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A Final Toast


B-25J and Texans taxi out April 20th, 2013 for Doolittle fly-by. Destin, FL
This weekend up at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, three of the four surviving Doolittle Raiders gathered for one final somber and sad mission.  Robert Hite, the other surviving Raider, was too ill to attend this gathering.  So Ed Saylor, Richard Cole - Doolittle's co-pilot, and David Thatcher gathered at the museum to break open the 1896 bottle of cognac to salute their departed comrades.  Why 1898?  That was the year Jimmy Doolittle was born.  With this solemn action, another chapter of valour closes.

I was so fortunate to see Saylor, Cole, and Thatcher at the 71st Reunion earlier this year.  To shake their hands and say thank you.  Thank you again Raiders for lifting American spirits when it seemed the future was so bleak.

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Germany's Ghosts


World War II in Germany is just a flyleaf on a book away. Might be found on a stretch of road.  Or that person sitting next to you on the S-Bahn in Hamburg or Berlin.

Margot Friedlander was rounded up in April of 1944 after being in hiding for 13 months.  She was sent to the concentration camp of Theresienstadt which is now in the Czech Republic.  She met her husband there and they emigrated to the United States after the war.  Since neither had family left in Germany they had vowed to never return.  Time moves on and Margot's husband died.  She wrote of her wartime experiences and even had readings of her story.  A German producer happened to hear one of her readings and invited her to come back to Germany for a show.  She did and then something incredible happened, Margot decided to live in Berlin. She tells her story to German youth who know of the Final Solution only in books.  She gives a voice and face to the horror the Nazis inflicted upon people.

In Aachen Germany the locals are trying to preserve a tangible piece of World War II history.  Aachen was the first German town to fall to the advancing Allied armies.  The fighting was fierce as the Germans tried to hold the Siegfried line, thus casualties on both sides were heavy.  Directing the German defenses of Aachen was the Lousberg bunker.  The bunker still exists but has now been sold to developers who want to turn it into apartments.

Another bit of Germany's Nazi past is about to be paved over.  Near Berlin is the A11 motorway.  About 2.5 miles of the road is still the original surface that was laid down by the Nazis when they first built the autobahns.  After many decades and heavy traffic, the concrete road surface is in such poor shape it will be replaced in 2015.  Thus erasing the last bit of the original autobahn.

Finally there is the story of Jennifer Teegee of Hamburg.  Her mother is German and her father is Nigerian.  Until she saw a book in the library and on the flyleaf a picture of the author she had no idea of her family history. She had been given up for adoption and when she did see her birth mother, Monika never talked about it.  But from that book she learned that her mother was the illegitimate daughter of Amon Goeth, the real life Butcher of Plaszow as depicted in Schindler's List.  Jennifer had seen the movie while in Israel and knew her birth name, but she never made the connection until reading that book.  Since that discovery, Ms. Teegee has embarked on a quest to fully understand her heritage and family history.

Despicable Thuggery


This inscription is found as part of the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.

"Earned our undying gratitude,"  I wish the current President of the United States and members of the Democrat Party could comprehend such words and honor them.

Instead today we saw a great injustice attempt to be perpetrated upon some of the rapidly vanishing cadre of WWII veterans.  69 years after many stormed the beaches of Omaha, Sword, Juno, Gold, and Utah and others stormed ashore at another place called Inchon some of those went to see the WWII Memorial as part of an effort called Honor Flight.

Veterans from Iowa and Mississippi went to the memorial today to find a very strange sight.  The normally open memorial was barricaded.  The excuse being it was closed due to the government shutdown.  These veterans showed they still had courage even though many are now confined to wheelchairs.  While Rep. Steve King and others launched a diversionary attack that distracted the unpaid Park Police, the veterans breached the barricades to see the memorial dedicated to their sacrifice and valor before they to finally joined their compatriots among G_d's Battalions.

I squarely blame the Democrats for this cheap and tawdry attempt to punish those who risked all to defend this country.  To attempt to score cheap political points by disrespecting these veterans' service.  To be respected, one must earn respect.  Today all the Democrats have earned is an even greater amount of contempt.

President Harry Truman is best know for a few turns of phrase.  But one that applies in this case comes from a citizen.  "Give'em Hell Harry!"  Lets give the Democrats Hell over this.

