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Obob's World

Nothing to see here, keep moving along

Updated: 2017-08-25T15:26:07.166-04:00


Hello again


I keep saying this and then I keep disappearing, life is that busy. But maybe it's time. I started blogging to play around and vent. After seeing the disappearing act of Indiana's Dems as they skedaddled to Urbana, it offended me. That and I need a political vent.
Stay tuned buckaroos ....




What a Year


Well kiddos, I apologize for my absences, bad year. But enough of that.
I need to spend some time in the minors before I can come back to majors with y'all, so excuse a few fouls.
Most of all, I'm back, let's have some fun

Still Alive


Thinking of the blogopshere.

I was kidding


I was joking with a friend of mine about the pom-poms placed under seats in the Brady Press Room for reporters during Obama's Press Conferences.
Then Jennifer Rubin tells us I may not be that far off.
In a Newsweek cover story — half cheerleading and half-denial — Jonathan Alter lauds the president’s ability to provide the confidence and vision needed to lift us out of the recession. “The president is well poised to bring us back from the brink,” he pronounces. It is not the policies that Alter focuses upon, but Obama’s supposed ability to provide psychological solace to us.

That ain't Helen Thomas.

I'll be back


Thanks GW


I enjoyed listening to GW's farewell press conference today. And in reflecting a bar rail conversation Friday night, keep us safe obama. You bought the job, now do it.
But GW will not go down as our greatest, nor our worst. But he is a good man.
And if you look at the before and after pictures, this is what the job does to you. Read those morning threat assessments and know pelosi is a couple heart beats from the job. It would do it to me.



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My love affair with "little chocolate donuts" started here
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And his audition tape for SNL.
Funny guy, tragic drug addict.

Dare to State the Obvious


While browsing through Powerline, the splendid blog that brought the demise of Dan Rather, I found this gem.
Big Hollywood
It's a website brought to you by Andrew Breitbart. You know Breitbart as a familair source for Drudge.
It contains articles of conservative/Republican (they are different after GW fiscal goofiness) slant about Hollywood. Does this really matter? Not really in the grand scheme of things, but it is nice to have some propaganda on our side now and then

Wacky Loquacious Brits


If you pay attention to international politics, you'll find some pretty bizarre characters. We have our share, but sometimes how you say it. From the subtle Cheney/Leahy exchange to banal Reid/GW.
But Boris Johnson, Tory(Conservative) Mayor of London is a dandy. I guess the mop topped toe head has a bit of grudge against the Labor Party PM Gordie Brown
Some of his darts:
  • Mr. Johnson describes in some detail a tunnel planned under the Thames, which, he says, "is going to have a quite colossal bore" -- clearly the opening's too tempting not to take -- "a bore even more colossal than Gordon Brown himself."
  • A Boris campaign pitch: "Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3."(image)
  • On Portsmouth: "[A city of] drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs."
  • On himself: "Beneath the carefully constructed veneer of a blithering buffoon, there lurks a blithering buffoon."

and as someone stated online and I wish I could link his sentiments in wishing our politicians were this eloquently audacious and barb tongued
On Mr. Johnson's desk sits a tabloid cover mooting a possible June 4 poll. I point to it.

"Bring it on!" says Mr. Johnson, lighting up. "My message to Gordon Brown through the Wall Street Journal is: You great big quivering gelatinous invertebrate jelly of indecision, you marched your troops up to the top of the hill in October of [2007]. Show us that you've got enough guts to have an election June 4. Gordon: Man or Mouse?!"

to much fun, I like the guy.

The Rich 800 lbs. Gorilla in the Waiting Room


As a friend of mine is going to struggle financially with health care costs and no insurance, socialized medicine rears it's ugly head. This is not isolated, hell hillary lives off this like the minotaur in a virgin.
And as people hold Great Britain's "perfect" example of caring for the sick, this comes up:
Outrage over organs ‘sold to foreigners’
THE organs of 50 British National Health Service donors have been given to foreign patients who have paid about £75,000 each for private transplant operations in the past two years, freedom of information documents show.

