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Sleepless Mind

"A Sleeping Mind Is A Dreamer"

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We're Still Here


Can't believe how long since I last posted, but life has kept me on the run.  Hubby will be 86 in June and still going strong.  We sold our house and moved 200 miles north of Houston.  Had no further reason to remain there since our family had either moved or died.  So we built a small cottage out in the boomdocks and left. Plus we're closer to our favorite casino, which we visit every couple

Spring Has Sprung


Time is not flying, but events at our house have soured and distracted me from blogging.You know that saying, "Bad stuff comes in threes"? Well, ours came in a thousands. Without going into much detail, we've lost a chunk of our investments. Not by anything on our part, except putting faith in those business investments being able to survive any more drainage from our government. Know what I

Time flies and freezes


Can't believe I haven't posted this year, but I've been occupied. Thoughts have been clogging up my brain once again, I had another birthday, plus we've done a little traveling. We also gave baby brother a helping hand after his wife had back surgery. I cooked and did laundry, while hubby watched sports tv and napped. He's such a him. Nothing will change his routine except a

Well it's nearing completion............


Imagine a roller coaster ride and this woman screaming in your ear to "STOP NOW"! That is me screaming.Thanksgiving weekend we attended a Kenny Rogers Christmas concert, which was great. He introduced his twin 6-year old sons and his sexy 5th wife. (He has 3 other children. Two sons 46 & 28, and a daughter 52, but they aren't part of his show.)I didn't win one pot in 7 hours. What does that

November 11 -- Veteran's Day


Today would have been my Dad's 87th birthday. He died December 2001, just before Christmas. I still miss him. He liked to joke that on this day the banks and post offices were closed just for him. He was my first Hero. Hubby is my last.~~~~~~November is proving to be a busy month for minor home stuff. So far I've have the cooktop burner repaired (expensive little sparky thing to light one

Living On Loose Change Or Keeping Your Freedoms?


Hope and Change hasn't feed your kiddos or paid the bills and Welfare really sucks.No matter where you sit on Obama's bus it's headed over the cliff into the Sea of Debt. He's drunk with power and he's driving.Need I say more?VOTE NEXT TUESDAY! Or brace yourself for riots next year when we see who have the rafts.

My Cooking Really Stinks........


I hate my own cooking. Go beyond pasta or grilling a steak and I really can't get it (the meal) to come together. Ex: Meat is done but bread and veggies are cold or veggies and bread are hot and the meat is cold. See what I mean? If I do pancakes or waffles, don't expect eggs also. No, I just can't get it off the stove together. Maybe that's the real reason I prefer pasta with salad or

Me And Bloody Mary Have Catching Up To Do.......


So we returned from our casino trip and I promptly came down with a serious sore throat. I thought I had 'strep' so off to the doctor I did go. It wasn't 'strep'. I'm such a baby. A shot in my rear and I can swallow again. Have much eating and drinking to make up for that little disruption.So to get into the right mood, I'm stocked up with V-8.~~~~~~~So glad those miners all got out without

Still Kicking and Screaming


Blogging has sure slowed down this past year. No longer do some of my favorites exist, while some of the others just stopped posting entirely. Then there are still others that turned out to be not as honest as implied, which is a disappointment. Blogging is like smoking to me, once hooked, it's hard to stop...Hubby and I are doing fine right now. He just finished up his annual last Wednesday

I Love Reminders


Remember that smart, sharp tongue Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.?A commenter on one of the news article I read today used one of his many quotes that I remembered from back when it was first reported. Mr. Buckley said "Boston", but in today's nasty, scary political climate, I agree with the commenter's paraphrasing of Mr. Buckley's quote;I'd rather entrust the government of these United States to the first

Burn me once shame on you...Burn me twice shame on me


"Sorry, No can do", was my reply when asked for $2,500 "loan". (I'm still waiting to be repaid the first dime of the $3,000 loan from seven years ago.)I'm a heartless old lady in someone's eyes today.Tough Love is easier when retired.

Catching Up In Dullsville


Where do I begin? My time has been spent, as well as some money, traveling and keeping hubby in line.I finally flew on an airplane again. And am delighted to report I survived, though my ankles did go "blood spotty" on the flight out. Coming back the following week, I stood up and paced in place several times in 4 hours and prevented a recurrence. Proof I should walk to California next time??

"No Debate Allowed"- Closed Minds


I like Tim Kelly cartoons. Check out his other ones, see my sidebar for link.

It Just So Happens..........


