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The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Last Build Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 06:46:52 +0000


Prizes For Nicktoons Network Animation Festival
Nicole Mitchell receiving the first of her two awards Thanks to everyone who showed up for the big Nicktoons Network Animation Festival party here at the Nick Studio in Burbank Friday night. More than 300 people attended, and a good time was had by all. Hal Sparks was on hand to announce ...

Your Picks Count
Here’s the scoop on the Viewers’ Choice voting for this year's Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. First a note from Nicktoons Network, the ones running the voting: “The festival takes over the month of August on-air and online! Starting August 1st, one short will be showcased every night at 10p where viewers can ...

Here’s The Animation Festival Schedule
You know, when I was a kid, in order to make sure I caught on the TV those shows I really wanted to see, I had to grab the new TV Guide every Thursday and go through and circle everything that looked even half interesting for the week ahead. Now, ...

Grand Jury Announced
Okay, I figure by now you’re sick of all the press dedicated to this year’s panel of judges for the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. No, wait. You probably haven’t heard anything about this year’s panel of judges for the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Until now, that is. In 2007, we continue ...

Nicktoons Network Animation Festival Films Announced
First of all, thanks to the hundreds of filmmakers who submitted their work to the 2007 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Lots of great stuff, as usual, including more than a few we couldn’t air due to content (it’s for a Nickelodeon network, after all). Beginning Wednesday, August 1, you, the ...

Only 8 days left! Hustle, hustle!
You look like the kind of person who would draw a jump cycle and not have the common courtesy to put in some follow through. What do you think your doing! Get off the Internet, stop working at your so called “job” to pay your “bills”, and get to work ...

Short Film Motivation - “How To Cope With Depression”
[youtube:]How To Cope With Depression is one in a series of shorts called Tales of Mere Existence by Lev Yilmaz.

Tips for finishing that unfinished film
Tip #7 Dedicate your film to a fake person who died of something. People will clap and applaud when they think you did that crappy animation of a cow ninja who fights a diary farmer for someone who passed away.

Tips for finishing that unfinished film
Tip #6 Make references to pop culture. No matter how awful your film is, people will be forced to like your film when you relate it to something they obsess over.

Short Film Motivation - Bambi Meets Godzilla
[youtube:]This film may have taken an afternoon to create, be two minutes long, and mostly contain credits, it was voted t#38 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons and is the shortest classic ever. Though not very funny by today’s standards, it paved the way for short, off the wall cartoons. ...