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Isle of Sanity

surviving in the vast cultural wasteland of red america

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The demise of SwiftKey


I love this keyboard and I suppose I should celebrate the developer's success but ... all that glitters is not gold and this pretty much ensures its further development will be shit.

Scalia As Stand Up


Scalia's ire over the marriage equality decision led to some (unintentional) hilarity this week. In commenting on Kennedy's opinion Scalia said, "The world does not expect logic and precision in poetry or inspirational pop philosophy; it demands them in law" Seriously?

But that's not the kicker - he concludes that the decision diminished "this Court's reputation for clear thinking and sober analysis". Isn't that  precious? He believes this Court has that reputation. Seriously (can you get right on that Amy? Seth?)? Hilarious.

Oh Antonin, that ship sailed with the Rehnquist court at the very least - and the Roberts court? Seriously? The current conservative fatuous five have demonstrated the reading comprehension and cognitive prowess of a non-precocious 9 year-old. Hard to sully that reputation.

By all means, Antonin, hide your fat head in a bag; preferably plastic.

And Off The Rim He Slid



'night, sir.

Mistakes Were Made


Back in 2004 when NBC was replacing the retiring former journalist-turned-hack, Tom Brokaw, they decided to go with a congenital hack, Brian Williams.  Now they could have opted for John Seigenthaler but then they might have had a (the only) reputable news program and we couldn't have that now could we? Will the latest from Brian Williams von Münchhausen be a tale too far? Not bloody likely.

Unforeseen Consequences


We have done numerous things over the years to reduce our carbon footprint (composting, bicycling to work, adding energy-efficiency to our home, etc.) but our latest move has resulted in a complication that we hadn't considered.

This year we purchased a *Fiskar's reel mower and the absence of both noise and air pollution is wonderful. We can mow at 5 am if we desire (which we most decidedly do not) because we wouldn't disturb a soul and it's good exercise though it does take a bit longer.

The real problem (for lack of a better term being retrieved from my brain) is that our Golden Retriever who was afraid of our gas-powered lawn mower and would stay as far away from it as possible -even remaining on the patio in the back yard while we would mow the front, is no longer afraid of the mower.

In fact, having the threat removed and being the velcro dog that he is, he not only follows us around while we mow but has developed an amazing capacity to plunk himself down precisely in the 18-inch wide swathe of lawn currently being mowed and, when asked to move, places himself precisely 18-inches further into the un-mowed portion of the lawn. So, we've been playing a marvelous game we call The Pick Up Your Ball and Move, Please Loop since the commencing the lawn-mowing season.

Surprisingly, I think he's going to give up first -as the last time I mowed he moved to the sidewalk after the 3rd iteration and remained there for the duration.

*You haven't tried a reel mower until you've tried this one. Great features include: wheels inset from the blades so you can get up very close to obstacles and edges, an amazingly generous reel height adjustment (up to 4 inches) and an ease of pushing that while not as effortless as a self-propelled mower it's exponentially easier than any reel mower I've ever tried.

Blowing Down the Road


G'night, J. J.

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B.S. of A Splinters?


Conservatives, aren't they cute? Now they want to form their own alternative to the Boy Scouts ... I'm thinking they could call it HAUs Scouts (Homophobes Are Us).

Justice Rectified


Justice may not be blind or doled out evenly, as Judge James Cawthon was also the magistrate who let McGee off ridiculously lightly for his DUI conviction, but at least there was some rectification in this case when Cawthon exceeded another slight wrap-on-the-wrist plea agreement entered into by Ada County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. McGee has still gotten off too lightly but c'est la vie. Remind me to vote for Cawthon next time he's up for re-election.

Mitt's Tax Sheltering


There are various speculations as to the reason(s) for MItt's refusal to release his prior tax returns - from perhaps legal (but morally reprehensible) tax evasion, to drawing attention to the whole Mormon thing he's successfully avoided thus far (since his cult church tithing will appear on his returns) to not only morally reprehensible but also illegal mechanisms for hiding income from taxation. I, however, would posit an additional possibility which still involves sheltering his income but from the MoMo Church rather than from the IRS.

