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Preview: The (new) Flomblog

The (new) Flomblog

OK this is an apolitical review of the things that I play with!

Updated: 2014-03-19T02:37:24.085-06:00


The New Flomblog


This is just a portal to the sites that I visit!

Space Planning at Auraria


Obviously we're running out of space at Auraria. A committee - SPARC - has been organized to:

ensure that all voices are heard in the planning process, the membership of SPARC comprises constituents from different departments and different categories of College employees. (See for a list of members.) After incorporating feedback from various constituencies with strategic planning goals of the College, SPARC makes recommendations for the use of space to the President’s Cabinet or the vice presidents.

The link is here: It's also on the most recent Metro Connect

Guess which constituency has not been invited to take part in this?


I'm in a quandry


Recently national events Have me deeply disturbed. In my humble opinion, our national lunge to the left has resulted in runaway spending and a move towards socialism. Our foreign policy has no direction and will invariably result in both the loss of American prestige and death of innocent Americans. I can support neither of these movements.

However to continue writing about this situation will turn me into a bitter critic, a position I refuse to adopt.

Therefore the Flomblog, in it's current form, will cease to exist. I will use this blog as a portal to the sites that I enjoy. If I do blog, I will concentrate on technical issues.

Let us pray for our Nation and Civilization

Howard Flomberg, The Flomblog

Stephen Hawking needs our Prayers


Physicist Stephen Hawking is quite ill. Please join me in praying for this unbelievably brilliant and brave man!(image)



I'm a Vet. I served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. when I came home I was treated, shall we say, poorly. I now teach college. I have Veterans in many classes. As a whole - they are hard working, studious, well dressed and polite. I proudly say - They are better than we were!

Now the Department of Homeland Security is walking to beat of the same drum as the left-wing morons did when my generation came home. Not to be left out, the FBI has joined in the stupidity, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:
The aim of the FBI's effort with the Defense Department, which was rolled into the Vigilant Eagle program, is to "share information regarding Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans whose involvement in white supremacy and/or militia sovereign citizen extremist groups poses a domestic terrorism threat," according to the Feb. 23 FBI memo.

Perhaps the Tea Parties have been influenced by the condemnation of traditional American Values by the Left Wing Party in Power?

OK, Lets give the President a chance now


Warships move slowly. 30 knots (MPH?) is fast. The US Navy is moving the pieces onto the chessboard.

This is President Obama's first real challenge. So lets see what happens.

G-d be with him!

Update - 11:58 -

Second time’s the charm. Phillips jumped overboard again, and this time, the Navy was ready to take out the pirates. Great work, Navy!

UPDATE - 11:47 4/12/2009

Drudge Headline - Captain freed, 3 pirates dead, 1 pirate in captivity


MOMBASA, Kenya - The U.S. Navy has rescued the American sea captain held by Somali pirates.

A senior U.S. intelligence official said hostage Richard Phillips was not hurt in what appeared to be a swift firefight off the Somali coast on Sunday. Phillips was safely transported to a Navy warship nearby.

The official said three pirates were killed and one was injured.'


Three dirtbags dead. One dirtbag in custody. The Captain and Crew safe.

There's an old Vulcan saying:



"Only Nixon could have gone to China." Perhaps the funniest lines in all of the Startrek Movies. However the line had a lot of truth to it. Nixon made his "bones" as a fierce anti-Communist. This fact gave him credibility when he opened communications with Communist China.(image)

Why is this relevant? Benjamin Netanyahu, the new Prime Minister of Israel just might be the present day incarnation of President Nixon - minus Watergate of course. Bibi Netanyayu is a hard line rightist. He will only bargain from a strong position. If there's anything that the 12th century denizens of the Middle East respect, it is strength. Perhaps G-d willing we might see peace in Eretz Yisrael?

Now, if only Bibi was born in this country.

Re: Protesters at G20


Maynard: I'm an Angry Young Man(image)
Dobie: Maynard - why are you angry?
Maynard: I Don't know [pause] Thats' why I'm angry

Income Tax


April 15th is just around the corner. If I don't file can I get a Cabinet post?

A new link


I added a new link to the right, err the left, but on the right. One Salient Oversight is a fascinating critique of our American society, coming from Oz. While I frequently disagree with him, I always find myself learning from our discourses. As an aside to OSO -- Mate, that's a good thing, right buddy?

