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The official blog of Robert Levin, editor and publisher of The New York Enterprise Report ( NY Report is the only media in the New York Tri-State area to exclusively serve small and midsize businesses.

Published: 2010-01-15T11:39:14-05:00


Spend a Little Time Now Or A Lot Of Money Later


I recently spoke with acclaimed employment lawyer Joel Greenwald, who is presenting at our special upcoming workshop, Avoiding the Newest Legal Pitfalls That Can Kill Your Business. He is baffled because he is getting much more crisis work than prevention...

Give Less Money to Your Bank


Last month I received a letter from one of the banks we use stating that they want to convert our line of credit into a fixed term loan. From what I hear, this is happening to many businesses (because the...

2 Stupid Business Tricks (Don’t Try These With Your Company)


I’ll start by saying that I like to do things in 3s or 5s, but couldn’t think of a 3rd (I’m sure someone will). I also wanted to limit this to marketing. So here they are: 1. Magazine subscription or...

Andy Dunn's HR Secrets


Andy Dunn, co-founder of Bonobos wrote a great piece on about challenges he went through in growing his company. We all have challenges, but Andy did a great job of overcoming them; in particular, HR challenges. Because he was...

The No Asshole Rule is in Effect


Over the years I have heard several business owners refer to the no asshole rule, which means having no employees that are... well, assholes. While this rule might not ensure that you have the best and brightest working for you...

What Government Can Do to Stop Screwing Small Business


In my last post I gave two reasons why the government is not a friend to small business (and yes, there are many more than two). So here is the simple, but not easy, way for government to stop turning...

Our Government: No Friend to Small Business


Ever since the recession started, politicians have said that the key to recovery is the success of small business. It is no secret that politicians are two-faced; it is a skill necessary for getting, and staying, elected. But this hypocrisy...

Happy Holidays! (I'm Unsubscribing from Your Newsletter)


At Thanksgiving I wrote about how I hate e-Thanksgiving cards. Well, here we are just a few weeks later and I must have received over 100 e-holiday cards. Now, I like the holidays as much as anyone else, but I...

How Your Company Can Become the Next Apple


If you've ever purchased an iPod or other Apple product, you have experienced what I call “Applefication.” If you purchased their product from their site or one of their stores you were probably impressed with the experience the moment you...

Who Works Harder (Your Staff or You)?


When I started my career in the Big 6 accounting world in the early 90s, the staff was often working until late night (sometimes early morning) and the partners went home at 6. It was almost a rite of passage...

The Good Thing About Bad Customer Service


OK… so I (and NY Report) have been on a customer service rant this year. We even brought in John DiJulius to NYC to speak with business owners and I have blogged about customer service on a number of occasions....

The Biggest Result of the New Normal


Last week I had lunch with the CEO of a very large digital ad agency. One of the things he told me was, "I have friends who are UPS drivers, I have friends who are big time CEOs and friends...

Who wants a business card like Patrick Bateman?


The Brooklyn Minuteman Press thinks you will. I noticed this ad in the latest Brooklyn Progress and think it is great. Now, if I could only get a reservation at Dorsia.

Introducing NY Report ’s New Interactive Website


Change is good. Especially when it means launching a brand new, interactive site with multiple new features like: Updated daily content Article sharing capabilities for your social media network An easier to navigate layout An NY Report community feature where...

What the Twitterverse is Saying About Your Business


While we get great reader feedback, I always want to know more about what the market thinks about NY Report. Last week I read a Wall Street Journal article crediting Twitter as something more than just a social networking tool....

Promotion at NY Report


I am pleased to announce that Daria Meoli has been promoted to Executive Editor. Daria joined the team two years ago as managing editor and as her role within the company has changed to include more and more responsibilities, I...

How Not to Say Happy Thanksgiving


This year, I received no less than 10 Happy Thanksgiving e-cards. Two years ago, I wrote a blog about why I think they suck, and tis the season to revisit why Thanksgiving e-cards are such a bad idea: E-cards are...

An NY Report Team Member Does the Herkie (and I Missed It)


Yesterday afternoon, I heard a commotion of laughing and clapping coming from outside my office door. I came to find out that one of my non-sales employees agreed to do a herkie jump, a stunt commonly performed by high school...

Taming Email Overload at NY Report


One of my big issues when managing my own time is not allowing anyone else set my agenda. However, when you are a slave to email, that is exactly what you are doing. At our weekly company meeting, Amy, our...

Marketing, Creativity & Branding, Oh My!


Here are a few ideas I shared with the audience at yesterday's New York Entrepreneur Week panel: 1) Don’t think about “old vs. new media,” but instead, choose the mediums where your audience is. 2) Make sure you have a...