Hidden Jaguar - Update


Coming out of a restaurant this evening and happen to glance over at the oil change place next door.  In the back parking area I spied this Jaguar.  Hurried over and snapped a picture with phone.  Car is in rough shape but I never thought I would ever see one in person.  Think will visit the place Monday to find the story of this car. 

So today Sept 30, 2013 go see this car in daylight.  After looking the car over, this one you walk away from unless you have a lot of money doing nothing in the bank.  It is a Series 2 XKE 2+2 4.2L with manual transmission.

The rust issues are far worse than originally thought.  That dark line where bonnet meets the sill in the above picture is not a shadow but rust.  On the passenger side bonnet sill with the lock, its the bonnet sill itself that is rusting.  The passenger headlight bucket also has corrosion.  The passenger door paint actually has multiple cracks in it of over four inches.  The little valley in the sheet metal between the driver rear wheel arch and roof has a large patch of paint missing showing primer and rust. Some of the wires in the wire spoke wheels also show oxidation.

All the glass is present.  And the chrome seems in good shape.  Passenger front turn signal lens is broken.  Inspection sticker on windshield says 2003.  The butterscotch colored leather interior seems to be there but the driver seat is badly ripped and showing padding.  The glove box is open and a mess of wiring is spilling out, get the feeling someone has been thwarted by the British electrical system when trying to install an aftermarket radio.

Needless to say, without talking to the people at oil change place, I have determined this car will not be finding a place in my garage.

Giant Spider Attack!


This one set up web-shop between two trees.  Size of this giant?  At a guess over four inches.

9/11, NYC, and the USA


Original can be found here on DeviantArt.

Full Circle


Well it certainly looks like the United States will be making some kind of military action in revenge for the killing of civilians by chemical weapons in Syria.  Even though the issue remains cloudy as to who did it, the word of the United States is now on the line.

Secretary of State John Kerry has been making the case along with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel before the Congress on this matter.  I would find the irony delicious that we have John 'Genghis Khan' Kerry pushing for American intervention in a country with far less military and political significance than South Vietnam except the dangers from one mistake in this country called Syria are far greater than any faced by the United States in South Vietnam with a defeat.

I was expecting at some point for Kerry to buttress his argument with one more sound byte - 'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it'

It would have been fitting and encapsulated what could easily become another street without joy.

What Is Frightening?


That the things I have been worrying about since the President drew his bold red line have been echoed by Laughing Wolf over on Black Five.  It is sobering to know someone else has been comparing the sitting President with the fictional Robert 'Bob' Fowler from Clancy's Sum of All Fears and finding the real President wanting in comparison.Or the alliances in the region are mobilizing in much the same way they did in 1914 in Sarajevo.  One madman kills a noble that almost no one knew about and the gears of war started to turn as all the years of treaties came into effect as Austria tried to browbeat Serbia into giving up the assassin.  So the Serbs called in their Russian allies while Austria called in Germany.  And it just escalated from there.  What resulted from all of that smart diplomacy was four years of brutal carnage that killed millions and set the stage for a greater conflict.An even more brutal question to ask will there be a US lead alliance in regards to the murky issue of who gassed whom in Syria?  The British Parliament just said no to Prime Minister Cameron's request for supporting the Americans, the first time they have said no since 1782 and the American Revolution.  The French and Germans are going soft as well; they should when it concerns American consistency, they just have to look at the series of slights and insults this Administration has delivered to England along with betraying European missile defense for a nebulous promise from Russia.  A Russia that supplies Europe with a majority of the natural gas it will need to stay warm this winter.  A Russia that supports the Assad regime in Damascus.  Europe sees more downsides than upsides for joining the American charge.Then there are the Middle Eastern nations to look at.  Iran likes Assad in power and has threatened Israel if the US attacks.  Saudi Arabia finds itself wanting Assad in power in order to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.  Saudi Arabia is also supporting the current government in Egypt for the same reason - fear of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And the United States, because of the decisions of this Administration, finds itself in opposition to Saudi Arabia, a long time ally, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood both in Egypt and Syria.  Turkey has refused to assist the United States in regards to Syria so Greece had to be asked to allow the US to use Greek air bases.If this is not a powder keg with a fuse lit, then I do not know what is.  And for what reason is the US getting involved when there are no geo-political reasons that can protect American interests?  Because of one reported attack on civilians by someone using chemical weapons.  No one knows if it really was Assad's forces that did it or even the rebels themselves that did it by accident.  This is far worse in murkiness than when USS Turner Joy thought it was being attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats.  But we have a President who said this was a Red Line even though in the past when Saddam used nerve agents on Kurds or Assad's father obliterated a town with artillery to stop a Muslim Brotherhood insurgency no one protested so loudly that these heinous attacks were used as reasons to depose either tyrant.As Laughing Wolf said, we are going to be held hostage to the least stable actor in this drama.  Isn't that a cheery thought.  So if you are a devout praying person, please pray harder. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="420">Addendum on the parallels from 1914.There is the diplomatic war that was fought in concert with the war effort.  England wanted the neutral powerhouse the United States to enter the war on their side.  Wilson became President in no small part because he promised to keep the [...]

