featured Podcast list under Literature as well.

Most recently the podcast has been named as a finalist for Best Podcast Novel at the Podcast Peer Awards.

Episodes 6-9 are up


Episodes 6-9 are up at the novel's website.

Episodes 3-5 are up!


Episodes 3-5 of Murder at Avedon Hill, my podcast novel, are available at

I'm especially happy with Episode 5, which features guest voices Christiana Ellis and Matthew Wayne Selznick.

First two episodes of the podcast novel are up!


Murder at Avedon Hill is up and running. Good vibes from everyone so far. Stop by and listen in.


Updates on the official Murder at Avedon Hill website


Murder at Avedon Hill Episode T-Minus 3 - Introductions, a couple skits, and a lot of promos.

Appearance on the Five Minute Memoir podcast - I recall a day from my youth.

Murder at Avedon Hill Promo - Leann Mabry plays Gretta in my first promo for MaAH

Appearance on J.C. Hutchins's 7th Son Podcast - I wrote a skit about people hurting themselves while doing Kilroy 2.0 impressions. Several great podcasters helped me pull this off. It's called "Kilroy 2.0 Stress Disorder"

Appearance on Scott Sigler's The Rookie Podcast - I wrote a fun short story about meeting Scott Sigler at Dragon*Con. It's a little bit comedy and a little bit horror at the same time. Scott dropped it into his podcast feed last month.

My Last Blogger Post...


Well, it's time.

I'm starting up my podcast.

I'll be uploading my finished novel to very soon.

Please check out the new and improved blog and website, over at

I've already got an audio promo up; I'll have more audio uploaded over the next two weeks, and I'm set up on iTunes and Podcast Pickle

It's been fun. For anyone that stopped by over the last two years, I hope you'll head on over to my wordpress site/blog. It looks good, and even though the template will change over the next month or so, I love the way wordpress works. Sorry Blogger, you really needed to make this new version of blogger more podcast friendly.

Until next time... goodbye and good luck.

Evolution of Dance


Again, I know I'm way behind on these, but here's another one...

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White and Nerdy


Um, I know I'm late on this, but this is just too funny.

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Yes, I'm a Beta Clone...


I wrote a review of 7th Son: Book 1 - Descent a few months back. J.C. Hutchins, the author, is one hell of a guy and has helped me more than he will ever know along my journey... whereever the hell I end up.

Anyways, I love me some t-shirts... so here I am in my beta clone shirt!

If you haven't already... get the hell over to and give his podcast novel a try.

Tag in the Seam Pimps Murder at Avedon Hill, and vice versa :)


(image) As mentioned in a previous post, I'm a big fan of Leann Mabry's pocast "Tag in the Seam." She provides insight on being a 'real woman,' and she shows great comedic talent just 'being herself.'

I did a promo for her podcast last month, cobbling together some sound bites and adding a voiceover to tie it together. Not high comedy, but she liked it enough to post it on her site.

In her most recent episode she mentions me and plugged the fact that I have my podcast starting soon. For those of you that are coming over after hearing her podcast, my first T-Minus podcast leading up to the start of the novel will be posted after the first of the year, after we move to another hosting company and I convert this site to WordPress/Podpress.

But before that I hope to be announcing that a short story I wrote will be appearing on a popular podcast... I'm just waiting to hear if/when it might go up before releasing any details. :)

I took the day off today to continue the final edits of my novel. So it's time to get back to it... Later guys!

Preparations Continue


Several events will take place over the next few weeks that will be very important for the book and the upcoming podcast. First we (my one website and the many my wife has created and maintains) will be moving to a new hosting company, one with a LOT of bandwidth (yeah!). Because of this I will be moving from blogger to wordpress (and podpress). While this means leaving blogger, which I have enjoyed, I will be moving to a blog that integrates so much better with podcasts. Along with this I will be revamping my website. I will most likely be taking a page from Lonnie Ezell's website, as he does a good job of meshing Book and Podcast within his site.

