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Preview: Stephen Donner's Weblog

Stephen Donner's Weblog

Published: 2011-08-11T18:30:52-08:00


So long, farewell, and thanks for all the automation lessons learned (or: o hai beautiful Page Object Model AMO Selenium tests!)


Catchy title, no? Well, you're reading this... Today, our legacy (and pretty comprehensive) Selenium tests for the Mozilla Add-ons website (both written in Python), were forced into retirement; the reason?: our previously-blogged-about AMO redesign--code-named "Impala"--went live for the homepage and...

A brief update on Mozilla WebQA


It's been quite a while since I blogged last, and I've made it a goal this quarter to resume blogging, because it helps me focus my thoughts, convey some gleanings, and, in general, I hope to grow the awesome community...

Reunited again...Mozilla and Sauce Labs hosting the next San Francisco Selenium Meetup at Mozilla HQ, May 11th @ 6:30pm


I'm happy to announce that Mozilla and Sauce Labs will be holding the San Francisco Selenium Meetup here at Mozilla's HQ in downtown Mountain View, CA, on May 11, 6:30 pm. Google Maps to Mozilla HQ. Here's the official

An update on our Selenium-automated AMO tests (and automation in general)


I gave a talk at the London Selenium Meetup back in November of last year, and presented there on “How Mozilla Uses Selenium”; it’s been four months since, and I’ve been wanting to give an update on what we’ve done...

The case for "longevity/endurance" (session-based testing) in Selenium


In "Hey, Selenium. Hurry The Hell Up," Sean Grove from Sauce Labs makes a great general point: "Write your tests to only test a single tiny bit of functionality. Keep the number of steps in your tests under 20. All...

How would *you* make an awesome Contribute page?


This is one of those things that if I over-think, I'll never get around to posting, so here goes: the current WebQA "Contribute" page isn't the best it could be. So, what would *you* change about it? If you're a...

Help us test the exciting changes coming soon to the Firefox Support forums!


Building off the momentum from the SUMO 2.1 release, which converted the old Tiki-Wiki-based Contributors/Off Topic/Knowledge Base forums to Python (code-named Kitsune), we’re redesigning (and reimplementing from scratch) the more prominent and feature-rich Firefox Support forums. It's starting to take...

Mozilla WebQA Automation and You: a Primer


I’ve alluded to (in small pieces) the automation work we’re doing here in Mozilla Web QA, but I’ve been meaning to give a more through overview (rather than merely a progress report) of what we’re doing, and how we’re doing...

Photos of the Mozilla-hosted San Francisco Selenium Meetup are posted


A huge thanks to everyone who attended, "How Mozilla and LinkedIn use Selenium: Open Source Customized," here @ Mozilla HQ on May 19th, and, especially, to Sauce Labs (esp. you, John) for driving and co-sponsoring it, and Wade from LinkedIn,...

Being manipulative as a software tester: how to try negative-testing web apps through their URLs


This is an *actual* URL from Vignette: I'm sure that behind those obscure-looking alpha-numeric strings there's a rhyme or reason (hopefully?), but that's not really what I wanted to blog about today :-) What I did in fact hope...

Houston, we have an AMO automation bug found by writing Selenium...


Check this out; confidence-inspiring, no? stephen-donners-macbook-pro:smokeTests stephendonner$ python E ====================================================================== ERROR: test_searchapi (__main__.SearchAPI) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 65, in tearDown self.assertEqual([], self.verificationErrors) AssertionError: [] != ['type:firebug,dict'] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ran 1 test in 8.395s FAILED (errors=1)...

Conversion process from Selenium IDE to Python (and its pitfalls/gotchas)


(This post assumes its readership already has a Python environment set up, as well as Selenium RC; a quick Googling should provide ample help on getting both install/configured.) It's easy to convert Selenium tests written in its native "Selenese" language...

HTTP, Servers, Infrastructure, and Headers, oh my!


While I'm always learning more about HTTP (albeit slowly), and I've only got a paltry 7 [1] or so of its status codes memorized, HTTP is part of my day job as a tester on the Web QA team here...

Help us test search on SUMO (


We're in the process of switching to a new (and improved) Sphinx-based search engine on SUMO (, and would *love* your help ensuring it meets your needs. There are a number of ways you can help: * ad-hoc test search,...

In-litmus flags for SUMO and AMO now available


We now have |in-litmus| flags for bugs needing testcases in both the SUMO ( and AMO ( projects; flag away! To use: simply flag as |in-litmus?| if you're unsure whether a test exists; we'll triage and either add a comment...