The Cult of Climate


A few years ago a boffin passing himself off as a scientist, well he did attend courses and was matriculated a few times so technically is a scientist, by the name of Mann rolled out a noteworthy graph.  It even got put into the IPCC report on climate change.  What a wonderful graph it was for it was the one true sign that Man was causing the globe's temperatures to rise. It was called the Hockey Stick.

When other scientists clamored and did beseech of Dr. Mann to release his data and models so they could replicate what he had discovered, a most curious thing happen, Dr. Mann locked the data up and refused to share.  Which caused much vexation and litigation until the sacred instruments of divination were pried from Dr. Mann's jealous grasp.

And like peering under the flooring where the Pythia held audience in Delphi, a most curious thing or two emerged from the liberated instruments that birthed the Hockey Stick.  Namely that any data fed into Dr. Mann's wondrous algorithms always produced the famous Hockey Stick.  Another disquieting fact that snuck out was how tiny the crucial data set was that built the House of the Hockey Stick, no more than a dozen trees in one tiny spot of Siberia it was revealed.

But unlike a true scientist welcoming other scientists ' papers that showed his original premise was terribly flawed, Dr. Mann has acted more like an Inquisitor being questioned on matters of faith by Copernicus.   He has roundly and volubly denounced all who have proven the errors of his beloved Hockey Stick in terms that would have endeared him to Torquemada whilst causing a minor daemon or two to blush.  He attacks not their scientific work but their lack of faith in Climate Change.  He carelessly tosses out the word 'denier' and threatens punitive actions against those he labels such.

For you see dear reader in truth Mann is not a scientist but a high priest of a false religion.

Oh Wendy!


Just a quick and dirty revamp of Catheter Wendy of Texas who may try and run for Governor.

Pacific Rim


One simple thing is all I ask of even the most cheesy of movies, please keep me in the world of the movie.  Once I am jerked out of the movie's world then my perception and judgement of the movie becomes more critical.

With del Toro's new movie Pacific Rim I was jerked out from the onset.  When in the opening a kaiju is simply defined as a giant beast.  Under this loose interpretation King Kong and the dinosaur from The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms are kaiju not just Gojira, Rodan, Gamera, and King Ghidorrah to name a few.

Another problem is making connections of scenes from this movie to other movies.  Riley and Mori remind me of Kodai and Yoko from Space Battleship Yamato.  The brash Australian Jaeger pilot reminds me of Iceman from Top Gun.  The Level Four kaiju dragging Gipsy Danger on the ground and carrying it into the air, too many skirmishes between Gojira and Rodan or King Ghiddorah.  When Gipsy Danger deploys it's sword, it will be hard not to think of Ivy from Soul Caliber and her sword.  The sub-sea rift is either inspired by X The Unknown or since we are talking an inter-dimensional rift then perhaps Battle Fairy Yukikaze.  The transport of the Jaegers by airlift and how the pilots synchronize reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Once you see the ending you will go that's almost Independence Day.

