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Preview: My Pies Rant !

My Pies Rant !

Not strictly a rant about the mighty Pies, but all things sport as I see fit.

Updated: 2014-10-03T16:24:19.311+10:00


AFL Ladder -


AFL Ladder -

Previews supplied by Tim Murphy.

Real estate rant.


HOW is it possible that a house which is quoted at $570,000 - $620,000 ends up selling for over $777,500? Here, have a look for yourselves :

If the link is gone by the time you read this then take my word for it. Don't get me wrong, the house was nice and renovated and presented well, but it was only 3 bedrooms and a very tiny backyard. While speaking to the agents all week, he never indicated that interest in the place was anywhere above mid $600's. That is all the house was worth. Added to this were issues regarding the front fence which had not passed inspection and also a special overlay due to the house being in an area prone to flooding. This didn't stop some family from shelling out $777,500 for it. This is just crazy!

So was the agent lying all this time, did he truly not know how hot the market would be on the day? Are people that lazy that they will pay massive top dollar so they don't have to renovate an older house. There are houses nearby which would sell for under $600k and for another $100k would end up just as nice as this one. Just seems ludicrous to me.

Maybe they were victims of the GFC and have to downsize from a Brighton palace to a Moorabbin home, just had a lot more money than us normal folks.

Anyway, rant over, back to the TV.

Been a while.



Hi Blog, it's been a while.
Thought I'd check in to see who's been here to visit me, I'm guessing no one, doesn't matter, it's not that important. Anyone who begs to differ can leave a comment. I might get round to reading it one day.
In fact, I'm sure I will as gmail will tell me so.

Good luck to you and your families.

Here's a picture of our new car. I love it.

Ciao for now.

How do you use Twitter?


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How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo.

Carlton FC Player Analysis - From a Blues Supporter


ANDREW WALKER – Still in therapy from playing 22 positions in 22 weeks under Denis Pagan.   JORDAN RUSSELL – Half of our fans think it's disrespectful to the great John Nicholls to allow Jordan Russell to meander around in the number 2 jumper. The other half think it's disrespectful to Dominic Fotia MARC MURPHY – Highly talented youngster who is widely regarded as the worst decision maker in the game after turning down the chance to go to Brisbane under the father/son rule BRYCE GIBBS – Has been nicknamed Schapelle because he's counting the days until he's allowed to go home CHRIS JUDD – Judd is severely hampered by a long term groin injury. He has lost explosive pace, can't kick over 40 metres, is unable to turn freely and can only play 60% of game time. Clearly the best player on the list KADE SIMPSON – Kade's like the average looking bird at a party that you chat up so you know you've got a guaranteed root in case you can't land something decent. Made captain till something better came along and then dropped like a Cain Ackland chest mark . MATTHEW KREUZER – Was named as the player to lead the club out of the wilderness by our President Tricky Dicky, who the called him Matt Kruger in the same sentence. Don't know about the kid, but for god sake keep Pratt away from the players . JASON SADDINGTON – Sydney capped off their unforgettable Premiership win in 2005 by off-loading Jason Saddington on the Blues. RICHARD HADLEY – Plays footy not unlike Richard Hadlee from NZ would play the game. Should only be picked if the Blues win the toss and bowl first . CAIN ACKLAND – The story goes that when Greg Swann was woken by a call in the middle of the night and told that one of his players had been videotaped urinating on a nightclub window, he knelt by the side of his bed and prayed it was Cain Ackland . LUKE BLACKWELL – Selected by Carlton under the father/ordinary son rule. He's a smaller, weaker, less talented version of his father Wayne . BRAD FISHER – Unshaven half forward flanker who could comfortably pass for one of the homeless. Broke his thumb in the pre-season after getting punched in the nose outside a soup kitchen . SHAUN GRIGG – Loves to run with the footy. I suggest we buy him a Sherrin, drop him off on the Western Highway and hope he runs back home to Ballarat . SETANTA O'hAILPIN – In four years the Irishman has failed to grasp even the most basic concepts of AFL football. During Round One this year he was asked to pay more attention to loose men, so after the game he went cruising for action down Commercial Road in Prahran. AISAKE O'hAILPIN – Has learnt everything he knows about footy from his older brother. In other words he thinks the MCG can fly because it has two wings . PAUL BOWER – Looks like 'Curly' Austin from the 1970's, plays like 'Curly' Howard from The Three Stooges . EDDIE BETTS – If that's the case he should have $100 on Carlton to win the spoon .   ADAM HARTLETT – The Blues new enforcer took out Cam Howat behind the play in Round One. He's currently suspended, but will be back to take out Ricky Petterd against the Dees in Round Four . NICK STEVENS – Typical drover's dog who missed all of 2007 with a neck injury after spending all of 2006 looking over his shoulder for oncoming contact . BRENDON FEVOLA – The Fevola File is now into it's 7th bound edition. Fev had a tumultuous pre-season but told the match committee he has learnt from his mistakes. He has promised to fire up against Collingwood by taking out Dick, then follow it up against the Eagles by pissing on Glass . CAMERON CLOKE – Getting a ruckman that Collingwood rejects is like going to Calcutta to replace your chauffeur . HEATH SCOTLAND – Heath is a favourite in footy Dreamteams. Unfortunately for Carlton they don't play their matches on some pimply nerd's laptop . JARRAD WAITE – Waite could do with a little more weight and he doesn't have to look far. It[...]



