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Thoughts on Islam


The events in Egypt have reminded of some great dialogue from Pat Condell who freaking nailed it so many years ago when he was embarrassed for the U.S. and the new mosque that was being built so close to Ground Zero. Any religion that endorses violence is incapable of delivering spiritual enlightenment - how obvious does that have to be? - and it has no right even to call itself a religion.

Yeah. This.


The double standard of parental negligence


On April 13th Child Protective Services “retrieved”two unsupervised children from a park in Silver Springs, MD. The Meitivs are being investigated for child neglect after neighbors complained to CPS that the parents repeatedly allow their children to walk to and from a local park unsupervised. The park is two blocks away, the kids ages 10 and 6 routinely make the trek back and forth from their

Academy Awards non-racism called out by racists


In an effort to keep racism alive in this country, the Twit0sphere exploded with angry twits from clueless race baiters yesterday when the Academy Award nominee list revealed that there was not enough diversity on the list. Within minutes, #oscarsowhite gained enough steam to actually become a thing thanks to the racist Twits that flooded the internet. After disappearing from the public eye

Another loss due to political correctness


Veteran ACC referee Karl Hess made an "ethnic" remark to former chairman of the Wake Forest University board of trustees named Mit Shah and is now out of a job. Mit Shah, Now the CEO of an Atlanta-based hotel management company, is of Indian descent and was born in New Jersey, but he grew up in Winston-Salem. What could this 25 year ACC veteran have said that was so devastating during a recent 

Hawaii DMV can suck it


We all have our DMV horror stories, but when I left the island nation-good old boys club in 2007 I never thought I would have to deal with the backwards thinking, pain in the ass Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles ever again. Wrong. I lost the title to one of my vehicles and asked my bank to resend their lien release form so that I could send it to HI and get a duplicate title drafted.

Can't we all just get along?


Apparently not, as long as black continue to believe that white cops have it out for them. Statistics show that white cops don't kill blacks any more than black cops kill black suspects, but let's not let these facts get in the way of the race relations of our country. I'm a white guy and I cannot relate to the black guy's assertion that he is targeted by the police and profiled more than I

FemiNazi's go after gamers


Colbert interviewed Anita Sarkeesian, well known feminist and pain in the ass, on her rant against the "male dominated" industry of gaming.  I saw this on The Colbert Report and I wanted to seriously 1v1 this delusional woman who is attacking the gaming industry to further her anti-man agenda. I wrestled over the thought of trying to write an informed but scathing post over this insanity, but

Parents are ruining their kids


The recent death of a gun instructor by a 9 year old wielding an Uzi has made some big headlines.The usual comments range from  irresponsible gun handling/owners to child endangerment charges. It is an unfortunate accident and it is sure to become ammo for the agenda of whatever group is outraged by the shooting. While the mishandling of the gun ended in a very tragic way, had it not killed that

PSA: How to get rid of colored vertical lines on an LCD television


Every once in a while I find something on the Internet that restores my faith in humanity, or at least puts a little vanishing cream on the warts of society. No, I haven't succumbed to watching or posting cute cat videos, but rather found something that literally saved me a ton of money. Exactly  what mine looked like Ironically, the post that I found was a carbon copy of my issue with my 5

Israel-Palestine conflict for dummies (like me)


Times are tough in the Middle East right now- well, they have been tough for over 2000 years, but you know what I mean. Israel and Palestine are going at it like feral cats fighting in an alley. I never really understood the whole thing until a few years ago- most conflicts based on religion are confusing to most people anyway. To me, it seems like an asinine premise (for any religion) to kill

My first (and last) pepper eating contest


“Let’s bring this hot pepper pack to the cook out,” she said. “It will be fun!” she said. My in-laws had a 4th of July cook out yesterday so the whole family went up to the mountains to visit, tell stories and eat some of my father-in-law’s grilling. My wife went to the store that morning to get a few things and came back with a pepper tasting kit. There were 6-8 peppers in there, mostly

Fast food workers demand more pay? Sorry, you don't get to decide that.


