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Mazurland Blog

Published: 2010-09-29T13:31:32-04:00


The Mystery Of The Trinity


There is more than one Mystery of Catholic Faith. One is "Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will Come again". We say or sing this at Mass when the Priest sings "LET US PROCLAIM THE MYSTERY OF FAITH". And...

Pornography---What You Don't Know


Pornography is a subject that isn't considered proper in polite society. In fact, most people who do indulge in it, not only men but an increasing number of females, will normally deny that they look at or watch it. Well,...

Marriage Is Between A Man and a Woman


At least the Pope thinks so---And So do I. I normally wouldn't post something direct from another site, but it's hard to paraphrase the Holy Father. Besides, nobody else is posting---perhaps someone will comment but I'm not counting on it....

So, What's The Deal, Hank?


Readers of Hankland might just be wondering, where did all this wisdom (as Chris commented) suddenly erupt from? Why does it seem Hank is usurping the Religion Desk of what was formerly known as Mazurland? Good Question. Gotta tell you...

Marriage: A Covenant Between You, Your Spouse, and God


Since Wanda and I had our marriage of 30 1/2 years sanctified by the Holy Mother Church 3 weeks ago, I thought it a good time to talk about Sacramental Marriage, and a discussion about Sanctifying Grace and Sacramental Grace....

Time For A Change


Politics are REALLY starting to put me right off my fresh fried lobster. Since nobody's reading or trying to post anything, I guess it's just my blog now. So I'll write whatever I want to write about. And I think...

Things that are Frosting Various Body Parts


I'd name the parts in question, but it's still a family blog. Not that anyone's bothering to read it anymore. Rep. Charlie Rangel. This guy's as crooked as Lombard St. in San Francisco. Cheats on his taxes, holds THREE rent...

News from Afghanistan Via RECON MARINE


From the Sand Pit it's freezing here. I'm sitting on hard, cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains , along the Dar 'yoi Pomir River , watching a hole that leads to a...

RIP Mazurland, Welcome to Hank's Blog


If I'm the only one whose going to write, might as well BE my blog, eh? So much going on in America today, and none of the Mazurland Authors have time to opine. Probably lashed to Facebook. So I'm gonna...

So Much for a "Secular Nation"


I'll "Let the Marine Tell It"--- He does a better job than I can.

Memorial Day


Today is Memorial Day. Normally considered by the vast majority of Americans as 1. Day off from Work and School 2. Good day to make a purchase of a car, a set of tires, or a big ticket item at...

Facebook Killed Mazurland!!!!!


There hasn't been a post on this blog in 17 days!!!!! Everyones' playing Facebook I suppose. Let me told you a facebook story and then I'll give you a Hank Update. My daughter is on facebook. Nearly ready to give...

Uke Topper


Several times over the last few months, some of my Facebook friends have exchanged YouTube links to videos of people playing the ukulele. It's amusing and amazing what some people will transcribe to the uke. I've posted some of these...

A Couple Of The Nicest Guys In The World


Harry Groves was Penn State's track and cross country coach for over 30 years until he retired in 2006. Harry has coached some of the finest athletes to come out of Penn State over the years. Some have become Olympians....

First They Came For Hitler


The company that unwittingly has done more to educate the world about Adolf Hitler is now attempting to undo that feat. In 2004, the German film company Constantin Films released Der Untergang, known in America as The Downfall. It's an...

Global Made Global Warming?


Notice since this Icelandic Volcano decided to do it's thing, you've not heard much about MAN MADE Global Warming? Nobody does it better than Mother Nature. And we thought Mt. St. Helen's was a PITA. There is only one solution...

Hell Continued


I have one Chemo treatment and 6 radiation treatments left to go. Would have been 5 but the lineal accelerator had a "Glitch" in it so no rads today. The last 2 weeks has been the "fun stuff", puking up/coughing...

Love and Death in Haiti


Matt Labash is one of my favorite writers for the Weekly Standard. He's always had a bit of Hunter Thompson and P. J. O'Rourke in him. Writing, for him, often entails adventure. Getting down with the locals, He's got enough...

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! Today, my family had our traditional Easter Brunch. The table had fewer people present. Daughter Christina is enjoying Easter in Paris. Some of our usual guests from the neighborhood were unable to join us today. And so it...

Keeping Up With Holy Week


You can have the best intentions for Lent, and still fall to the vicissitudes of your busy life. And even given a Lent well spent, Holy Week is busy, both with church activities, and with the swirl of Spring. As...

Good Friday


Since I'm on Disability, I went to Stations of the cross at noon, and made my confession. For the rest of you, to remember the 3 hours of darkness in the middle of the day, perhaps The Man In Black...

Then That Cat Will Stay Out For The Night


Here's a post with some music appropriate for April Fool's Day. It's a video of Herb Ellis (on the right) and Barney Kessel (left) jamming on one of the greatest cartoon show theme songs of all time, the Flintstones Theme....

Holy Week


For me writing this post, it is requested that the Religion Desk Editor be scourged and flogged for dereliction of duty. Holy Week of the Catholic Church began with the Palm Sunday Vigil on Saturday evening, and will end with...

The Real Marathon Story


Since it's late March, many of my running buddies are at the peak of their training for the Boston Marathon, which is three weeks from Monday. I'm sure most of you have heard the story of the Greek messenger Phidippides...

Descent into Hell


I've not posted lately, because I spent the last 9 days in the hospital. 2 weeks ago yesterday I had sugery to have a feeding tube implanted in my stomach wall. 4 days later I knew it had gone south...