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Headline - Footy fan's sick leave gamble fails to pay off


I never thought to try this on, I guess it could be used for Mondayitis if your team loses on the weekend.
Better luck next time dude.


Footy fan's sick leave gamble fails to pay off

March 19, 2008

To view the entire article, click on:

Always looking for new games.


I found this little game. It's called the Passive Multiplayer On-line Game.
(image) (image)
(image) What is it?

It's a game you play without knowing that you are playing a game. It's hard to explain, there are a couple of good guides (not on the game's own website) which do a decent job of describing how it works. The rest is up to you to figure out.
Basically, you load a Firefox add-on which tracks your Internet surfing (don't bother with this if you are freaked out by this notion) and you rack up points depending on which sites you visit.
You can follow missions which basically send you on a voyage of discovery of web sites. When you complete missions you get more points and this helps you jump up a level (if you complete enough missions).

Give it a go @ PMOG

Rear Window.


While sitting in a meeting today, we happened to look out the window towards an adjacent building. That building is a block of serviced apartments and occasionally we've seen the odd occupant performing unnatural acts like vacuuming the carpets in the buff, holding a dance party, etc. Today we witnessed a couple who obviously don't check to see if the blinds are up or down. Firstly a dude, a quite hirsute dude, a quite hirsute naked dude, walks into the viewable room, slips on his jocks and socks and then walks around the room doing whatever. eventually he appears again, fully dressed and doing stuff behind the closed blinds.
15 minutes into the meeting, we are bored and being a teleconference we muted ourselves so we could talk about how boring the meeting was and then we were confronted by the following scene :

The hairy dudes wife appears from the bathroom, hair covered by a towel, but nothing else. It was a little like the Little Britain ladies scene (I forget their names). I still couldn't believe that they thought they had privacy in that room. It's about 10-25 metres away from our building which is all windows, surely they knew they could be seen. It was the middle of the morning for God's sake!

Anyway, it provided us with a light hearted moment during an otherwise dull and dreary meeting.

We have a meeting booked in the same room for the next few weeks, more reports from the Rear Window as they come to hand.

Rambo Data



Some people never learn!


Why is it that some people never learn? Why would a professional cricketer incite the crowd with gestures like this when he professed his total innocence 2 months ago. If the ICC was truly independent of mother India, he'd be charged and retrospectively banned for the original offence. Considering Matthew Hayden copped a dressing down for calling him a weed, the weed strikes back with this and also some saliva for the front row crowd. It's time he was put back in his box, ICC "Do Something".

Monkey Harbhajan



Check out my new blog.

Also, blogs of note. I enjoy Mark Cubans blog, sports, technology and a little bit of US Politics. If you don't know who he is, look him up. He's quite knowledgeable for a young buck (or should that be maverick).

What am I doing now?


Recently discovered a new bit of technology. Not really a gadget, but more of a geek thing to do but might one day catch on in a big way.

It's called twitter.

What is twitter? It's pretty much a blog but really only for sms type messages. In fact, you can update it via sms messaging if you like and it seems that some of the people on it are doing that. Mostly you update it via the web.

What is it's purpose?
Essentially it's a way of letting people know what you are doing right now. It can also be a form of instant messaging where you can track friends and send each other comments/thoughts.

Who gives a fig what you are doing now?
Well, probably no one, but then again, who gives a stuff about what you write in a blog? Some people do, a lot, some people don't but they read it anyway.

