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Minus the Nemesis is a collaborative effort of two friends who explore the subjects of politics, society, law, current issues, economics, music and numerous others. Included on the site are strong opinions that may differ from your own, and sometimes a c

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I am not sure if you watch The History Channel's "Top Shot" program or not, but it is pretty good. This show pits marksmen against one another and themselves to narrow down a competent field. In the end, the winner gets $100,000 USD and whatever prizes that they have collected along the way.

There is one "competitor" on the show that is an absolute bitch. His name is Jake Zweig and claims to be a former Navy Seal. Having spent any decent time around the community will instantly get the proverbial hackles up about this claim. This Zweig character is a loud-mouthed crybaby that is a quitter. As a matter of fact, on the latest episode of Top Shot, he did quit. While everyone is glad, there is more to the story.

As it turns out, Jake Zweig also quit the Navy Seal program citing racism or some lame ass excuse. Funny, he claimed the same thing while attending the Naval Academy. The end result is that I am glad that he left the show. Jake Zweig is not that great of a shooter to begin with...he spends a lot of time talking and not enough listening.

Jake quit the show because he is a crybaby and not a good shooter. Jake quit the Navy Seals because he is a crybaby and couldn't hack it. That is not to say that he doesn't get props for completing BUDS, but despite that...he is still a whiny bitch. Piss right off you crybaby, whining sore loser. You Jake, are a piece of shit.




The title is the clearest set of instruction that I can possibly give to Democrats and Liberals these days. Instead of working to create a budget (they have not passed one in YEARS although required by law), their tactic is to lambaste the GOP for everything.

Why even write about it? Well, it is because this blog generates a tidal wave of emotion and political action every time it is read. So, in a nutshell, this entry is to let people know that Democrats and Liberals as of late, are complete dickheads.




In no surprise, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Dummy-Texas) is insinuating that Congress is complicating the debt ceiling issue because Barack Obama is black.

If you are totally stunned, here is a link to the article. If you are not at all stunned and may have a betting pool going as to how long it would be before this slimy, ignorant, bigoted moron actually did play the race card: pat yourself on the back because you won.

Whether it's quoting herself or being a shitty boss, this person is batshit crazy. How is it possible that in 11 years there have been 11 chiefs of staff (highest staff turnover in Congress?) and someone with clear racism and mental issues has been in business since 1995? Is the entire 18th Congressional District a bunch of complete morons? They must be.

"Is the entire 18th Congressional District a bunch of complete morons? They must be."

I just quoted myself and is stupid to do so.




The article is titled "New state law requires LGBT history in textbooks."

In a word, this is garbage. I would find it hard to believe that the LGBT community is accepting of this drivel. As much as the cry of "no special rights, just equal ones," is said this law would not hold water. In no surprise, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to add this to the social sciences curriculum.

Brown is quoted as saying that "History should be honest." Well, yes but should it also apply sexual orientation as a qualifier of achievement? No. To wit: "Alan Turing is the father of computer science and greatly contributed to the creation of the modern computer." That's honest and says nothing about Turing's homosexuality...and why the hell should it?

Brown is looking for voters. That's it. Historical? I can assure you there is nothing historical about California blowing things out of proportion.




He would be named Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Dummy-Fla.) Think about how lucky we conservatives are to have this crackpot hypocrite as the head of the DNC! At this rate, the conservatives need only to field either a dung beetle, or a department store window dummy to reign in the country again in 2012.

Nobody wants another four years of this utter failure of an administration. Things are looking up, I just hope that the conservative set will not foul it up, either.




Most of the readers of this blog will most likely not be keeping up with events in Baltimore. Nor should they; Baltimore is a cesspool of fail. One can easily guess that the "Charm City" is a hoax and is staffed by complete muppets. While doing some reading, I came across an interesting legal case that is unfolding.

The details in the case are vague in some instances, but what is known (according to the articles) is the following:

The defendants are two Jewish brothers, Avi and Eliyahu Werdesheim. The plaintiff is a 15-year-old black kid. According to one article, the 15 year old kid was beaten for simply walking through the wrong neighborhood. From what I have read, Eli Werdesheim was formerly part of the Israeli Special Forces and now owns his own security company; he is 23 years old. In addition, the two brothers are part of a neighborhood watch group called Shomrim, or "the guards." Shomrim is a group that essentially watches over portions of northwest Baltimore's Jewish communities.