The liver transplants took place at NHS hospitals, despite severe shortages that mean many British patients die while waiting for an organ that could save their lives.

The documents disclose that 40 patients from Greece and Cyprus received liver transplants in the UK paid for by their governments. Donated livers were also given to people from non-European Union countries including Libya, the United Arab Emirates, China and Israel.

The surgeons who carry out the transplants receive a share of the operation fee — believed to be about £20,000 — as all the work is done privately in NHS hospitals.

So, coffers and caskets get filled.
It goes without saying we have a broken health care system in this country. And I have no immediate answers. If I did I would be out making a my money as a consultant. But a nationalized system is still subject to corruption. Are we willing to forfeit better specialized care for general maintenance? Nobody wants to see a sick uninsured child get worse or die due to a lack financial resources/care. But aren't there better answers? Yes, meds are cheaper in Canada, but when you are in dire straits, you scoot south to the Continental 48.
I would expect Cameron of the Tories to use the pay for kidney scandal in the next Prime Minister's Q & A at P-Funk.

It's Gonna Get Ugly Like Obob in the Morning Sun


First segment: As Israel prepares a self defensive land insertion into Gaza, Alan Dershowitz writes an opine providing moral and legal evidence for Israeli actions. His conclusion is solid:
Until the world recognises that Hamas is committing three war crimes - targeting Israeli civilians, using Palestinian civilians as human shields, and seeking the destruction of a member-state of the UN - and that Israel is acting in self-defence and out of military necessity, the conflict will continue.

Is it the subtle anti-Semitic beliefs held by many countries or a fear of standing up to tyranny? What else must Israel do to appease those who desire her ultimate demise? These questions must be answered by the UN Security Council. They must grow a pair and allow Israel to finish the job. We would demand the same unequivocally.
Next segment: A great piece describing the frustrations of millions of humanitarians in the NY Post. It sums up the feelings of many Americans and Israelis:

In fact, the president-elect may not know himself. He's a babe in the woods, and the woods are full of wolves. Fighting political rivals doesn't prepare you for fighting terrorist fanatics.


As for our president-elect, his all-too-coy insistence that "we have only one president at a time" has been selective from the start. Glad to pontificate on stimulus packages and union benefits, Obama has used the one-president mantra to avoid taking stands on difficult issues that bedevil or bewilder him.

Our president-elect needed to make a clear, prompt statement in support of Israel. He didn't. If I were an Israeli leader, I'd be worried, too.

Obama's notorious for avoiding firm stands that might alienate any important constituency. But you can't have it both ways in the Middle East. He needs to stand up in support of Israel. Now.

And finally, when the cowardly, treacherous and hideous beast that is ex-rep. mckinne(image) y was on a boat, she met the Israeli Navy. The Israeli craft justifiably rammed the boat carrying the dirty cohort of evil to prevent it from providing comfort to those who wish to recreate the Holocaust morals be damned.
Wouldn't you have loved f(image) or her to lay a hand on one of these lovelies who may not have shown the restraint that handcuffed a Capitol Police Officer?

Last Thought of 2008 ...


This one goes out to all the parents out there, doe(image) sn't it seem like mass chaos ensues when you go to use the John Crapper?
  • I lock the door
  • Turn on the light
  • Grab a magazine or section of the newspaper
  • All hell breaks loose.

    It never fails. Maybe it's the acoustics that make it sound worse. Maybe my little scamps really have been trained by a legion of undead democrats to cause anarchy and social inequities. Don't know. I just want to drop a deuce in peace and quiet.

    With that being said, Happy New Year. Gotta bartend tonight and enjoy the amateurs stumble in an intoxicated waltz.

    The day after:
    Easily survived the shift. Almost had a barfight that would have been quickly comical. A drunk guy who did not hold his alcohol well apparently offended some older neck. So as the neck is singing "I'm Gonna Whoop Somebody's Ass" in a effort to either intimidate or be the first cock knocker of the new year, failed to evaluate his surroundings. Sure he had two friends, but they were not ready to fight. His failure of awareness would have swiftly brought a bartender with temporary anger issues, an person of large proportions who would have had my back and military trained individual who could have displaced all of us.
    I properly informed the drunk ass it was unacceptable behavior and to get over it. Cooler heads prevailed and I got them all home via taxi. It would have been fun. The schmuck would never have seen it coming.
    And I was laid up with the flu all day. Non booze related. Drew my ire in a nasty way.