SO if you are interested, look over there -> on the right hand side bar you'll see my latest comments about what I'm doing, or thinking. It really is a mini blog if you like.

By the way, the guy that invented Blogger is also responsible for twitter, look out, Google might just buy that too.

Venice, please.



My next phone.


This will be my next phone.

The new iPhone. iPod, Phone and Internet communications device in one.

Brilliant design.

Apple sure know how to make a sexy device.


England team slammed by British media.



Link to England team slammed by British media - News - Ashes Tour 06-07 -


Should I be overjoyed?

Should we just wait until after the next test?

Could the Poms resurrect Ian Botham, Mike Brierly and Phil Tufnell to dig them out of this hole.


Too late me thinks. The Wombles are gone.

As for the British media, the love to eat their young don't they?

Icebergs head closer to New Zealand


Ships near southern New Zealand have been warned of icebergs after several - some bigger than houses - were reported within 76 kilometres of the coast.

One iceberg, reported by a fishing boat to be 200 metres long and 50m high, was headed toward the South Island's east coast, Maritime New Zealand senior adviser Steve Corbett said.

Others, said to be about the size of houses, were drifting nearby. They were among about 100 spotted south of New Zealand on November 3, being pushed north by winds and ocean currents.

A maritime navigation warning was issued at the time.

Scientists had said earlier that it was not unusual to see icebergs so far from the Antarctic coastal region, where they had broken off the ice shelf - but that they were expected to melt as they drifted toward New Zealand.

Oceanographer Mike Williams said winds from a series of southern storms had probably driven some of the icebergs close to the South Island.

"They're surviving a bit longer than I initially expected and some of them have taken a different route than I initially expected.

"It's highlighted that trying to forecast what icebergs do is actually very, very hard."

It was likely the iceberg seen moving toward the east coast would soon be visible from land, and given its size "it should survive for a while", Mr Williams said.

Marine radio operator John McLellan said ships in the area should have been given accurate information about the icebergs much earlier.


Link to Icebergs head closer - New Zealand news on

I think this is an attempt by our trans Tasman neighbours to expand their empire. I'm not sure that it's going to work but as usual, global warming is being blamed, but this is not an uncommon thing. This has happened many times over the decades.

Cricinfo - Trescothick's dressing-room breakdown


Marcus Trescothick suffered a breakdown during day two of the match against New South Wales and had to be cared for by the team doctor for two hours before asking for a release from the Ashes tour. Duncan Fletcher, the England coach, had already considered sending Trescothick home when the incident occurred on Monday.

"We decided well maybe the best way to deal with it was bring his wife [Hayley] out," Fletcher told AAP. "And then I was a little bit uncomfortable about that, because was that going to help the problem?"

Fletcher was planning to talk to Trescothick, who scored 8 before being bowled by Brett Lee, after the game about whether he should end the tour before the first Test. "I was pretty uncomfortable about it [sending him home]," Fletcher said. "It was taken out of my hands when Marcus came off the field in the afternoon [on Monday] and there was a reoccurrence of the problem he had in India."

Trescothick flew back to England in the lead-up to the first Test against India in February and he also missed the Champions Trophy in the same country last month before declaring his fitness for the Ashes. "He was feeling pretty upset," Fletcher said of the SCG episode. "He wanted to go back." Trescothick boarded a plane for England on Tuesday and a replacement will come from the team of "shadow" players that is due in Perth this week.

"It was unpleasant in the change room with him," Fletcher said. "The doctor just had to sit and console him for about two hours or so. After a while the doctor spoke to him and said to him it's best if he does go home. I only told the chaps last night after the game."

Fletcher hoped the illness would not force the end of Trescothick's 76-Test career. "I can't say at this stage," he said. "It would be foolish of me to turn around and say anyone's Test career is over."

Link to Cricinfo - Trescothick's dressing-room breakdown


Not sure what to make of this. I haven't invested the time to find out why he broke down. Initially, I read that it was a stress injury, but it seems it was more about stress. Wasn't he the winning Ashes captain? What the heck is going on with him.

Anyway, there is only a little over a week to the first ashes test. With all the publicity and ticket scams and hype, I hope the Aussies give the Poms a cricketing lesson. Whether we are over the hill or not, we'll still give the brash, talentless barmy army and good ol' thrashing.



Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)
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The real Darth.



Understanding Men Part 1.
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Male Restroom Etiquette.



