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talking too much, laughing too loud, snacking all the way

Published: 2011-11-20T18:42:52-05:00


A Small Tribute


New This Summer


First, I am not sure I announced this officially in a blog posting, but TypePad has been very generous and offered to host this blog indefinitely for free, so I have no reason to remove and archive it. I am...

Drunken Hines Easy Chocolate Kahlua Pecan Cake


I know one thing for certain. I will never be half the baker my Sara was. Despite this, perhaps because I was missing her, or perhaps becuase the Greater Boston area was being blanketed in heavy wet snow and moderate...

Don't Panic!


There will be change, there will be mistakes. The question is not whether change, mistakes and obstacles will occur but whether we are capable of surmounting them, and if not us, then who? Who can do better? So, for those...