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Preview: Comments on The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: "The [Israeli] defense establishment is

Comments on The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب:

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"The [Israeli] defense establishment is preventing...


"The [Israeli] defense establishment is preventing the entry into Israel of six Palestinians from the Gaza Strip in urgent need of medical attention, Army Radio reported on Sunday. The six, all sick with cancer or heart conditions, twice requested permission to enter, and were denied both times due to security considerations, according to the report."



Why should they go to Israel?Let them go to Egypt,...


Why should they go to Israel?

Let them go to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi arabia ...

Gaza is now considered a hostile entity by Israel since the Gazans launch rocket daily towards southern Israeli towns.

This is like asking why shouldn't Israel accept Iranian or Syrian patients.

the motherfucken arabswant to bomb the Israelis AN...


the motherfucken arabs

want to bomb the Israelis AND they want medical care in Israeli hospitals

fucking animals
here is an Israeli nurse speaking:

Oh, please. I'm a nurse in pediatric surgery at Hadassah in Jerusalem. If Israel is a "racist apartheid state", how come such a high percentage of my patients are Arabs? I thought apartheid meant keeping groups separate, and our clientele include Jews (brown, Caucasian, black), Moslems (inclding Gazans), Christians (Arab, Armenian, Cypriot, Greek, Russian, Romanian, etc.) and Druze. The are all together in the rooms, in the clinics, in the playroom, and in the staff room.

We just got the Succot decorations cleared away and the music therapists are warming the kids up for Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

We are too busy healing kids to yell and wave our hands around.

and here she is again

The Palestinians DO NOT protect their own children!"


Hadassah Nurse here again--Not only that, the Palestinians have an incredibly high rate of freak accidents ("Child bitten by donkey", "Truck door fallen on child", "Child accidentally shot by bullets fired at wedding", etc.)

In the summer, they fall off the roof in large numbers. Evidently everybody sleeps on the roof, and because there is no protective fence (!) the kids fall off.

During Ramadan, the parents sleep all day and the kids get into even more accidents, particularly burns from pots pulled from the stove.

Plus, the PA doesn't enforce traffic violations, nobody wears seatbelts, many drive without licences or third party insurance, and so there are lots of accidents and an awful lot of hit-and-run.

They also marry their cousins, so the rate of severe birth defects is high (ambiguous genetalia, dextrocardia, stuff nobody in the States has seen outside Arkansas).

These are their personal standards. Life is cheap, and mercy for the weak is a Judeo-Christian concept, not an Islamic one.

...arabs /spit

let them go to Lebanon, Syria, Egyt or Jordanwhy w...


let them go to Lebanon, Syria, Egyt or Jordan

why would they want to be treated by jewnazi doctors?

yawn...hamas is causing the closing of gaza...isra...



hamas is causing the closing of gaza...

israel left gaza years ago...

if you have needs, MOVE to egypt

otherwise, starve, die or rot in hell for all we care....

What is "Constipation" said... why seek help fr...


What is "Constipation" said... why seek help from israel? oh that's right, the zionist entity? go to cairo, your brothers....___________________________Outside of the borders being closed, World Health Organization Report:"Difficulties faced by patients and health personnel in reaching health services are caused by repeated closures, curfews and the proliferation of military road blocks, of which there are 20 in the West Bank and Gaza. This has also led to shortcomings and deficiencies in the health situation in general, and to the deterioration of public health services, such as disease prevention, environmental services and the disposal of solid waste. It has severely affected the mobility of ambulances run by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, immunization campaigns, primary health care, school-health programmes and home visits and led to the disruption of primary and secondary health services in remote rural areas.Restrictions on the movement of Palestinians, curfews and frequent shutdowns have had a devastating effect on health services in general:(a) an increase in dangerous and high-risk pregnancies, complications and abortions;(b) a shortage of health resources and equipment and a greater need for emergency services;(c) a shortage of blood in hospitals, particularly of rare blood groups;(d) a shortage of basic medicines and vaccines due to difficulty of movement of people and goods owing to repeated shutdowns;(e) a shortage of food in a great many camps and villages;(f) inability to administer tetanus toxoid to expectant mothers, among whom coverage has fallen to only 30% in Palestinian areas;(g) an increase of 14% in home deliveries and childbirths;(h) a decrease of 55% in monitoring, testing and chlorination of drinking-water in Gaza, and of 62% in the West Bank, as well as a decrease of 50% in waste disposal and sanitation services;(i) a daily and chronic power failure, leading to difficulties in vaccine storage, which may affect the efficacy of or damage vaccines, thus exposing children to the risk of communicable diseases. Power failures have also disrupted the storage of blood in hospitals and the efficiency of diagnostic equipment;(j) inability to obtain services has caused a human and service catastrophe in health resources, owing to closures and curfews lasting for days, weeks and months in some areas such as Jenin and Nablus, isolating them from the surrounding villages and population centres;k) an ever-increasing need for outpatient services in view of the intensification and expansion of Israeli violence and repression;(l) road blocks and curfews have also led to deaths: 91 patients died at Israeli road blocks in various parts of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israel has partitioned the Gaza Strip into three isolated and separate areas, and the West Bank into more than 300 isolated areas. Fifty-two childbirths occurred at Israeli check points leading to the death of 29 newborn infants.(m) delays in transporting patients in need of specialized treatment, such as cancer, cardiovascular, and kidney dialysis patients, victims of Israeli practices needing physiotherapy and rehabilitation and chronic disease patients to local, or external specialized treatment centres led to an increase in avoidable morbidity, disabilities and fatalities.Measures taken by the Israeli occupation forces such as the shutdown and isolation of cities and towns and hindrance of movement, together with repeated power failures, difficulties in transporting medicines and vaccines, are likely to have a detrimental effect on the efficacy of vaccines, thereby jeopardizing immunity among Palestinian infants and children and exposing them to the risk of communicable diseases such as poliomyelitis and measles which had been eliminated.The Ministry of Health and numerous health institutions such as the International Red Cross and the Palestinian Red Crescent Societies, UNRWA and nongovernmenta[...]

This is un Arab, degarding and shamefull, in this ...


This is un Arab, degarding and shamefull, in this specific month on top. There are people going daily from Gaza to Egypt. The other day about 100 resistance fighters came from Egypt to Gaza. Tons of war materials are being transfered, through Egypt, to Gaza. What do you need the Jooooos for?

Becauase Paleos are nothing but a bunch of asshole...


Becauase Paleos are nothing but a bunch of assholes. Every non-arab hates them, wishes they would hurry up and suicide themselves right out of existence. We would then dance like they did on 9-11.

Ya Asaad, why complaining against Israel?? After a...


Ya Asaad, why complaining against Israel?? After all the Zionist should be voycotted and not relied upon - They better go seek treatment from Egypt or better yet IRAN...

why seek help from israel? oh that's right, the z...


why seek help from israel? oh that's right, the zionist entity?

go to cairo, your brothers....

go to cairo...


go to cairo...

* Israel has placed 471 physical barriers on Pales...


* Israel has placed 471 physical barriers on Palestinian roads to block traffic.
* There are 50 permanent checkpoints in the W. Bank plus 100 temporary or “flying” checkpoints set up on a weekly basis.
* Traveling only 20 miles may take hours and involve countless humiliations if not loss of life.

Some facts