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Preview: Library Technology in Texas - For Demonstration Purposes Only

Library Technology in Texas - For Demonstration Purposes Only

Librarians Keeping Up with Technology in the Lone Star State

Updated: 2018-03-05T07:57:25.674-08:00




This is my first real blog post! Woo hoo!

Chicken Tortilla Soup


I can heartily recommend the Chicken Tortilla Soup at the hospital. MMM...mmm . ..mmm ... good!

School Librarians in El Paso


(image) Happy to be in El Paso again, but this time with school librarians! ;-)

Still raining . . .


Blogging is not hard . . . it's just time-consuming. If you don't like to write . . .

Blogging is So Much Fun!


(image) Blogging is easy to start, easy to work with, and difficult to keep going. :-)

This Blog Has Moved


This blog has moved to: Please update your bookmarks or RSS feeds.

It's Nice and Warm Here


In Florida, it's humid and warm -- just as I remember it from years ago!

It's Nice and Warm Here


In Florida, it's humid and warm -- just as I remember it from years ago!

Demonstrations for Washington


Not a difficult thing to do . . . blogging . . . you just have to like to write!

Checking in on a Monday Afternoon


We're just demonstrating the Blogger software. Have a great afternoon!



Firefox has just released an update - version This version fixes an issue with Windows Media Player not being recognized. [from Cafe con Leche XML News and Resources] [CNET]

Cool Plates


I'm sure you've seen hot plates for coffee -- many people depend on them while using their computer. For those of you who prefer cold drinks, there is now a cool plate -- the U.S.B. Beverage Chiller from CoolIT Systems. This device plugs into your USB port and promises to keep the bottom third of your drink between 45 and 51 degrees. [from New York Times]

Customize Google Toolbar with Buttons


The Google Toolbar, which is now out of beta, has incorporated an easy way to add buttons/functionality. There are many buttons that come with the Toolbar. However, others are creating buttons and providing them for you to use. To add a button from the Gallery, just click on "Add to Toolbar." You can add a button that:
  • checks the weather (of course)
  • checks blogs
  • buy movie tickets
  • search
  • find reviews
There are many more! [from Official Google Blog]

Help for All Google Services


Google has created a single page which includes help for all their services. Instead of trying to find that FAQ for Google Desktop through the service name, you can come to Google Help. Great idea! [from Official Google Blog]

Electric Sheep


Electric Sheep are fractal images that morph into other fractal images, partly based on input we provide. Electric Sheep is an open source project which uses your computer's CPU when it isn't working. It uses it to take two images and create a third. Genetics plays a part, but a real geneticist would have to explain it. Everything is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. These images are popularly used as wallpaper. (image) [from CNET]

Using Second Life for Simulations


Second Life, a virtual world, is being used to create simulations for emergencies. This video focuses on firefighters, but you can easily see how it could be extended to other areas. [from CNET] Video of overview of Second Life Video of entrepreneurs in Second Life

Google Hosts Open Source Repository


Google is now hosting a repository for open source software -- Google Code. They will post their free source code and APIs; others can post their open source code also.

[from CNET]

GPL Version 3, Draft 2


The changes in the second draft of the General Public License primarily focuses on the intersection of the license and Digital Rights Management. It makes it clear that the license only applies to the GPL software, not to other software or information/data. This draft also states that, if a key or authorization is needed to install/execute, then it should be included in the source. [from CNET]

IE 7 Updated Through Automated Update Service


There is a lot of concern/discussion about the manner in which the new version of Internet Explorer will be provided to users. Instead of providing a link to update, as most browsers do, this update will come through their automated Microsoft Update service. The choice will still be yours, but many are saying there is the possibility that this will result in broken web pages for users. [from CNET]

House Passes HR 5319


The House of Representatives passed HR 5319 which amends "the Communications Act of 1934 to require recipients of universal service support for schools and libraries to protect minors from commercial social networking websites and chat rooms." It is also known as the Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006. This bill has now moved to the Senate and it is not clear if/how the wording will be changed. However, for libraries, these are the points I think are important:
  • The certification for E-Rate funding made by schools must also affirm that a technology protection measure is in place that "protects against access to a commercial social networking website or chat room unless used for an educational purpose with adult supervision."
  • The certification for E-Rate funding made by public libraries must also affirm that a technology protection measure is in place that "protects against access by minors without parental authorization to a commercial social networking website or chat room, and informs parents that sexual predators can use these websites and chat rooms to prey on children."
  • The definitions of "social networking site" and "chat room" will be determined within 120 days of the passage of the bill.
  • Schools are now able to disable the technology protection measure if there is adult supervision and if there is an educational purpose.
  • Within 6 months of passage of the bill, the Federal Trade Commission will issue a consumer alert concerning the potential dangers of commercial social networking sites and chat rooms and create a website as a resource for parents, teachers, administrators, and others.
The discussion on the House floor is a good indicator that, although the vote was 410 - 15 in favor of the bill, there were many questions as to its effectiveness and the focus. [from beSpacific]

Security Issues in Beta Versions of Vista


Symantec has written two reports based on the Microsoft's beta versions of Vista. Both reports identify security flaws/issues in the software. FYI - the final version of Vista is not slated to be delivered until January 2007, so there is time to deal with them. [from]

This Blog Is Moving


I will be moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. For the next month, I'll be double posting, but at of the end of August, I'll delete this blog at Blogger. To subscribe to the new blog: The Library Technology in Texas blog now resides at:

The iPod: Another Training Partner


Nike and Apple have teamed up to provide an iPod Nano that can keep track of time, distance and speed on its screen or via headphones. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit consists of a sensor that fits into the bottom of the shoes and a receiver which attaches to the iPod. Coming soon to iTunes . . . the Nike Sport Music section specially designed for this kit. [from New York Times]

Screenshots from Firefox 2 Beta 1


CNET has posted some screenshots from the first beta of Firefox 2. FYI: Mozilla is suggesting that only developers download this version. Functionality that can be seen here:
  • Anti-phishing controls
  • Restoration of open tabs after reboot
  • Bookmarking a page within Live Bookmarks or another RSS reader
  • Extensions and themes managed in a single console

Technical Terms Now in Dictionaries


Both Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary added more technical terms to their dictionaries. "Google" is getting the most press. It means to search the Google database. The only difference between the two dictionaries is that M-W uses lowercase (google) and the OED uses a capital letter (Google). Other terms that were added include:
  • adware - OED
  • cybrarian - OED
  • cybrary - OED
  • mash-up - OED
  • mouse potato (think couch potato) - M-W
  • pixelate - OED
  • ringtone - M-W
  • spyware - M-W
  • text message - OED
  • text messaging - M-W
  • uninstall - OED