Nanowrimo is over...


I didn't quite make it, but I have 30,000 words to work with once I finish editing my first novel. :)

Congratulations to everyone that participated and especially to those that made it.

I for one am really proud of the work we did over at the Nanomonkeys podcast. It started as a suggestion I made over at the HHM website (first to do a support group there, and then to combine forces with the ISBW website). Chris Miller, K.J. Johnson, and Mur ran with it and prodcue something pretty special. 34 podcasts in 30 days. You can't beat that with a stick.

As for the novel edit, I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I've got around 95 pages left, plus I've got a map that's around 60% complete.

Lulu Authors Unite!


Stacey Cochran, author of Amber Page: And the Legend of the Coral Stone has done a wonderful job of marketing. He is one of the few Lulu authors I know that has gotten his P.O.D. novel in bookstores, has had book signings, etc. The podcast version of his novel can be found at

Stacey has taken it upon himself to organize 'meet-ups' with other Lulu authors in North Carolina. I wasn't able to make the last meeting, but he did created a video that he has posted on Lulu about this event.

Great work Stacey! I can't wait to get this book uploaded to Lulu so I can join you at a future book signing!

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Mid-month status


Just throwing out (or up) all the stuff I've been working on (in no particular oder):

1. Novel final edits: what I had hoped to have done by November 1st is still taking place. I'm around 60% done. If the family ever mends, I'll plow through the rest and upload to Lulu.
2. Map for novel: Starting to shape up. I've got a few more mountains to do, and then rivers, forests, cities, and roads.
3. The Nanomonkeys Podcast - I've done most of what I need to do for this. I've got a mid-month update sound file to edit and send to Chris Miller today. I had wanted to do interviews with the nano participants I interviewed at the beginning of the month, but it ain't gonna happen.
4. NaNoWriMo - behind in my word count, but happy with what I've done so far. While the novel is a murder mystery set in a fantasy world, this is a ghost story set in that same world.
5. Podcast short story - I have a short story that will be podcast soon on a popular podcast. I have a guest voice that will appear on the story that is going to make this even better! I can't wait to get it done and share what this is all about... soon.
6. Tag in the Seam - I did a promo for Leann Mabry with the Tag in the Seam podcast. I'll point a link to it once it starts getting played.
7. My T-minus podcasts - As soon as I'm done with #1, I'll be doing three or four "T-Minus" podcasts leading up to the start of the Murder at Avedon Hill podcast novel. More on this soon.

Once the crud leaves our family alone, I'll be very happy. BELIEVE me.

Just discovered Technorati


Technorati Profile

I have no idea all the stuff you can do with Technorati, but it sounds like illuminati so I like it.

NaNoWriMo - The Fallout :)


Doing my best at Nanowrimo...

At around 6000 words, I'm getting hit on all sides by other priorities. Liza is still recovering from the nasty crud that has had her under the weather for almost a month now. I'm still editing the novel. I just finished editing all of my content for the Nanomonkeys podcast. I've got a cool story that will be podcasted through another website (announcement later) and that means more recording.

But it is all worth it. And I'm going to have time to do some sprints this week (20 minute segment writing as many words as possible). During my one and only sprint thus far, I wrote 1100 words. Some of them made no sense, but hey, what can you do. :)

Halloween Halloween Trick or Treat...


I usually don't post too many family pics on my blog, but it's Halloween and it was a fun day.

Gosh I hate Dora. Halloween song is still stuck in my head.

Here are pics from the day. I have loverly children. I'm biased though.

This is Samantha, 4, Cinderella through and through.

(image) This would be Alex, 9 1/2 months old. She was going to be a Virginia Cavalier cheerleader, but we opted for the bunny. Hopefully the cheerleader outfit will still fit her next year.

(image) We met Riley while we were out. Riley is in Sam's pre-school class, and we had no idea she lived just a few blocks away from us. Happy times were had by the kiddies.

