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Last Build Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 07:22:55 +0000


I’m a weiner!
[youtube:] Here I present, in crappy YouTubeVision (it's imbeddable, unfortunately) a machinima film I created, third in my Snacky's Journal series, that swept the Blizzcon (Blizzard Entertainment's Gaming Convention) Machinima Contest over this past weekend and took home the Grand Prize. Yes, you heard right. I beat the ...

Snacky 2
[youtube:] ...And this machinima series continues, for as long as I have the time to keep on making em! There's some...gasp...ACTUAL ANIMATION in this episode. Well, a little bit. You can also catch this show, in all its high-resolution-streaming glory, on the excellent DivX Stage 6 streaming site. ...

Snacky’s Journal
[youtube:]The Pilot Episode of a new machinima show I've begun. How long can I keep it up? We'll see! Safe for all ages. And you might recognize the voice of Angie the elf.

Warcraft Machinima
I've been hardcore dabbling in machinima for over a year now, as those who have visited my website have perhaps figured out. Since Floyd recently shared a Sims machinima he found, I would like to share with you some of the great World of Warcraft machinima pieces that I and ...

The End
Like so many that have come before, Kyle + Rosemary, the short, is wrapped. We mixed it at Oracle Post last Thursday. Did I mention my composer, Klaus Badelt? No, I didn't, but he did an awesome job with the music. It's really romantic and beautiful. ...

Dude, I am so totally blogging right now
OK, so I'm a bad blogger. Well, the main reason, besides the fact that I'm doing a hundred different things extra-curricularly, is that I have ANOTHER blog, my REAL BLOG, on my website. Well, it's not so much of a blog as a what's happenin' updater kind ...

[youtube:] This is great. Someone's master's thesis in animation. Just sharing.

Eye Candy
Enjoy some screenshots! At this point, Synergy Animation has sent over a whole lot of great stuff, both traditional and tradigital. I'm really interested to see what the reaction will be to the final film! Kyle gets ready to enter a magical realm of magical-ness. Sir ...

K+R Postcard
Ditto! What Mike said below! Oh yeah, if you look closely, you can see what some of the game characters look like ;) Thanks so far to Synergy Animation.

Meanwhile, in the Geek World
Kyle + Rosemary is coming along very nicely over at Synergy Animation, and I promise that I will post some new images soon. I also promise to update the 'official' website that I made. Meanwhile, I've up and created two new pieces of Machinima. These are currently entries ...