The reduced science team is the most annoying thing in the movie.  Which is saying something since Ron Perlman is playing the guy who runs a black market selling kaiju parts.  One part of the team is this cliched crippled stiff upper lift British boffin, all he was missing was a pipe.  The other one the boffin called a 'kaiju groupie.'  Think of Rick Moranis' character in Ghostbusters but loves playing with the guts of alien creatures and getting tattoos of them put on his body.  At one point the boffin is madly playing with his chalkboards before the Jaeger commander while the groupie was sitting just a  few feet away without any protective gear tossing kaiju entrails on the floor.  At a guess they are supposed to be a bit of comic relief, but they are also the science team.  They might be a split version of Brent Spiner's scientist character from Independence Day. The British one is a far cry from Dean Jagger's Dr. Royston from X The Unknown or Prof. Quatermass from The Creeping Unknown.

Which brings me to another problem with this movie.  Earth has tried to seal the undersea rift before and has failed.  And until the science team rushes to Shatterdome to give the Jaegers the critical information they need to travel the rift, it seems they were just going to do the same thing they have tried before and failed.  That sounds too much like insanity and suicide all rolled into one though it could also be called a plan of desperation - a kamikaze move.

I will mention one other thing that bugged me in this movie and give it a rest.  Gipsy Danger is fighting a kaiju in Hong Kong that spits acid.  Audience goers have seen this acid partially dissolve another Jaeger and instantly dissolve the facade of a skyscraper.  So when Gipsy Danger grapples with the kaiju and Riley reaches into the mouth and rips its tongue out without dissolving Gipsy Danger's hand, it is another moment of being jerked out of the movie by a lack of internal consistency. 

Overall I would grade it as a B movie.

The Lions of the Far Side


From the creative mind of Gary Larson in The Far Side.

The Far Side


From the comic strip The Far Side by Gary Larson.

The President in Africa


You think I am going to write about that President as he traipses across Africa like a Raj on the taxpayer dime?  Nope.

I am talking of former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura.  They are in Livingstone, Zambia working with other volunteers to build a new clinic to treat breast and cervical cancer.

Mitchell Mission


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
They were turning the R-2600 over using the starter on this B-25J I guess for the film crew.  I learned that you have to turn each engine 9 or 11 blades by hand before trying to start since all the engine oil settles to the bottom cylinders and causes hydraulic lock. 

This was probably one of the most laid back but fun encounters I have had with Warbirds.  Usually airport authority or when on a military base, the cordons will be maintained at all times.  Except for the planes blocked off for filming; the ramp area with the Texans and the B-25J Killer 'B' was open.  Of course when the folks with the planes or the ramp crew asked people to move, the people did.  Everything was perfect including the weather.

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
This is the CAF B-25J Yellow Rose taking off for the parade flyover.  You can hear how brisk the wind is along with the sound of two R-2600s producing 1,700HP each.  I apologize for the shake-cam but did not bring a tri-pod with me.  Was not expecting to be allowed such close viewing and hence take such footage.

After the parade fly over the B-25s went to visit the air fields used by the Raiders to train in 1942.  If you paid $425 you got a chance to ride in one of the B-25s, be part of the flyover, and the visit.  It was sorely tempting to fork over the money.

Florida Nose Art


Panchito again.  Metal gleaming in the morning sun.

B-25J-32 Killer 'B'

B-25J of the CAF Yellow Rose

SNJ-5 VC-10 6 of Diamonds

Only the SNJs, T-6s, and the B-25J Killer 'B' was available for public inspection.  Yellow Rose, Panchito, and the other B-25J that was painted like a Doolittle Raider were roped off because of a documentary film crew.

Killer B and Yellow Rose were both painted in a North African scheme of sand and green over neutral gray.  Both sported the brief Torch national insignia of a yellow surround to the white star in a blue circle.  Also they had RAF tri-color fin flashes.  Made for interesting contrast.

Doolittle Flyby


One of the SNJs was painted as a utility plane assigned to VC-10 in Cuba.

 The Doolittle Raider Goblets and bottle of cognac.

 Doing the heavy lifting here...

 The very polished B-25J Panchito

Boston Marathon


Words can not adequately express the grief and the soul wrenching hurt such events create.  All I can think of are the people who's lives have been shattered with the loss of loved ones or loss of limb.  All because some coward had to strike at innocent people for a sick and twisted cause.