Oh, I may just be a twig on the big tree, a grain of sand in the desert, a ripple in the ocean, a bump on a log, BUT I DO HAVE A LONG MEMORY AND THE RIGHT TO VOTE AGAINST THE MOST BIGOTED, LYING, CROOKED, ELECTED POLITICIANS TO COME DOWN THE PIKE IN AMERICA'S HISTORY!The Republicans had better check their egos at the door, team up and get a DETAILED PLAN into their talking points to the public



Ok, so sizzling hot weather is usual for Texas in August, but "stuff" happens in the summer that wouldn't in winter.For instance, our neighbor's nephew drove in from Dallas Friday night....late. He broke our mailbox while trying to park. So hubby spent yesterday replacing it......IN THE HEAT! The *lazy little twerp's insurance will reimburse us, but my point is; he's on summer break and just got

I Do Love Hot Wind and Hot Slots


OK, now I can say I've been to Las Vegas. Hot, crowded, long walks between place to place proved me right.......that I waited too late in life to enjoy the place. With thousands of slouchy dressed people on the street (was sight painful) and our snobby waitserver in Landry's didn't improve my opinion. A $25 tip on $350 food bill might give him a clue that his smartass smirks and comments to

So I Said, "Let's plan to see something in 3-D"...


And this is my choice 'cause I love special effects. 1st part this November and the grand finale in one year. Can it be true? The "Harry Potter" series is finally finished?Of course, this is all depending on affordable tickets....~~~~~~~~~Here at "Gopher Paradise" the wine is cold, the grill is smoking....too. Our grownup grandson is arriving from Chicago tomorrow and we'll only be able to visit

Just a Hop and a Skip, but no Jumping......


Had a grand time with great-grandson. He loved his first visit to mountains, the cave, and particularly the swimming pools at each motel we stayed in. He now LOVES fried okra!!Hubby got frazzled (got lost) the only time I turned Babe over to him so I could do a quick nap on the way home. He woke me up saying "where are we? I missed a turn!". It was panicsville for 10 minutes. Otherwise I drove

Just Checking In Before We Check Out..Again


We just got back home today, but leaving again Thursday in new direction with our great-grandson in tow. We'll be gone for 10 days this trip and I hope we can keep him entertained while showing him some of our neighboring states. Anybody else been to "Silver Dollar City" recently? We decided Hubby hasn't been in 30 years. Man! is he in for a surprise!Yes, it's another road trip. I'm so good

Summer Time Is Watermelon And Vacation


Blowing Kisses: And we're 'blowing' this joint for awhile. I hope everyone stays safe and remember; November's elections will be here in less 150 days. That's the "hope" and "change" I'm looking for.

Honoring All Fallen Heros Today!


In honor of all our fallen military, law enforcement, fire fighters, on this Memorial Day, I was planning to post, once again, something about men in both our families that were military.....UNTIL I found this video from here: My favorite 5 movies embedded into one huge battle. Battling for FREEDOM.Be sure to TURN UP the sound and ENLARGE the screen for the FULL EFFECT.I would also suggest to you

I've Dumped McAfee Without Refund!!


After two days of "scanning", and searching unlimited links for help, I deleted "McAfee's Total Protection" and replaced with another. Wham Bang! Problem solved. I can once again use IExplorer8, to float through the world web's outer limits, rather then being drug down like a harpooned whale.McAfee could not find or 'see' the 5 Trojans that had invaded, or the 10 spyware and malware that was

Do I Look Like I Compete With A Rock??


I've always insisted we stay home (off the freeways) on Memorial Weekend. We use to have huge weekend crowds at our other place for swimming, BBQ, and cold beer. It was nothing to have a dozen or so weekend guest sleeping either in the house, our motorhome, or the guest house. I think 105 was the most we had on one day, but then half were too drunk to drive so we kept them for 2-3 days...hahaThis

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly......


The Good is it's Monday. The Bad is the overhead garage door's spring broke this morning when hubby closed it after putting the trash on the curb. The Ugly is the man is here to repair it for $260.00. So two hours total time from phone call to job completed. Not bad.Well, it could have been worse. It could be Sunday morning, AND the door could have crashed down on 'Babe', AND the repairman can't

Pretty Cool Pixels


H/T to DJP over at Biblical Christianity~~~~~~~~~Hubby is outside this Sunday morning getting back in touch with our friendly gophers and the fresh weed sprouts. I supervised just long enough to through my back into spasms, so I quit. I did remove the grill cover so it's ready to torture a steak later. And the wine is chilling.......Have a nice day.