Enjoy his stuff


It ain't my fault! My sister did it


When my kids were young,they perfected the "Blame someone else" strategy for avoiding responsibility. It actually worked more than it should have. As adults, however, they look back and laugh at themselves.

As a nation, we have fallen into that trap. It ain't my fault. The evil banks made me take out a loan that I couldn't afford. The evil credit card companies made it too easy for me to collect a gazillion credit cards and accumulate a bazillion dollars in debt.

It's Bush's fault. No, it's Clinton's fault, no it's Reagan, fault. Hell it's all Carters fault.

Folks, it's our fault. We, as a nation, acted like children yelling gimme, gimme, gimme. We need to let companies fail when they act stupidly. People are going to lose houses that they should never have purchased in the first place. People will have to take jobs that are "Beneath Them". The old Chevy will have to last a bit longer.

We need to stand up and take the consequences for our actions! If we have a tough decade, let the chips fall as they might. We'll come out of it as the America we used to be.

How Dare You "GARDEN?"


Nanny state keeps encroaching.

House Resolution 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 provides a fine for those miscreant who organically have the temerity to grow crops in their back yards. The details are Here

If this is true - How much longer do we have to put up with the move to socialism and rule by special interests?

We won the battle, but the war is still far from over.


According to Fox, the president withdrew the Screw the Vets idea. Apparently he heard us. However notice that the MSM did not cover this at all. Please call your local TV stations when something like this occurs and ask them why they are not covering it?

Also - Thank You Matt Drudge for being one of the few journalists left.

Hey, screw the Vets!


It's all over the internet. According to JoshuaPundit:

Currently, our wounded warriors get care free of charge the Veteran's Administration. The Chosen One wants them to pay for it themselves and go through their own private health care:
Apparently the President wants to offload the cost of caring for those vets with service connected disabilities to private insurers, or the vets themselves. Yahoo News also covers this. Perhaps you might check Hot Air

The last prominent Democrat to challenge the Veterans was... John Fn. Kerry. We all saw what happened to him.

Us Vets took a lot of crap from the liberals when we came home from Southeast Asia. I pledge that if this happens I will work tirelessly to see that President Obama is a one term president, as was his intellectual mentor, Jimmy Carter.

Rushbo; The New Jew



Traditionally when leaders have to face a fiscal problem, they gain breathing room by finding a scapegoat. For centuries the traditional scapegoat has been the Jew. Well President Urkel has found a new scapegoat, Rush Limbough. Now apparently, all of us Republicans are marching in lockstep to the words and philosophy of El Rushbo.

Does the President understand that there are still some people who can actually think for themselves?

Note - the image was stolen from Michelle Malkin. Read Hot Air and Michelle Malkin!

This bears repeating today


"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."

~~ Pastor Martin Niemoeller [specific quotations vary]

With a tip of the flomberg homburg to

Hugo - the mental dwarf - Chavez has joined the Blame the Jews crusade.

Never Again!

Sometimes even the Pope has to answer for his mistakes.


When the Pope un-excommunicated an antisemitic moron, Israel protested strongly. Apparently this newly-redeemed Prince of the Church did not believe that the Holocaust really happened. The Pope is now going to "Address the Jews" Perhaps it might take a few centuries for the Pope to apologize for the Church's inactivity during the Shoah, as it took for the Church to apologize for the Inquisition. After all, Pius XII was really a nice guy.

The miscreant bishop involved has promised to "examine" the historical evidence. The fool said:
"If I find proof I would rectify (earlier statements)... But all that will take time," Bishop Richard Williamson was quoted as saying by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

I'll bet that there are still a few Jewish folks wandering about with numbers tattooed on there arms, simply ask them!

Never Again!

Taxes? Hmm


A third Obama nominee has been caught fibbing to the IRS. I wonder, Perhaps the real reason is that the tax code is garbage?

Obama's putting his foot into it -- real quickly


I tried to be nice but the new administration won't let me. The new UN Ambassador, Susan Rice wants Israel to investigate itself for War Crimes. Apparently getting tired of endless missles being thrown at them is now a crime? Hey - we get to elect a new congress in two years - lets get to work?



Senator Robert Ford (D - SC) is pushing a bill to:

outlaw lewd language and is pushing for a bill that would prohibit profanity.