Understanding Men - Male Restroom Etiquette
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A friend once taught me about the Male Restroom Etiquette, but that was just word of mouth. Now, here it is in all it's Sims 2 glory, the Male Restroom Etiquette movie.

It explain a lot!

Understanding Men - Part 1


Male Restroom Etiquette.

YouTube has failed to publish this for me today, so I've had to go a little old school.

Great use of Sims2 technology.

The 3 things meme


As requested by MelbourneGirl, here is my attempt at the 3 things meme.1. Three things that scare me- one of my children dying before I do.- not being able to provide for my family.- collingwood not winning another flag in my lifetime.2. Three people that make me laugh- Ricky Gervais.- The guys at work.- Tony (formerly from work).3. Three things I hate the most- the kids that used to call me “spag” when I was in high school. Yes I hold some grudges.- people that are negative all the time.- people on the train in the morning who just don’t know how to purchase deodorant.4. Three things I don't understand- women. I try, honestly, I do try to.- how people can cook without using a recipe.- the internal combustion engine.5. Three things I'm doing right now*- Blogging.- watching ESPN – Minnesota v Boston baseball game.- hoping I get a call from the bedroom to “stop what I’m doing and come in here and ravish me”.6. Three things I want to do before I die- sit in the collingwood coaches box- see my parent’s homeland again.- be a grandfather7. Three things I can do- tell you who kicked 5 goals in the 1990 grand final.- be ready for sex at a moments notice.- fix computers.8. Three ways to describe my personality- introverted- uncomplicated- romantic (is that a personality?)9. Three things I can't do- SEW- explain how an internal combustion engine works.- figure out how my works internal processes actually work.10. Three things I think you should listen to- Wolfmother!!!!- I haven’t listened to much music lately.- Pulp Fiction sound track.11. Three things you should never listen to- Abba- doof doof music.- gregorian chants.12. Three things I'd like to learn- web page coding and design.- to be a race car driver.- time management.13. Three favourite foods- lasagne- pizza- seafood – especially crustacean.14. Three beverages I drink regularly- water- coffee/tea- wine15. Three shows I watched as a kid- hey hey it’s Saturday/cartoon corner.- get smart.- the munsters- The thunderbirds.(I watched everything on television when I was a kid)16. Three people I'm tagginggo ahead, tag yourself.[...]

100th post.


This is a milestone post. So how does one celebrate?
How about just listing 100 things I like?
I wonder if I can do it.
This post will continually be updated, not going to try to do it all in one go, also, it will not be in any particular order or degrees of like/love of the person/thing/object. If a photo is required, it will be added.

1. My Family. The people that I share my life with are the most important people to me. I like them a lot. (This is the obvious number 1, despite my earlier rule about no order).

2. My new laptop. Waited three weeks for it to be delivered, but now that it's here, I'm loving it.
3. Collingwood football Club. Was there any question about this?

4. My Ford XR6 Turbo. The beast is in it's 4th year with me and I've enjoyed having it in my garage. It's also a bright blue, which was a lairy change from the dark colours of my previous vehicles.

5. Australian Rules Football. There is no more exciting game in the world than Aussie Rules. Now with the finals about to start, the excitement levels are rising.

6. The TV Show - Lost, Season 1. We've just gone through the full first season on DVD and boy did we enjoy it. It would have been very annoying to watch on regular TV with ad breaks and having to wait a week for the next episode. Roll on season 2 (on DVD).

7. The TV Show - Arrested Development. What a little gem. Subtle comedy but biting. I love the characters, especially GOB. The hopeless magician is just outstanding. How this show can be canned is beyond me.

8. The TV Show - Curb your enthusiasm. Another show, with 5 seasons, which seemed to slip me by, but with the convenience of DVDs and the local blockbuster, we sailed through the 50 shows and while some episode were better than others, overall, it's one of the best comedies on television.

9. The Movie - Pulp Fiction. Tarantino classic. I've watched it many, many times. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Seeing John Travolta in what was really a comeback film was fantastic to see. As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing that went right for him between Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. Possibly Grease but it wasn't a favourite of mine.

10. The Ashes test matches. I love watching cricket and the pinnacle of cricket is Australia V England. After the last series that the Aussies lost, which I rate as one of the best series ever, we have an exciting series coming up on home soil.



A Million Ways at a Wedding
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Could one possibly plan a secret dance routine like this without arousing suspicion?

You tube has about 20 versions, I like this one and the one shot inside a Wal-Mart at 2am. I'm going to check out some more of these.