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Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Welcome to our 3rd annual on-line Christmas letter! Whether you arrived via our Christmas card, blog reader, Facebook, or are simply passing through- we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!Dear Family and Friends-It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by… Life continues to progress at the speed of light in our household, where kids keep getting taller- while our house

At least the kids ate their veggies!


You might remember this WFMW post from several weeks ago in which I requested help in sneaking veggies into my kids' diets... I received many recommendations for Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook entitled Deceptively Delicious, which I did purchase. After perusing the cookbook, I decided that cauliflower might be an easy veggie to slip in under the radar.So last night I undertook what will forever be

Still FrazzMom


Things have been kind of crazy at my house lately... The combination of fall sports, parenting teenagers- including one with a disability, and juggling all the usual activities is taking its toll. Honestly, something has to go- and right now that would be blogging. I just don't have the energy right now.Frankly, I am exhausted.So consider me on hiatus right now. The good news is that fall sports

WFMW Round-Up Thursday


Last week I posted a WFMW round-up. Since I got such a positive response I decided to do it again, and possibly make it a regular feature. As I said last week, I did not read every post and this is in no way a definitive list of the best WFMW tips. They're are just a few that caught my eye...Mr P at Where the Kudzu Grows wrote a post with a great Disney World tip. As a Disney Vacation Club owner-

One steamy WFMW post!


Usually I have a couple of WFMW posts milling around in my head, but this week I came up dry. Seeing as how I had plenty of other things to do today, I decided to just take a week off. Then this afternoon as I was cleaning my kitchen floor I realized that I had never posted about my steam mop for WFMW. I did put up a general post, but not for WFMW... So I present to you a re-post about my steam

"It's a Gril!" And more!


Well, I sat down at my laptop to write a deeply insightful post about what's going on in my life, but I got distracted when I discovered the Cake Wrecks blog.Go there now.But first, go to the bathroom- lest you wet your pants laughing, and make sure you're not drinking anything while you're reading... Because I guar-on-tee it will come out your nose!And make sure you check out the Creative

WFMW Backwards Edition... Sneaky Vegetables?!!


See this adorable young man? While cute, he is also wily. And he hates vegetables. Oh I manage to sneak onions into soups and sauces by pureeing them in the blender. And he will eat a salad consisting of lettuce and croutons with bleu cheese dressing. But that's about the extend of his veggie eating ways...So my question for you is What is your best veggie sneaking secret? Do you hide veggies in

In honor of LABOR Day...


In honor of Labor Day, Shannon is hosting a Labor Day meme over at Rocks in Her Dryer... I'm a little late to the party, since I just returned from 4 days and 3 nights of camping. But, I'll just jump in anyway!How long were your labors? Teenage Son- probably light labor for a couple of days before I discovered that I was actually in labor. He was born a couple of hours later.Teenage Daughter- 20

WFMW Round Up


If you have been anywhere in the blogosphere, you already know about Shannon and her Works For Me Wednesday weekly blog carnival that she hosts at Rocks in My Dryer. Reading through all the tricks and tips posted there are a highlight of my week. Although it can turn in a major time-sucker as well, this week, for example, there are 281 different links!After perusing the list last night, I came up

M is for Mom, but L is for Loser!


Young Son is not a big fan of the sandwich. Thankfully, however, he IS a fan of leftovers- so frequently that is what I pack him for lunch. Last night we had one of Young Son's favorite dinners, cheesy potatoes AKA Trader Joe's Potatoes Au Gratin.So after dropping Young Son off at school this morning, I thought with pleasure about how happy he will be when he opens his lunch today as I mentally

Look Ma! No hands!


As you may have heard, California went 'hands free' in June. What that means is that you can no longer talk on your cell phone while holding the phone to your ear and driving at the same time. You can dial and/or text message with your phone while driving- just as long as you're not holding the phone to your ear while doing so. I didn't say it made sense, just that it's the law.Anyway- the new

Driving, driving, and driving... Oh, and did I mention the driving?!!