I'm curious - who gets to decide what's profane? I have a recommendation. The most profane statement that I can think of is:

From each according to his ability to each according to his need.

Good Luck, Mr. President-Elect!


If any of you has ever read anything that I've written, it's obvious that I'm a free-market, fiscal conservative. As I sit here under the storm of Pro-Obama television, I've go to think

I pray that I'm wrong! To wish ill of the new President would be to wish ill for our country. I also hope that President Obama doesn't face the undeserved trashing that President Bush received.

G-d Speed Mr. President-Elect and may Providence smile on you and our nation

Is it time to redefine Femininsm?


Hillary Clinton, in a manner that I've never seen before, outmaneuvered "The Vice President Elect" and locked him in the clothes-closet, to be let out for weddings, funerals and bar-mitzvahs. For which, incidentally, I am grateful. While I have never been a Clinton fan, I begrudgingly admire her political ability.

Now. however, the press has two new targets - Ms. Palin and Ms. Kennedy.

Palin has been roundly criticized for comments that she did not make - Tina Fey (Elizabeth Stamatina Fey) made them. Tina Fey made the comment about seeing Russia from her front porch, or some-thing. Meanwhile the President Elect has visited almost all of our 57 states. Yes she does need some polish before she hits the national scene again. She also needs advisers who do not owe their allegiance to someone else!

Now, on the other frontier (sorry, I couldn't resist it) we have Caroline Kennedy. This un-glib, soft spoken lady has become a target as well. Like Sarah Palin, She had a disastrous interview and does need some polish, however according to many people that I respect she has a mind like a steel trap. Her knowledge and understanding of the constitution is awesome. If she has half of the grit and moxie of either of her parents that is sufficient.

There you have it - three women who are the future of American Politics. Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy. They are going to rewrite the book on our form of government!

In my humble opinion - It's about time!

The Princess?


I know I'm going to get hammered for this - but give me a break!

I have been watching the "Media" condemn Caroline Kennedy for being inexperienced - and Obama's level of experience is???? In spite of his lack of administrative experience, Obama seems to b(image) e hitting the ground running.

I have read some of Ms. Kennedy's work. If anything should exclude her from the senate is the fact that she has read the Constitution and understands it! One might joke that she'd be the only one in congress who can say that. She is not glib. well - lets look at the Vice President elect? I welcome her into the spotlight.

And the worst president is?


I've seen a lot of chatter about George W. being the worst president in history well lets look at a select few.

Jimmy Carter - the man is an acknowledged anti-Semite. He taught the Islamists that they could attack us at will. He pressed for extending home mortgages for all, whether they had jobs or not. We had double digit inflation, double digit unemployment, and like most Keynesian Economists - sent us flying into a recession.

Lyndon Baines Johnson - He made one of the most dangerous statements ever "I'll be damned if I'm the first President to lose a war." To insure that happened - he micromanaged the war to an unbelievable level. He was probably one of the dirtiest president in our history. There are tales of envelopes of money being dropped off at his desk.

Richard M. Nixon - He put the "P" on paranoia. He forgot who he worked for - us. He single handedly created a constitutional crises. His stupidity gave us Jimmy Carter.

Andrew Johnson - He did not have the foggiest idea what he was doing. He was the first president to be impeached - he survived by one vote.

Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson - proved that war heroes do not always make good president. He made Nixon seem sane and LBJ seem clean. He was directly responsible for the Indian Relocation Act which resulted in the "Trail of Tears". As a side note, he destroyed the political career of a young congressman who was destined for great things, David (Davy) Crockett. After seeing his political career get flushed down the toilet because he fought the "Indian Relocation Act", Crockett was heard to say - "They can all go to hell, I'm going to Texas"

Ayn Rand, Where are you when we need you?


Miss Rand must be rolling in her grave. The only thing that she missed in Atlas Shrugged was the fact that she was simply too optimistic about mankind! According to a story in Reuters:
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Governors of five U.S. states urged the federal government to provide $1 trillion in aid to the country's 50 states to help pay for education, welfare and infrastructure as states struggle with steep budget deficits amid a deepening recession.
When does it stop? Can we assume that a Democrat House, a Democrat Senate and a Democrat President will ride their troika into total financial destruction for us? Call me an unfeeling oaf, but people who made stupid decisions should bear the responsibility for those decisions.