  • Our Blessed Lady of Caffine, don't fail me now!



    Christmas is almost over, waiting on the Chicago gifts to arrive.
    There are no Senate seats or favors returned from Big Tony.
    But I hope everyone was safe and enjoys the cleanup process. I was able to cheat and get FEMA to pitch in. I let them know I voted for GW twice. Sooooo, the Army Corp of Engineers with some SeeBees will be here by noon. Silly Democrats don't get it.
    Anyhow, it was nice know all of you, my wife got us Guitar Hero Live Out Child Fantasies World Tour, won't be around much.
    Just kidding, let's get it on.
    Nothing reeks of deception then releasing an investigation at 4:30 on the day before Christmas Eve.

    Attention Parents!!!! Use this!!!


    If you are facing the daunting task of opening presents with those dang multiple expletives wires holding toys in place, use these.
    These instruments of merciful allah will prevent a police run on your house.

    Merry Christmas & the Bears Beat Packers


    Merry Christmas all.
    Love your family.
    and the mighty mighty Gator Alex Brown (96) blocked that kick with grace the Lord bestowed upon him.
    Obob be happy.

    so much for the brave journalist


    Imagine if a German reporter from an Argentinian radio station threw an object at Truman in Berlin in Post WW II Germany? Well kiddos, it looks like we would have had a strong similarity with the joker who chucked his loafer at GW.

    New revelations in Iraq point to a possible link between the shoe thrower and the Iraqi Baathists who just made a botched attempt to topple the government of Nouri al-Maliki and return Saddam’s party to power.

    Reports in the Arab media indicate that the Iraqi shoe thrower, Muntather al-Zaidi may have been planning his assault on President Bush for more than a year, helped by Iraqi Baathists seeking to overthrow the U.S,-backed government. One leading Arab website said the al-Zaidi’s handlers may have been funded by Raghad, the eldest daughter of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

    At little more info on the tosser, and I mean that in a British sense as well:

    Al-Zeidi is a correspondent for al-Baghdadia, a pro-Baathist television station based in Cairo, Egypt, that some suspect is funded by Raghad.

    So, to all the people that cheered this mouth piece for the moral equivalent of the Nazis or any old CCCP Pravda, nice job. Way to support democracy, freedom, and all things fun in the world.

    I found this at The Daily Beast. Another interesting news site in an alternative non MSM vein.

    I live in a fly over state


    Indiana is considered part of the Heartland. We are "flyover state." Our nickname, a Hoosier, pretty much means a rube or dumb hick. Thanks to obama, our state is not next to a state that is considered the new Holy City to the MSM. Chicago. Of course, like Jerusalem, it is a city of strife and conflict thanks to Daley and Machine he built coming back to haunt many. But I digress.
    Not that I want the coverage and glory of a state like Cali or New York, but it is what it is.
    New York has become another locale of political debate with the p(image) re-coronation, or swearing in of another Kennedy, by the press. Some say it is bunk. Some say her lack of experience matches with others. Some may say, like obama, she will get the valued seat no matter hell or high water. Even though:
    The road trip included stops in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo to help convince Gov. David Paterson and voters she's the one to replace Clinton in the U.S. Senate.
    But it was a tough crowd.
    The black SUV pulled up to Syracuse city hall Wednesday morning. It was stop one on Kennedy's upstate tour.
    But after meeting with Mayor Matt Driscoll, she ran into a buzz saw -- angry reporters who wanted her to do more talking and less listening.

