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Last Build Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 11:07:43 +0100


Random guff

Sun, 22 Jun 2008 11:07:43 +0100

1) I changed the typeface for this site yesterday for a couple of reasons: a) it makes more sense to have everything uniform, rather than a bit Georgia and a bit Arial. Whatever was I thinking? And b) you know something's got to give when you're not able to read your own website without squinting. So either the text was too small or I'm going blind. 2) I've had a blogroll purge. A bunch of blogs have either expired (if that's what blogs do) or become somewhat defunct, in a way not disimilar to the way this one appeared to...

Le Competition!

Tue, 17 Jun 2008 00:04:46 +0100

I've gone all stupid in the head (Mrs Timbo will tell you this is nothing new) and fancy a bit of blogger vs blogger action, therefore I have hereby decided that it's competition time for one and all. Well, all six of you that skim-read this blog. Here's the score: All you have to do is decipher all (or as many as you are able; this is highly dependant on your mental capacity and/or how many cups of typhoo you just necked) of the assorted personalities, riff-raff, and, err, other stuff. Whoever gets the most right is a) a fucking...

Things I Hate: Chris Martin (No. 1 in a series)

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:03:00 +0100

Apart from Ricky Gervais and The General Public, this knob is top of my hit list. In fact, such is my detestation that I'm not even going to give him the pleasure of having his picture on my site. He'd love that. He'd probably get really turned on by the thought, then act all modest and coy (act badly), so that anyone paying any real attention would easily spot what a publicity-loving, bollocks-talking (or not talking...) contemptable bag of piss he really is. He of the seemingly sarcastic "It's good you came to see us now, before we go Bon...

Media Files:


Thu, 12 Jun 2008 01:42:11 +0100

I know there'll be loads of people who know who the guy on the left is (and frankly, if you don't know who he is then I must tell you that I hate you rather a lot), and there are definitely a countryful who know who the guy on the right is, but I'm pretty certain there aren't that many people out there who would be aware of who BOTH of these people are and what they do, both at the same time. But I am one of those people, and I happen to think that somebody here may be...

Naked people! Bucketloads of naked!

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 12:33:30 +0100

Sometimes you find yourself surrounded, nay, invaded, by amorphous blobs (read 'other people') who flagrantly disregard you, your personal space, your companions, your conversation. Generally, YOU. And that's something I find annoying. Maybe I'm the only one? I don't know. Then at other times you get totally surrounded by shitloads of naked people, cycling about, making all sorts of noise, and generally being TOTALLY NAKED with all their bits out on display. Right there. And the weird thing about that isn't the nakedness or the being surrounded by a whole bunch of nakedness. It's the fact that it's, well, more...

Have camera. Will use.

Sun, 18 May 2008 11:37:36 +0100

These are some photos of the Children's Parade from a couple of weeks ago which passed right outside Our Brilliant New Flat (I'm gonna start referring to it as OBNF to save on typing). We have a good view. If we stick our heads out far enough and manage not to fall out we can even say that we have a sea view. We love OBNF. (Click on the photos for bigger versions)

It's a long long way (to Worthing)

Wed, 14 May 2008 15:28:50 +0100

This last week and a bit has been a right old up and down affair (not in the saucy sense though; that'd just be rude), veering from the sublime to the shit with unerring regularity. A nice boring patch of humdrum mundanity wouldn't go amiss every now and again, but what's the likelihood of that happening? Pretty fucking low. So, to catalogue our escapades (as opposed to our espadrilles, which are very nice and shiny as it happens) let's get the proper shit stuff out of the way first. Hold on to your hats people, cos I've been ill again!...

The dumptruck moanyscrote blues

Sun, 04 May 2008 11:25:48 +0100

You know what I find bloody annoying? (Apart from Lily Allen, Ricky Gervais, avocados that for some reason don't want to ripen, and, umm, a significant proportion of humanity, obviously.) I will tell you. Being stupidly tired when there is no chance of getting any rest/sleep, and then having insomnia or not being able to sleep at the times when I do have the opportunity to rest is what I find Bloody Annoying. It fucks me off! I have massive eyebags (and I mean massive), I feel run down, my skin looks like shite, and I hardly ever want to...

I no lie!

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 12:16:36 +0100

Told you I'd be back. (Burning question No.1: Does this count as a post?)

Shout out

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 13:57:36 +0100 And the international community stood idly by... At least the common man can focus on an (apparently) unextinguishable flame in order to make his feelings known about another oppressive regime. What can he do about Zimbabwe? Nb. Back soon, with pictures.