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Post-Gazette -- OPINION

Updated: 2018-04-25T03:20:13




Saturday’s announcement by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that his country will stop testing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles is a sign that Kim is ready to do a deal with President Donald Trump — and that he understands how a deal with Mr. Trump can be made. It’s a delicate dance that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Iran are no doubt watching closely. If Mr. Kim can swing this, the devil himself presumably could.

City school pride: Accentuate the positive, but don’t ignore weaknesses


Although its overall academic profile begs improvement, the Pittsburgh Public Schools has much to be proud of. The school district has been conducting a marketing campaign to burnish its image, and it should publicize what it is doing right. The district, battered for many years by declining enrollment, needs to show taxpayers the return on their investment and give outsiders a reason to move here. Academic progress would be the best form of advertising, however, and so officials must use the marketing campaign to highlight the schools’ strengths, not paper over their weaknesses.

Trump vs. the Europeans: Trans-Atlantic partners come to make their case


Leaders of Western Europe are concerned and have been for a year.



The long and short of it is that it is way past time that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III comes out with his report.

Pa., like other states, should tax gas extraction


In regard to the letter from J.J. Kolesar (April 19, “A New Tax on Gas Drillers Would Be Passed on to Us”): 

Reducing ethanol in the renewable fuel standard will help the environment


Recently, Gettysburg resident Lori Kolenda and I met with Pennsylvania lawmakers to discuss a topic that is not inherently sexy to the general public but is vitally important for our environment: reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard to reduce how much ethanol we mix in gasoline.

Alan Dershowitz and Jay Cost are off-base on these Trump-related issues


Alan Dershowitz argues that in order to void the attorney-client privilege the government must meet a nearly impossible standard (April 12 Perspectives, “Targeting Trump’s Lawyer Is a Little Scary”). He then states that the government, using secret filings, did not meet those standards. What is he, clairvoyant?

Robert Mueller's work is vital to our nation, and it must continue


We as a nation stand for justice, equality for all and freedom from tyranny. We are currently in the most important fight for these values we’ve seen in decades. We see our freedom of speech attacked day after day; the free press is violated time after time; and justice is something few Americans truly understand. We must get back to our core values. We must stand up for right.



When I was a cub reporter in the olden days, trainees were instructed to write without using adjectives.



Regarding the April 13 editorial “Set the Standard: Pa.’s Senators Should Cooperate on Judgeships”: Wondering why the American people’s faith in our public institutions is at a historic low? Look no further than the ugliness surrounding the nomination of highly qualified Pittsburgh attorney David J. Porter to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.



Folks, have a seat and get some tea. I have something to tell you that you may not want to hear: Everyone still hoping for Donald Trump’s removal from office is hoping against the odds.



It sounds like a sick joke: A naked man walks into a Waffle House carrying an AR-15 …



Beginning next month, the members of the Penn State Outing Club can no longer go out. The university says the threat to life and limb is just too great.



In 1908, Jack Johnson, the son of a former slave, became the first black heavyweight champion of the world. America would never forgive him.



Let’s all give thanks to the Lord above that our nasty, snowy and cold Pittsburgh weather has finally come to an end. Our Allegheny County roads are a disaster with cracks, potholes, dips and bumps that cause damage to our high-tech autos, not to mention zigging and zagging into the opposite lane to avoid them! 



Buildings don’t design themselves. However, reading the Post-Gazette, who would know that? Most of the articles about architecture fail to mention the architects. By not including this basic information, the stories are simply incomplete.



OK, I normally like to read the letters to the editor because even if I don’t agree, I may learn something. But the April 16 letter “Thank You, Dick’s” finally made me want to write a letter.



I was an adult student with the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council. In September 1991, I was one of 200 people from across the United States to attend the National Literacy Congress in Washington, D.C., where I was honored to meet first lady Barbara Bush. She spoke to us about the importance of literacy and took extra time to meet each of us and asked each one where we had come from.



The world’s rich countries face a looming challenge in education: Too many of their citizens lack the skills and credentials needed for the jobs of the future. To keep people productively engaged in work in the coming decades and to ensure that economies maintain robust growth, governments, educators and employers will need to make lasting investments in a new class of students: adults.



Jan Kowalski is a member at St. Ursula Parish in Hampton. She serves on the parish’s On Mission implementation team (