Seeing how I live in suburbia, you might think that I actually live close to the places that I frequent. You might think that, but you would be wrong. To illustrate my point, here is a record of my driving today...7:45 am- Drive Young Son to his elementary school for the first day of 5th grade. Bring Teenage Daughter with us, since she has to go to Freshman orientation at 9am. (6.49 miles)8:30

Back to school!


Banking blunders...


Teenage Son is the miser of the family. Seriously, he has quite a wad of cash saved up- birthday money, babysitting money, lunch money (obviously NOT spent on it's intended purpose), etc. Today I needed to go down the hill to our local Lucky grocery store, so Teenage Son tagged along. He brought his wad so that he could use the in-store branch of our family's banking institution to make a deposit

Just a brief rant...


Let me preface this post by saying that one of my favorite things about living in the Bay Area is the ethnic diversity. That said, can I just say...If you're going to hire someone to work a drive-thru window at a fast food joint- Please. Make. Sure. He. Speaks. English. Understandably!!All right- ranting finished... Thanks for listening!

The process of processing...


So I've officially been home for one week now. I've been thinking a lot about how to tell you about my trip, but honestly- I'm having a hard time. How do I narrow a month's worth of Africa down to a blog post or two?Couple that with the fact that I'm having a case of the post-mission-trip-blues...I know it's normal. And people warned me that I might feel depressed when I returned to my everyday,

The joy of tap water!


I am back.Back from Africa.Back from a month-long mission trip in Africa.I have lots to tell you about, but in the meantime let me just say what a joy it is to brush your teeth with water straight from the tap! Seriously. After brushing my teeth with bottled water for four straight weeks, I will never take clean tap water for granted again!

Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst...


Last Sunday we passed out 200 bottles of dirty water to our congregation as prayer reminders. Recipients were asked to place the bottle where they will see it daily as a reminder to pray for the Africa teams that will be traveling to Tanzania this month. Unfortunately- I can't give each of you a bottle- so I present to you this bloggy bottle of dirty water.Dirty water like the river water that

Something new...


So have I mentioned that I leave for Africa on Wednesday? Wednesday... THIS Wednesday... In three days- Wednesday...Yup.Actually, we're on track and everything is coming together. Today I was out running a couple errands for the trip and I decided to stop by Big Lots to look for duffel bags. I didn't find any duffel bags but I did see this-It took me a minute to figure out exactly what this is.

Chicken Chili Casserole


This week's Works For Me Wednesday is "5 ingredients or less". That said- here is one of our favorite quick, easy, and yummy casseroles... The proportions are guidelines- not hard and fast rules. Like it saucier- use more white sauce. Increase the chicken or cheese if you like it better that way. Trust me- you CAN'T mess this one up!Chicken Chili Casserole1 package Corn tortillas2 cups white

Hangin' with Peaches...


Teenage Son and Teenage Daughter (along with 30 others from our church) just returned from a 10 day missions trip to inner city LA where they worked with WOW JAM International. This was Teenage Son's first year to participate, but Teenage Daughter was returning for her second time. Last year she hit it off with the WOW JAM founders' daughter. This year she was excited to hang out with her again

PMS strikes again?!!


This story from ESPN made me cry...Either it's truly moving- or I just have major PMS.You decide.



I wish I could say that this left me astounded. In fact, I wasn't even surprised. Maybe I'm just jaded by life in the ultra-materialistic Silicon Valley.Maybe I'm so used to the "I need it" teenage angst that it just doesn't faze me anymore.Maybe I just recognize a little of myself, at that age, in that young girl.Or maybe not.

One day in a life...


This morning I woke up and wondered what I felt like eating for breakfast...In Bangladesh a mother woke up and wondered where she would get food to feed her children...I filled my Cuisinart coffee maker with tap water and ground my coffee beans...In Tanzania a young girl walked 2 kilometers to the river to fetch a bucket of dirty river water for her family to drink.After breakfast, I took Young

Take me to your leader...


I haven't really talked about it much, but I leave for Africa in less than three weeks on a missions trip- and to stay that I'm stressed would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong, traveling overseas doesn't bother me. I'm fine with travel immunizations. And I'm not even worried about what to pack. To be honest, this will be my fourth trip to Tanzania in as many years- so I've worked through