Naturally there are elements of the African-American, or black communities that are insistent that this was racism and a "hate crime." This is quite laughable considering that Shomrim was born out of necessity. Northwest Baltimore has many depressed areas that shelter a specific type of citizen. What much of the articles on the subject are not putting forth is that this poor little 15-year-old black boy has a rap sheet as long as a giraffe's neck. Just the week prior to getting put in his place, he had stolen a car.

It will come out in the coming weeks that this wee thug intended to do harm to the Werdesheim brothers by hitting them with a 2x4 that had nails through it. What's odd, however, is that the board cannot, for some reason, be used in the trial (scheduled for May sometime). Upon detecting the danger, Eli and Avi defended themselves which is still legal in some parts of this country.

Good on the Werdesheim brothers and shame on the truly whiny thug community because a punk got put in his place. There have already been threats if the Werdesheim brothers are acquitted (which, in my opinion, they should be) then there will be riots, etc. What a farce. These ignorant folks have zero respect for the reason that Shomrim was created in the first place, nor the process of law. They seem to think that the Black Panthers are acceptable while a Jewish group of a protective vein is not. Ignorance and hypocrisy.

*There are numerous articles on the case, look for them yourself. This one is just one of many.

There will be some interesting details to come before the trial...whatever the case may be, hopefully justice will be served. I have my doubts...




This is a little late, but a few days ago the Obama administration announced it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Its position is that the Act is unconstitutional, and as such will no longer use the DoJ to enforce it.

While I'm no fan of DOMA for a couple reasons, this announcement strikes me as pretty unsavory for two main reasons:

1) It smacks of serious Executive Branch overreach. Our constitution created a system where the Legislative passes laws, and the Executive enforces them. Its up to the Judicial to settle debates on the constitutionality of those laws. With the administration in effect nullifying a duly passed law, it subverts this system. Screwing with the careful balance of power crafted by the constitution is always a bad idea.

2) The goddam hypocrisy. The people cheering Obama for this decision, are the exact same people who advocate strict gun control. How can any reasonable person say that the constitution protects Gay Marriage (!) and at the same time say that it contains no individual right to bear arms? It takes a pretty strained interpretation of the document to say that it guarantees the right for two guys to get married. To be able to wring that out of it, but still have the audacity to ignore something a prominent and simple as the second amendment-- well, that takes some pretty serious chutzpah.

I like Gingrich's approach, that the Legislature should man up, and use its power of the purse to make the Executive branch enforce its laws. A congressional act revoking all funding from the DoJ until it starts to do its goddam job should do the trick.

Anyone want to lay a bet on that happening? I'll give some pretty long odds.....




Hopefully this isn't the start of a trend-- but a leading tea party representative is showing that she can spend and spin with the best of them.

As I've been reading, almost exclusively, libertarian news and opinion lately, I acknowledge that I may be a little more paranoid and cynical than usual; and that the tea party is really going to stick to its limited government principles. Stuff like this, however, makes me nervous.

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, reason tvs 3 reasons the midterms didn't change anything:

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Harry Reid's DREAM Is America's Nightmare


Harry Reid (Crooked Idiot - Nevada) has seemingly pushed through four versions of the controversial DREAM Act without having a hearing on a single one. This means that Harry Reid does not at all respect the political process, or the American people. Think about it; Reid, Harry seems to think that his version of politics is the way it needs to be. How funny...take a look at the last election, the crooked style of politics is on its way out (and perhaps a new style of crooked politics is on the way thing at a time).

Reid's henchman, Dick Durbin (Not Just a Clever Name - Illinois) is the one responsible for authoring the dipshit documents. All four slightly different versions that have the same name. I guess these people seem to think that attrition is the way to go and pull the wool over the American's eyes? What a bunch of shit.

Unfortunately, Harry Reid was hired again...makes me think that his constituency is either grossly retarded, or on the take. Follow the money.