To work through this I have created a simple slideshow.  I am not sure if what I did is any good.  But I wanted to show how the marathon was before the dreadful explosions and some may disagree with some images.  But I felt this was how to do it.  There are no high value special tansitions or fades, just a timeline progression.

Here is the version that runs under VLC and Windows Media Player.  Its a 5MB .wmv file.
allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

The music I chose is composed by Yoko Kanno for the Ghost In The Shell movie Solid State Society.  The song is called Aramaki's Theme.

Whispers of Vipers


I should not be surprised that within 48 hours of the nomination of Pope Francis I to lead the Roman Catholic Church that some think they have found dirt on the Pontiff.  Accusations of Bergoglio being a collaborator with the military junta in Argentina.The first article is written by Heracio Verbitsky and posted online at, a site funded by the Tides Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Initiative.  The other article is posted online at Huffington Post and is based upon the reporting of another Argentinian journolist Olga Wornat.Both articles share one accusation, that Bergoglio actively helped the military junta in the kidnapping of Jesuit priests.  Wornat claims to have concrete proof that he was a collaborator including from Jesuits, but does not name anyone.  Verbitsky does name the two Jesuits, in fact unlike Wornat who just says the Jesuits in question worked with the guerrillas, he does go into detail saying Bergoglio told the Jesuits to stop what they were doing when Peron fell from power but they persisted and were picked up by the new military government.  And Bergoglio tried to get them released and after six months of harsh imprisonment the two Jesuits were released.Verbitsky however must be considered a very biased writer in this regard.  A hostile witness perhaps or the Bill Ayers of Argentina.  He freely admits to being a communist guerrilla and did participate in shootings and quips 'luckily no one died.'  He was also accused of being involved in a plot that resulted in the death of 21 people in 1976, charges against him were only dropped due to the statue of limitations.  Strange for a person living in a glass house to accuse another.Wornat's critical thinking processes are a bit challenged.  She claims to be Bergoglio's intimate and knows what he is thinking due to a book she wrote.  Which must come as a surprise to the people who have read Bergoglio's books.  Perhaps Wornat is trying to puff up her credentials by lying to the Huffington Post writer?  Looking at her list of publications, Wornat seems more in line with Kitty Kelly - writing unauthorized and titillating books.  Her book on Christina de Kirchner on the other hand seems to be a paean to Mrs. Kirchner. What is really odd about the interview is Wornat's attitude in the Storni case.  Storni was an Argentine archbishop who had fled the country to seek sanctuary in the Vatican due to molestation charges.  Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, sent Storni back to Argentina to face justice.  Wornat seems to have issue with the Church paying for Storni's lawyer, was she expecting the Church to be unfair and merely throw Storni to the wolves?  Deny him the due process that Verbitsky enjoyed?  What the whole story does highlight is how Rome treated the case most seriously and also of Bergoglio being a fair man.  Hardly the dark past Wornat alludes to.[...]

Drone Debate


Sen. Rand Paul [R-KY] just concluded an almost 13 hour long filibuster of the US Senate. This filibuster has delayed the confirmation by the full Senate of Brennan to head the CIA. The reason why Sen. Rand spoke, with able assistance for 13 hours, is very simple as he wants a simple answer to a very serious question.

Sen. Paul wants to know if the Obama administration, via the CIA that Brennan is nominated to head, is willing to use drones to kill American citizens on American soil without the due process of the law. Yes or no, that is all Sen. Paul wanted to know.

The response he got from Attorney General Eric Holder can be charitably called a 'maybe' answer. Two strawmen were brought out by Holder in his answer – Pearl Harbor and 9/11. There is a simple logical fault in using these two examples, neither attack was carried out by American citizens. Unlike Hassan Nidal at Ft. Hood or Timothy McVeigh at Oklahoma City.

In the case of Nidal and McVeigh, regular means were used to apprehend the killers. A routine traffic stop detained McVeigh long enough for them to connect the rental truck VIN to him. Nidal was bodily tackled and stopped in his killing spree.

So this administration wants a blank check to determine if an American citizen is an imminent danger. Without recourse to the American judicial system to rule if they have enough evidence to make such a finding. And then to send a remote control aircraft to kill that American citizen. Let me rephrase that, this administration wants to have the ability to assassinate American citizens on US soil without any oversight.