    What? Angry reporters asking questions towards a democrat or a Kennedy! That is news. I really don't have a beef with her, she is a result of tragedy and a dark adoration of the public. And she is kinda ginchy for an older woman.
    But New York isn't done, next is the cheating, ex-cokehead Gov. Paterson. The skit mocking him on SNL may have been the most daring in recent years. Kudos you blithering idiots of smug liberal rhetoric.
    (object) (embed)

    thou shall not make fun of mindless twits or people who dare to be radical


    After the madcap antics of Blago, which I ran I drink special in his name. The "Effen Bomb" It's Effen vodka and Red Bull.
    I thought a little laugh at other people's expense.
    Do you remember your yearbook photo? Mine was the typical mid 80s feather haircut, light blue shirt, red knit tie & navy blue blazer. Nothing radical, just me being a boring formal dresser. Of course this was last year. I jest.
    Check out these photogenic demigods and goddesses. Go to for the rest. If not, check out the website period.

    Randomness of life & booze & tyranny


    As I stumble through a mix of underemployment, political indigestion and parental karma, things become lucid and clear in fragments of nanoseconds.
    Day by Day continues to leave the archaic Doonesbury in an ink stained trail. Of course is it on the opposite of political spectrum, hence my bias.
    And I have a better slogan for her shirt:
    Worm Food

    A crime is only a crime if you get caught


    As the world and MSM have discovered, there is corruption in the Land of Lincoln. And in testament of moral compass, obama will lead us to salvation. blah blah blah. You wanna read some real crap? Try this feeble attempt of a corrupt politician to whitewash his crimes. It's the old "I'm not as a bad as this guy" blabber that shows no remorse. Our defender of his convicted convictions, ol' Rosty himself. He served Illinois from 1959 to 1995. He was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.Of course there is another chairman of that certain committee curently under investigation of the most ethical Congress of all time, Rep. Rangel. But that is a trivial matter (note sarcasm.)Rosty defending himself,During my career as a public official, I always tried to steer away from the minority of my colleagues who viewed public service as a potential commercial enterprise. They’ve always been there and can be found in state capitols and in Washington. failed. Wait maybe remorse or sympathy will suffice ... It is painful to recall my situation and, on a personal level, I can sympathize with the pain the governor’s family must feel and can uniquely understand their concerns about what comes next. But I find his reported behavior troubling. There’s a big difference between running a sloppy office and staging a personally-beneficial auction to make policy and personnel decisions. That’s what disturbs the public. It bothers me, too.failed.Okay, maybe I'll admit I erred with contrite manner ... oh wait. My crimes,Indicted for 17 counts of embezzling public and campaign funds, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. +Abusing Congressional Payroll: Accused of placing on his Congressional payroll from July 1971 to July 1992 at least 14 people who did little or nor official work, but who performed a variety of personal services for him, his family, his family insurance businesses and his campaign organizations. Payments to these people exceeded $500,000. +Trading Stamp Vouchers for Cash: Accused of taking cash on numerous occasions from 1978 to 1991 in exchange for vouchers that members of Congress use to buy stamps. Charged that he obtained at least $50,000 in cash by disguising transactions at the post office as stamp purchases. +Misusing Office Expense Accounts: Accused of charging Congress more than $40,000 for items from the House stationery store, including hand-painted chairs, crystal sculptures, and fine china, which he gave as gifts to his friends. +Misusing Personal Vehicles: Accused of buying seven vehicles from 1987 to 1992 for use by himself and his family and paying for them with more than $70,000 in official House funds, and $100,000 from his campaign funds. +Obstruction of Justice: Charged that he had a House employee engrave brass plaques for him at no charge and then told the employee not to mention this to the grand jury investigating the case. Not much of a mea culpa there Rosty. You were a criminal and typical corrupt scumbag politican. GO AWAY![...]

    this could get me in trouble





    We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
    - Aesop

    Chicago owns New Orleans


    Not only have my beloved Bears knocked the Saints out of post season action three years in a row, but we surpassed the Big Easy in corruption!!!!!
    How about dem apples???
    Okay, so the corruption is not something to brag about and I really have nothing against the Saints.
    Quick note, as the heat gets pressed on obambi's pit bull emanuel, I do have to side with him on not taking questions at his child's school function. The press should be somewhat respectful and not act as paparazzi. With that being said, once he is not around his children, you may attack at will with extreme prejudice. Nothing personal, but republicans would get the same treatment.

    so easy, it could get boring