Don't Worry, Is Still Filled With Stupidity


I just saw a commercial with a bunch of saps "pleading" with Obama on a video. Take a look if you want to. It is a piece of shit (like that's a surprise). Within the video is a bunch of clueless dickwits (probably paid off to give support) that are whining about the tax situation. This means that the Left does not want to have the Bush tax cuts extended...this further means that the Left are fiscally retarded.

Remember when Bush was elected and that video came out (or website) with a bunch of clueless idiots holding up signs that read "I am sorry," or some such bullshit? Well, this video is much like that except we get to put faces to the Obama demographic (you know the type: stupid, ignorant and generally clueless to how life actually works). Anyhow, watch the video...there is actually one bitch that states: "I am in the highest tax bracket, we don't need the money; the country does!"

Funny part of it is that stupid bitch could simply give her money away...instead, she sees fit to bitch about it on Because she was paid to do so. It is a crap lousy video with a crap lousy message. is still full of fucking idiots.

I would encourage the reader(s) of this blog to make their own opinions of course, but at least be smarter than those at is not at all difficult. Read even a primer on economics and you will already have at least a decade on those morons.




I have been a pretty big fan of the BBC show called "Top Gear" for quite some time. Jeremy Clarkson has a wit that is not only British, but libertarian in perspective. James May also has this brand of wit as does Richard Hammond. In a nutshell, this show is brilliant; there are fast cars, arcane challenges and hosts which simply make the show what it is. Many people seem to be miffed at the fact that the BBC version does not review American cars on that show too often.

Why not? Well, for one, Americans are not known so much for their supercars these days. If you consider a Z06 or a Viper a supercar, you are a retard. The only thing that does come close is the Ford GT. This was paid a certain homage to on the BBC show that did it grace. While for the most part, "down the Brits/up the Yanks" still applies, "Top Gear" is a British show.

For some reason, the American TV industry thought that they could take a stab at Top Gear. Well, I watched about 30 minutes of the hour-long debut and turned it to another channel. The show is shit. First rattle out of the box the retards hosting the show called a Viper a supercar and tried to desperately mimic the BBC versions' arcane challenges. They were chased around Griffin, Georgia of all places by a Cobra attack helicopter. It was not only a stupid attempt, but a failed one. Shame on the producers for picking the wrong hosts for the American version.

For starters, I felt as if I was watching a documentary of "simples" on a road-trip with each new scene. There was absolutely no wit to the program, but there was a large amount of whining from the proverbial "fat kid." I don't even know what their names are and I do not care because I will not watch that dumb show ever again.

Shame on the producers at the History Channel for attempting this huge piece of bullshit programming. This will breed morbidly obese dickheads all across the land thinking that the Dodge Viper can keep up with a Ferrari, now. Nice job assholes. I am pretty sure that this show will fail miserably due to shitty content and it should. I think that the BBC has a lock on Top Gear; leave it well alone.




This blog celebrated (or did it?) its 5-year anniversary back in May of this year. That's right, it has been around for 5 years in one form or another. Not a full year has gone by without a posting, so I guess that counts for something.




There has been much documented evidence that the Transportation and Security Administration, TSA, is as ignorant of your rights as they are of their lot in life. With more and more information streaming out of the security lines at airports, one thing is abundantly clear: the terrorists are winning. Knowing that they cannot beat us on a battlefield, these clever sons of bitches have resorted to subverting our world a piece at a time.

With children being fondled by pederasts, women being raped and our elderly being treated poorly the TSA is clearly off the reservation. Who is to blame? A few parts Bush, add some Obama, stir in some Napolitano and you have a recipe for Jackbooted Brownies. Before some people write in and claim that I forgot Biden: that dude still thinks it's 1987...

What has happened to put the United States in this precarious position in which her "free" people are treated like detainees? Fear. The United States government has spoon-fed the masses a healthy dose of fear. They are accomplishing that goal by having the unchecked retards at the TSA do their bidding for them. Welcome to the surveillance society.




I must say that there has been a certain amount of renewed interest in this blog by its original owners. While I have been doing most of the blogging up in this piece, Nemesis has as of late issued a warrant to start blogging again. Largely, I think that he is a damn liar. Bring the noise, son!