(image) This is what makes life worth living, in case you didn't know...

First Nanomonkeys podcast is up!


The first episode is up on the Nanomonkeys podcast site! Chris talks about getting started, and Mur and Chris interview Chris Baty, founder of NaNoWriMo! Great stuff.

NaNoWriMo Podcast - The NaNoMonkeys


I am breaking into podcasting in a great way... on the coattails of others, of course! I helped organize a NaNoWriMo support group at the House of the Harping Monkey website (or at least started a thread on the forums :) ) and when Mur Lafferty stated she wanted to do something for NaNo on her I Should Be Writing podcast, I suggested to both podcasts that they join forces (since they already know each other) and do something for the month of November.

The result is a NaNoWriMo podcast called "The NaNoMonkeys" Throughout the month of November we'll be posting daily 5 minute episodes meant to support those going through NaNoWriMo. In adition I am doing interviews with NaNoWriMo participants, including J.C. Hutchins and Lonnie Ezell, to discuss their NaNo plans an their methods of coping with a 50,000 word deadline!

I'm just thrilled to be working with Mur, Chris Miller and K.J. Johnson. I'm still learning all this stuff (how to do interviews, editing sound files, etc.), and you'll just love hearing my flu-affected voice on some of the interviews I've done so far.

You don't need an iPod music video


Here is a short music video by Canadian band Uncle Seth, mainly meant to break the myth that you need an iPod to listen to a podcast.

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I want to make sure no one will get scared when I start releasing podcast content. :)

Tag in the Seam Podcast


(image) One of the great pleasures of Dragon*Con was learning about Tag in the Seam. Billed as the "Don\’t Believe the Hype! A Podcast for Women" podcast, Leann sells herself and her podcast woefully short. Her marketing tagline should be "Women had better appreciate this podcast. Men sure will."

Leann, like my wife, is the type of woman that George Hrab is singing about in "Brains Body Both." She has a great sense of humor, is intelligent as hell, and as she explains in one of her podcasts (about how geeks don't really know how to flirt), "I think she's perty." (Clair (Leann's fiancee), feel free to punch me on the arm when I see you next year at D*C. I'm sure my wife Liza will once she reads this). Her take on topics such as the Bride gene, PMS, laser treatments, the lost art of the pick-up line may masquerade as "podcast content for women," but in actuality she is speaking to the men of the world-- to men like me, who see a lot of her in their own spouse/significant other; to men who just don't understand certain things about women and will stop say "Oh, now I understand" several times during her podcasts; and to men that will simply fall for the cool girl that likes geeky goodness.

All you have to do is listen to the episode called "The Survival Guide to Cohabitating with the Modern Day Geek" to understand that she may be trying to help the women of the world 'recognize' and 'learn to love' the geek in all men, but in reality she is speaking to the men in the world, confirming that there is hope for the geekiest of us all. (Ok, that was over the top, I know. But this episode is freaking hilarious, and if nothing else, it is the first podcast my wife ever listened to that made her laugh... for that alone I will be eternally grateful to Leann-- I can now prove that listening to podcasts isn't a complete waste of my time).

If you don't have 40 minutes for that podcast, just listen to the first 5 minutes of Tag In the Seam Episode 10: Welcome to Hormone Hell - if that doesn't hook you, nothing will.

Great content and great production values can be found in every episode, and both have improved with each new episode. Give it a try.

Short Story on the Misfit Brew podcast, Episode 16


I recorded a character study for Mick Bradley's Vegas After Midnight RPG setting and it was played on his Misfit Brew podcast in September. I forgot to post about it here (which was stupid of me). After all, it is the first of many steps that I will have to take in order to take over the podcasting world... muwahahahaha (evil laughter).

The story gave me a chance to work on my vocals (in preparation of doing Murder at Avedon Hill as a podcast novel), to work with music files from the great website, and to continue learning how to edit and lay down tracks in Adobe Audition.