Fast food workers in Chicago rallied for higher pay, something all hard working American can get behind. For the 11 million of you without jobs please disregard.I struggled with this dilemma for a while before coming to the conclusion that it should be put in  the "Stupid Spoiled American" pile. I can appreciate workers uniting for the greater good of their paycheck, but  who do these people

Americans love a good scandal, until the next one comes along.


Scandal, schmadal At this point in his presidency, I hope that Obama is a pathological liar and not as inept and clueless as he appears to be. Of course he could be a puppet for a super-secret, string pulling Freemason-esque agency, but if we want to go that far, I prefer the chain smoking, creepy old guy from The X-Files. When I examine the scandals surrounding the Obama administration

Local Sacramento Mom comes under fire for her fit body


There aren't too many things that come out of Sacramento that actually make good news and, unfortunately, this is one of them. Receiving over 12,000 comments in the first 24 hours of hitting the blogosphere, Maria Kang has become an international story for posting a picture of her and her three kids: I read about this story over the weekend in Yahoo News and the comments overwhelmingly

Mark Steyn on Putin, Obama.


Far be it from me to get all political on The Dump, however this piece by Mark Stein is one of the best I've seen in a while. This short article pretty much sums up the United States military diplomacy amateur hour last month when the our arch nemesis turned the tables on us and Putin's propaganda machine cranked out a brilliant KGB-esque op ed. "Any fourth grade history student knows

This is why we don't need crying men


I have been writing this blog entry for a few months now piece by piece as more examples are uncovered displaying the downfall of men in this country. Although there are volumes that can be written on the political discourse of some men and how poorly they have shown themselves to stand up for what is right and, instead, cave in to the furthest reaches of the political spectrum. No, I think

People on government assistance stimulate the economy?


I know that I am not the smartest peanut in the turd sometimes, however I cannot wrap my head around this administration's economic recovery plan of getting more people on government assistance, specifically food stamps. Please explain to me how taking more of my money and giving it to bums will help my family and stimulate the economy by giving my money (the government took from me)  to someone

Time, Evolution & God


I am a glutton for punishment and I enjoy a good verbal debate on the Huffington Post website. It is an overtly left leaning site but I like to know what people are thinking and how they think even if it is different than my own mold. I have found that the comments section of any news story will bring out the best and the worst society has to offer- again, another post for another time. I was

Enough with the shootings, already.


Seriously. The frequency and grotesqueness of these events has stepped up over the last 10 years. No longer are they isolated incidents and they continue reveal a darkness of the human soul reminiscent of the Salem witch trial torture sessions. There is no palpable reason for these tragedies, and this one will haunt us for a very long time. In human history, never has an act been more

Syrian Government shuts down Internet, no doubt some US lawmakers would do the same here


On Friday afternoon Syria suffered a widespread loss of Internet sans a few off shore networks. It looks like someone flipped off a switch, if there really is such a thing. No Internet for you! The Syrian government, well known in the world for its civil rights leaders and progressive women's rights programs, explained they had nothing to do with the black out and that it was the targeted

In your own backyard


Time for a pop quiz! No, I’m not going to have you try and guess the combined tonnage of Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore, but it is something that will tax your brain just the same. What are the 7 Wonders of North America? And if you say, “The combined tonnage of Rosie and Moore”- you fail. How many of them have you visited? This idea came to me as I read the back of the Tasteeos cereal box, a

Dog dies, idiot parents dodge responsibility


In February of this year a dog named Nikko drank some antifreeze and died. This devastated Aaron Coash, a 9-year old boy who had grown up with Nikko since he was a puppy. Nikko apparently wandered off one day and returned home about an hour later. Three days later he died. Aaron started a crusade against anti-freeze since it was determined that it was the most likely cause of death. I cannot find

Nothing is fair and balanced in the media


Nothing is fair and balanced in the media. This shouldn't come as a shock, but for most will not want to believe it. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum and some can have a rational discussion while others cannot. I get it- politics is an emotional subject and people are charged with their own ideologies of how the world should be- and that includes media outlets. A

Thoughts on Aurora


It has been almost a week since the Aurora, CO massacre. What else is there to say, really, that hasn’t already been covered? It was a despicable, calculated and act by a hateful coward. The whole gamut of emotion and blame has been shamelessly presented by the media and pundits alike.  Special interest groups are ambitiously capitalizing on this shooting to further their cause.