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Preview: The Teenage Roblog

The Teenage Roblog

"My Life as a Teenage Robot" and all related characters copyright 2003-2011, Viacom International.All Rights Reserved.

Updated: 2017-11-17T04:29:44.177-08:00


Please Stand By...


Meanwhile, enjoy this freaking toyz!!!

Elevens Calendar!


Here comes the 2011 MLaaTR Calendar by shadow2007x...
Enjoy it: Download it here!!!

Clash of the FRAUD!


A clear evidence that Jenny won the match against Zim. This screenshot was taken just minutes before the poll closed:
(Images provided by shadow2007x)
After the poll closes, Nick said that the winner was... Zim?!


More screenshots:
Image at 1:16 p.m.
Image at 1:27 p.m.
Image at 3:59 p.m.
Image at 4:17 p.m.
Image at 5:17 p.m.
(Screenshots appear in chronological order).




Editor's comment:
"Nicktoons is bringing you a battle for the ages! The villains of the Nicktoons Universe have declared WAR on the Nicktoons heroes. It's the ultimate clash between good and evil. Every weekday at 4pm, one Nicktoon will take on another in an unforgettable match-up. The winner moves on, the loser goes home, and you get a whole week of the champion's episodes!"

This time, Jenny gets in the "Clash of the Nicktoons" competition. We hope you can help us to make XJ-9 to get the next round until the last clash!

You can vote for Jenny since this WEDNESDAY, March 10th. (just when "Wolverine vs. Dr. Doom" clash ends) right here:
(look there for DAILY POLL section)

The poll ends this THURSDAY, March 11th. So, prepare your fingers to vote :D !!!

Jenny Music World


Nice artwork by XJKenny ;) !

Artist's comment: "Here is a picture of Jenny enjoying herself in the world of Cyber Music XD "

I just wonder where she left her Musique ^^ !

XJ-9 vs Terminator

2010-03-07T20:48:09.251-08:00 (Ep. 1) (Ep. 2)

An impressive fan-video episodes by ParaBellum.

Director's comment: "Here's my video about the battle between Jenny and The Terminator. I always wondered who will win if Jenny and Terminator will fight. So I made this video. Enjoy watching!"

Jenny downloading...


A nice artwork by XJKenny ^^ !

Artist's comment: "Here is another picture of Jenny downloading some data into her memory bank, and as you can see instead of the usual boots, I decided to give Jenny some more feminine shoes XD "

I guess mom should give her a smooth Wi-Fi connection XD !

Thegalen's gallery #2...


Another piece of impressive artwork from thegalen ;) !

By the way, Tiff needs a bit of to love... urgently XD !

Shell & the girls...


Impressive artworks by CrimsonFace ;) !

It seems that Sheldon really made a nice job by upgrading his robotic alter-ego. Now he claims for REVENGE XD !!!

Jenny-San no Doujinshi Vol.6


As shown in Tochigami's site, here is the newest volume of the "Jenny-San no Doujinshi" magazine. It looks pretty good :D !

MLaaTR Calendar 2010


Awesome MLaaTR Calendar by shadow2007x :D !

Artist's comment: "OK, this is the calendar and the instructions, pls print it for Jenn :D ! ..."

You can download here: [MLaaTR Calendar 2010] (27.93MB)

Anime Jenny 2...


Awesome artwork by 14-bis :D !

Artist's comment: "Here is my final image for anime Jenny, with all the 20 layers composed. I gave her a sleek combat fighter look with air intanks, vents, glowing lights. As some people usually say, yes, I like to draw jenny, but I love a good ilustration too. On this one I could experiment some new techniques on layer types. Anyway, enjoy the image, study the previews, and let me know if you have any doubt about it."

Jenny's upgrade 2...


An upgraded version of the original "Jenny's upgrade" by 14-bis.

Artist's comment: "It was a lot of fun to do this upgrade project. Now she has a lot more mechanical details on her body, a nice 3-D BG, and quite beautiful eyes.
I guess this is the upgrade she will receive at her 18 (manufactory date, of course, she is a ROBOT!) ... enjoy!"

Jenny Redesing 2...


Great artwork by XJKenny ;) !
Wow!... she looks like a next-gen robot model XD !

By the way, here's a nice wallpaper for this season:

Thegalen's gallery...






Impressive artworks by thegalen ;) !

You can see more of his stuff on the link above.

So, She is mechanical...


Nice artwork by shadow2007x ;) !

Robotical or mechanical?... it's just Jenny XD !

Boing! Podcast with Yours Truly


Hey Everyone,

Todd Dolce just posted an interview we did at his Podcast site-

I had a great time talking with Todd and I think it shows through on the podcast. Don't forget to go to the sister site-

To watch a "Mina & the Count" cartoon.

Halloween Jenny...


Nice artwork by XJKenny :) !

Artist's comment: "It's been quite a while and Jenny is back! She's now celebrating Halloween with us XD ! "

P.S. Is that a flying wrench XDDD ?!

The Florist Girl...


Nice artwork by 14-bis ;) !

Well, actually her official name is Woman #1 (played by Audrey Wasilewski) but you can watch her as a support character on "Infectious Personality" episode...

P.S. She's French ;) !

Xj9 on Itunes!


Great news for those wishing to watch their favorite MLaaTR episodes in high quality video at their leisure! Season 1 of My Life as a Teenage Robot has just been added to the Itunes store! One can assume that if the first season sells well enough that the other two will eventually follow. So do what you can to support it, and who knows, maybe we'll even see a dvd release at some point.

Wet Paint Jenny!


Awesome artwork by 14-bis ;) !

Artist's comment: "I could not resist to use the word "wet", ha ha. Well, in celebration to my 10.000 watchers, here is a new Jenny art, and a very, very shinny and polyshed one. This one took me about 12 hours, mostly because the original is... BIG! So, enjoy Jenny on her hot rod paint......... but DON'T touche it XD !

By the way, here's the WIP...
(Click to enlarge)

Jenny & Vega redesign...



Nice character artworks by XJKenny ;) !

Artist's comment: "Is been a while and I decided to draw another few redesign characters of MLaaTR after watching Transformers XD and this time I drawn two characters, Jenny and Misty *^^* Hope you like it."

Anime Jenny!


Great artwork by 14-bis :D !

Artist's comments: "While banned, I did a sketch of jenny on a more mecha anime style. Now that I am back, nothing better than a new jenny to add on my now mutilated gallery. I went for a cell shading look, and wow, that is difficult and took me 25 layers. A more realistic image with only two layers is a lot more easy, ha ha. Oh, for those of you who can read japanese, sorry, but I had no idea what those words mean. I just used a brush with that lettering. Enjoy."

By the way, here's the wallpaper version:

And the Work-In-Progress design:

Vexus redesing...


Nice artwork from XJKenny ;) !

Artist's comments: "Someone ask me whether if I am going to draw a picture of Vexus again, and at the same time I was planning on drawing her and I also given Vexus some redesign like I gave Jenny ^^ "

Jenny on Science Friction!


Sweet artwork by CrimsonFace ;) !

Artist's comment: "This is a little upgrade of Jenny based on the magazine who's appearing in the episode of "Armagedroid" but with little change... "

I hope Mrs. Wakeman won't get mad about this new cover xD !