If you are not disturbed at that thought, just contemplate the government getting bad intelligence and sending out a drone on that information. Remember that wedding party in Iraq that American aircraft bombed by accident? Now imagine that happening on Main St in Peoria, IL – a drone fires a Hellfire missile at someone's SUV. Its noon in Peoria. The Hellfire hits and detonates, exploding the gas tank for good measure. Besides Betty Sue and her twin girls getting murdered because of bad information, how many people in the surrounding area just got killed or maimed also.

Now do you think armed drones over the US is such a good idea?

P.S. You may want to look up a movie from the 1980s called 'Blue Thunder' with Roy Scheider. LAPD is loaned a new helicopter. An armed helicopter that can also spy. Scheider's character Murphy finds out the organization supplying Blue Thunder has an ulterior motive of eliminating domestic threats. This administration is trying to replace Blue Thunder with something almost like a video game, just press the R1 on your X-Box controller to fire a Hellfire missile to blow up the target and get Achievement Points which is now a medal that can be worn between the Silver Star and Bronze Star.

Why Robin Has To Die


Perhaps this is why the new Robin is being killed off by DC Comics?  He sold out as any grandson of Ras al Ghul would?  So Batman had to fix the problem?

Gun Show


This was an interesting item to be seen today at the Jackson, MS gun show.  A Rossi lever action.  Box was labeled that it was to be sold as a handgun.  And sticker on the side said .357.  Price tag was just under $600.

I really do not see the point of a bling gold digi-cam upper and lower on an AR-15 that is already tricked out to the max.  Prices for 5.56/.223 AR-15s ranged from about $1,200 to over $2,800.  I saw a lot of 30rd and even the Beta 100rd magazines being sold for good prices.  Some had taken to tie-strapping display magazines down.  Saw one 40rd AK-47 mag listed at $55.

Don't want to own an EBR?  How does bright pink grab you?  As you can see one dealer had a fine selection on hand.  All they were missing was some Hello Kitty stickers.

Ammunition prices continued to be crazy for all calibers.
One seller had 1,000rds of Lake City 62gr 5.56mm loose in a plastic bag for $950.  Another place was selling 140rds of 5.56mm in stripper clips for $140.  Did find one seller with an unopened box of Winchester 55gr .223 1000rds.  When I asked how much, the snotty kid quoted a price just under $27 for a box of 20 or roughly $1,350 for the whole box.  Yikes!

9mm was not much better.  Remington or Winchester 9mm was about $27 for a box of 50.  Same place that had the $1.350 box of .223 had some really off brands and the likes of Federal.  Depending upon grain and quantity, price per round fluctuated between 44 cents/round to 54 cents/round.

The only relatively cheap thing for sale at the gun show was the little girl selling Girl Scout cookies for her troop.  And they still cost $3.50/box.

Clinton 1040


Now that the President is talking of people not being taxed enough, something from the ear of Clinton.  This cartoon is from 1992 and can be found 'Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1993 Edition' on page 55.

Seems still relevant.  Democrats want all the money.  Greedy buggers aren't they?



A Dreadful Horseman


It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse has been loose in North Korea.  Well at this point I think even Famine should be retching his guts out on the ground.  The starving, oppressed, enslaved people of North Korea have been reduced to cannibals.  To find sustenance they have resorted to eating their children.  Yep even eating the corpses of their children.

Now I have a question all you world leaders and beautiful people who are always screaming about some calamity across the globe.  What are you going to do with North Korea?

Actually that is a rhetorical question.  They will do nothing because to do something truly constructive requires real effort. 

For the world leaders, they would have to admit how badly they have fumbled North Korea all these years.  For Beijing to allow its useful toy to be deposed.  Jimmy Carter to admit fault.  Madeline Albright to take her basketball and go home.  Things that will never happen because that would mean admitting they are not perfect.

For the pretty people its even worse.  To work on something besides keeping fit, eating their organically grown vegan overpriced food, wearing fabulous clothes, ride in limos, and go on talk shows.  Something selfless instead of selfish.

What a horrible brutish world exists in North Korea.  And the ones who clamor for Syrian intervention won't say the same thing about North Korea.  Pox upon them and their works.