The time is now...this blog is like Willy Wonka's choco-factory. Nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever goes out...every once in a while it springs back to life. This is that every once in a while. Stay tuned...or don't.




The title of the article described here is: "Director Polanski feels depressed in jail; lawyer worried about state of mind." Who gives a shit how a baby-toucher feels? It is obvious that his mental state is skewed. When you touch kids where the bathing suit covers, you should go directly to jail and feel like shit. Screw all the Hollywood elitists who insist on defending this turd, too. Polanski is a bitch.




Not much beating around the bush here...Harry Reid and those like him need to be replaced. A more sensible conservative mind is needed in this country once again and 2010 will see that mindset come back. People are sick of liberals and sick of Democrats that are liberals and liars in general. In this article, there are two GOP candidates that look like they are going to dethrone that moron from Nevada.




(image) Minus



If you can believe it, Barack Obama has received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. What f*cking joke. That clown deserves to get the award? How hilarious is the Nobel Committee? This group of jokers has determined that Obambma deserves the award for
"his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples..."
What makes this especially funny is that apparently he "accomplished" this by fucking his own country (we are talking about the United States and not Kenya in this example).

A few things can be learned by this:

1) The Nobel Peace Prize is a crock of shit
2) The winner does not have to actually do what the award suggests
3) A nation's people may suffer economically, physically and mentally while their "dear leader" receives this hunk of shit
4) Astronomical unemployment rates, economic failure, failed communities, very little experience in government, the inability to make decisions of any caliber (Afghanistan, anyone?), promoting stratification of society, creating mockeries of the Constitution and being an all around failure are apparently all that it takes to be a "winner" in the eyes of the Nobel Committee.

As an update of sorts and according to several sources: Obama is to travel to Oslo, Norway to actually accept this "prize." He should be ashamed of himself for several reasons:

1) He is NOT deserving of the award
2) Junket's are NOT in the budget
3) He knows that he does NOT deserve it
4) It further shows what a mockery that he is making of the presidency
5) He is an extremely weak and shameful person. This cat (with the actual acceptance of shit he does NOT deserve) has shown the world that the US will take credit for things that they did not do. Bullshit...this is an atrocity.

One word, folks: Novelty.




This article describes the current state of affairs in regards to California legalizing marijuana. GOOD. Legalize the hell out of it and begin to gain revenue from it. This is a Milton Friedman's take on the situation. It is a good idea...




This is bullshit indoctrination of socialist mentality. Hell, they may even tilt towards communism.




The title of the article is: "Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil." I will keep this one simple: hey, "Saudis," how about you quit f*cking funding al-Qaeda and you wouldn't be strained for cash. Assholes.




The once almighty dollar is slipping further and further down the rabbit hole. There is only one administration to blame for the continued decline: the current one. According to Tim Geithner (this guy is an idiot):
"It is very important to the United States that we continue to have a strong dollar," Tim Geithner, Treasury secretary, said at the weekend. "We recognize that the dollar's important role in the system conveys special burdens and responsibilities on us and we are going to do everything necessary to make sure we sustain confidence."
So, let me get this straight; the guy who didn't bother to pay his Social Security or Medicare taxes three years running ('01, '02 and '03), is telling people that the dollar is important? One of said burdens Little Timmy, is paying your f*cking taxes. You need to shut up. Please step aside and quit helping to devalue the dollar just by opening your stinking face.




I will just put this right up front: when you offer animals something "free," like stimulus money, the animals will stampede and fight one another. Read the article about how the government offered the bipeds of Detroit (there is another clue) some money. They are just so desperate for help with mortgages and utility bills, that 35,000 of them gathered at Cobo Hall in Detroit for the handouts.

I am not surprised in the slightest. Why? Well, when you champion about as the head of this country and attempt the subversion of the American people with the "merits" of socialism, this is exactly what you get. Socialism is utter shit and so are those that try and push it. If you don't know why this country is headed down the proverbial shitter, you had better start figuring it out. THERE ARE NO HANDOUTS YOU GULLIBLE SUCKERS!!! Get a clue.