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This is the illustrated feed for Dicebox, a webcomic by Jenn Manley Lee that tells the story of an eventful year in the life of Griffen and Molly, a couple of itinerant factory workers in a space-traveling future. There is also a text-only feed.

Copyright: (c)2002-2010 Jenn Manley Lee

Dicebox: RSS Feed Change

Tue, 25 Jan 2011 10:45:00 PDT

I was trying to avoid this, but this RSS Feed will no longer be active after this post. The new (and hopefully permanent) RSS feed for Dicebox is

I do apologize, and to those who've subscribed in the past couple of weeks doubly so. I thought I had a solution to avoid this, but had it backwards. The best I could do is secure a flexible yet stable address.

I've hand-coded this RSS feed for the past few years, and while it is simple enough to do, I've decided one less thing to do and worry about every week is a good thing.


Dicebox: Book 2 : Chase begins

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 06:00:00 PDT


There is also a whole new look to and I've opened up pre-orders for the print edition of Book 1.

In other news, I'm going to be using a different RSS feed system (i.e. ComicPress's automatic one) but I'm hoping that it won't affect your current subscription. But it might, I'll know more with next week's update.

Dicebox: End of Book 1 : Wander : Part 9 : Out of a Molehill, pages 36 and 37

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:10:00 PDT



This week's two page update of Dicebox completes Book 1: Wander, which clocks in at 289 pages.

This'll be the last Dicebox update of the year as I will be using the next couple of months to work on the rewrites to Book 1. This will entail creating 6 additional pages of story (and perhaps the elimination of ten existing pages) along with other art and word tweaks throughout. I'll also be redesigning in preparation of Book 2, rebuilding the archive with Comicpress which will hopefully be easier to maintain as well as offer more flexibility in navigating pages and so on.

Completing Book 1 took twice as long as I anticipated. But then, Book 1 ended up 90 pages longer than what I reckoned on. And there was that whole getting pregnant and having a baby episode. Book 2 should go much quicker as it's a tighter story and there will be no more offspring for me (I'm a "one and done" kinda mom). Also, I think I have a handle on cartooning and where I want to go with it, the source of much fumbling early on.

Book 2 : Chase will begin on January 11th 2011, which is a Tuesday, the new update day for Dicebox. January 11th will also be the day I'll open up pre-orders for the print edition of Book 1.

Dicebox: Wander: Part 9 : Out of a Molehill, page 22

Wed, 04 Aug 2010 07:40:00 PDT


Sorry for the unintentional hiatus. I believe it'll be smooth sailing for the rest of the year.
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