We can quibble about whether or not church tithing should be allowed as a charitable contribution deduction  (not a chance in hell [or whatever planet bad mormons go to when the die] in my opinion) but is Mittens really contributing a full 10% or only 10% of that which he is reporting to the IRS? Or, perhaps regardless of how you calculate it - he's giving nowhere near 10%.  Perhaps Mitt isn't quite the good MoMo he's perceived to be - it's one thing to cheat the Feds (and consequently the American citizenry at large) but to cheat Joe (seriously, Joe Smith? how fuckin' creative), the cult church and all of those little white-shirted, black-tied proselytizers and their families ... quite another matter.

A Fair Comparison?


Paul Ryan versus Sarah Palin .... is that a fair comparison? Tina Dupay thinks there's a more apt comparison. I have to say, I agree.

Privileged Jerk-off Rapists and...


the assholes that protect them.

Austin Zehnder:


Will Frey:

raped 16 year-old Savannah Dietrich boasted about it and spread cell phone video of their antics. Jefferson County District Court Judge Deana "Dee" McDonald:

didn't merely accept a plea agreement that represented less than a slap on the wrist (allowing entry of their pleas as juveniles) but also issued a gag order to the victim so that she couldn't name her attackers.  She (Savannah) has since (rightfully so) disobeyed the order and thankfully won't be charged.

These fine young upstanding citizens currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky and attend (of course) a good christian (catholic) all-boys college prep, Trinity High School where they play LaCrosse for the Shamrocks as members of the class of 2013. So, they'll most likely remain in Louisville for another year but then it's on to college so remember these faces young ladies because it's doubtful that they've learned anything about what it takes to be a caring human being from this episode.

The judge, who was apparently elected in 2010 will no doubt remain on the bench and can be reached at the Louis D. Brandeis Hall Of Justice, 6000 W Jefferson St. in Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 595-4960.

Another One Bites The Dust


DamnIt not as though one would think that Doc Watson would have been a favorite of a 16 year-old kid from MN and yet... I was first introduced to his music in 1973 through a long-haired male co-worker (who also would not likely have been pegged as a fan) and immediately fell in love.  While my musical tastes are quite eclectic - nobody picks like Doc Watson and he has remained one of the staples in my iTunes library.  I don't think it's possible (at least for me) to select a single song that adequately represents his talent or appeal, so I'll imbed three. The first because it remains my favorite rendition of an old classic, the second to demonstrate his versatility and the last ... just for fun.Summertime: She's Gone Away: I'm Going Fishing: G'night, Doc.[...]

An Apology Is Required


It is clear that with Hilary Rosen's comment (and the ensuing kerfuffle) regarding Ann Romney never having worked a day in her life that an apology is due.

While due, it's doubtless not forthcoming so let me just say that on behalf of Ann and MItt Romney I apologize for their being completely obtuse, entitled assholes who deliberately misconstrued Ms. Rosen's commentary, that pointed out (correctly) that Ann might not be the best conduit by which MItt might come to understand the needs, desires and worries of the average American housewife/mother, for purely political purpose. You're welcome. Two finer assholes would be hard to find.



Aaaaah: width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Fabulous Music, Even Better Cause


This arrived today:


You can sample (listen to clips) or order - just click the pic and it will take you there. 73 songs from some amazing artists for only $24.99 (though you could round up significantly and it would still be a great deal for a wonderful organization, Amnesty International)!

Here's the title cut from the man himself:

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The Graduate & Mittness


src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560">
I adore Dustin Hoffman; by far my favorite actor. However, sadly, when I hear the word 'plastic' two things come to mind; neither of which are good.





