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George W, back in action!
Meet George W, the original George W! Nickname: The Axe Man Catch phrase: I can not tell a lie, I'm gonna bust you back to the 18th century. Occupation: Commander and Chief of team DFP. joey

Meet the Dribbles: Part Two.
Here is a group shot of the Dribbles, which were part of a pilot spin off of the highly successful "Gullah Gullah Island". A terrific Nick Jr show that was co-produced and created by the very talented Kathy Minton. She's now the driving force behind Lucky Rabbit Media. Joey Ahlbum

The Gross Brothers: Over the Falls!
What better way to get my feet wet with this cool new blogging platform than with a post of my good friends Nick and Monty, AKA the Gross Brothers. Every episode would begin with the brothers recounting their latest exploits to their freinds who listen with a mixture of awe and ...

Nobody’s Fault but mine!
It was great to meet with Travis Pomposello over coffee last week. he's the creative force behind Bella Vita Creative. Here's the CD cover that I did for his dad, Tom Pomposello, back in 1993. Joey Ahlbum

Astro Fred!
Here's my good friend Fred as a kind of astronaut robot. I had a blast doing my art for this year's awards program and I get endless inspiration from the book "Tin Toy Dreams" featuring the collection of T. Kitahara.Joey Ahlbum

Captain Picard Rides Again!
[youtube:]In keeping with the theme of last week's post, here are two of the Star Trek Next Generation promos that I did for TNN (now Spike) a few years ago. The talented Tina Potter produced and the equally talented Travis Pomposello did the music and sound design.Joey Ahlbum

Boil and Bubble, Toil and Trouble!
Captain Picard (Parick Stewart) is getting rave reviews for his performance of Macbeth at BAM in Brooklyn. There's even talk of a Broadway run making the good captain eligible for a Tony!Joey Ahlbum

Did Somebody Say Exquisite Corpse?
A recent post compared Drinking and Drawing to the game Exquisite Corpse. That's where you fold a piece of paper into thirds, one person draws the head, the next the torso and the last the legs. I used to play this game when I was a kid with my friends. ...

Live From New York!
Drinking and Drawing was a blast! Got to hang out with old friends like Mo Willems and Bill Pympton and make some new friends too. Dan Meth was a gracious host and Carrie Miller reigned supreme at the sign in table. Said hello to Jeaux and Lee and talked Middle ...

Merry Xmas To All…
And to all a good night!Joey Ahlbum