Okay, many adjectives come to mind for Willard but plastic is the first 'p' word. Of course 'pretzel' candidate fits as well - and petulant is also apropos ... no wait, that's George Will.

*Click on the pics to bring you to reference article(s).



Martin Luther King, Jr. had hoped that " ... my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character...

While we may be closer to the color of one's skin at least not being an overwhelming factor in our judgement, sadly, the content of one's wallet remains an overarching measure of one's worth in our society. Thus it has always been; thus it will likely always be.

Times change and cultural mores shift, gays are the new (or perhaps given history it'd best be characterized as renewed) blacks. As the U.S. population becomes increasing Hispanic, it will shift again. There will remain an underlying economic caste system that ensures the unequal nature of access and opportunity.

Martin Luther King would not be satisfied and we shouldn't be either.



Is there enough money in the universe to make Mitt Romney palatable?

Romney's Bet


No, not the fact that he's betting on Repugnicans who otherwise can't stand him to fall in line once he's the nominee but the $10,000 bet he challenged Perry to in the Iowa debate last night.

The bet illustrates two points: 1) Romney's an ass (okay, we already knew that) and 2) Rick Perry's not exactly Mr. Fast on His Feet (okay - we knew that too). Never mind that the bet was challenging a lame point in the first place, Rick Perry could have significantly increased his appeal among the Tea Party Ignorati had he responded ... What? Only $10,000 that's less than pocket change to you Mitt- why not make it $10 million .. must not be very sure of yourself - eh?



So, we have highly sophisticated technology in remote controlled drones but they can't be pre-programmed to self-destruct when failing to follow designated instructions or, in the very least, be destroyed by remote command? To be fair, who could have predicted a technological failure?

OK, Maybe There Is A God


Not that it will stop the most arrogant, obnoxious, pretentious fans in college football but TCU beat Boise State tonight. I ask once again, what substantive team has BSU EVER beat? Yes, they beat OK in the Fiesta Bowl with OK being led by what the 3rd or was it 4th-string QB? They beat OR after taking out the starting QB in the 1st quarter and beyond that? Nothing. Now they lose to an un-ranked team - that is the true quality of your football team ... deal with it.



(image) I don't think learned means what this puzzlemaster seems to think.

Hope & Sanity Or Not


So, maybe there is a little hope; a little sign of some residual sanity in the country. But no, Obama has to effing screw that up as well. Again I say - why the hell did anyone for for this jackass?

But, then again, Obama is the biggest argument against the likely Repugnican nominee, Romney - because the question becomes why bother - they're one in the same - no leaderships skills, no convictions, just a lot of empty rhetoric. We already have that so is it really worth their going to the polls to switch out one for the other - I guess will see which one the nutjobs on the right hate the most. Either way our country is doomed for at least another 4 years.

Hell Hath No Fury ...


like a few Tuscan Monks. Ah yes, more religious nonsense. Upset by recent thefts of bibles from their church in Florence, the monks prayed for god to smite the thief with a bout of diarrhea. Hmmm, maybe the thief will leave a little deposit next time to assure the monks that his digestive system is quite intact.

Seriously, if there were a god, I have to think that he/she would consider this kind of prayer, at the very least spam and might he/she not wonder wtf happened to vengeance being his/her province?

Christians are just so damn hypocritical, inane and predictable. Given Obama's abysmal performance, another one of these wack jobs may end up in the White House too.

The Weather Service & Prayer


The National Weather Service is apparently predicting more of the same for Texas and Oklahoma this fall - clearly they're not taking into consideration the fierce praying of Perry and his acolytes. Now, riddle me this ... had one of the first public 'prayer sessions' been closely followed by rains you know they would be claiming that their prayers were answered so why don't they now come to the conclusion that god just isn't that into them or perhaps someone else prayed to their god asking Texas to be punished for having foisted GWB on the nation or even maybe there is no god at all -naw, no alternative explanations - it's faith.