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Egyptian Tarot and Religion

Wed, 24 Nov 2010 08:49:03 -0800

Is reviewed in this article the historical origin of the Egyptian tarot. It is situated in the Book of Thoth, Egyptian patron deity of language and writing. The Book of Thoth is a sacred mystical book of the Egyptians are the only references in other texts, consisting of 78 sheets of gold, which tells the origin of all things. A civilization that dates back 31 centuries before Christ, certainly has a rich history. In fact, many of his discoveries and inventions are used today in many fields of human activity such as makeup, locks and syringes. One of these developments, full of symbols that are eternal to the human heart is. The Egyptian Tarot comes from the very genesis of his religion. The first outlines of the figures that today make up the Egyptian tarot are in the book of Thoth, an Egyptian sacred books. This legendary book was believed to be the first copy was done in real gold leaf. He was dedicated to Thoth, the Greek god of writing and languages. Thoth was usually represented as a squatting man-headed Ibis, the sacred bird of the Egyptians, "with a scroll in his lap. In this book would be expressed...

The One Religion?

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:24:12 -0800

What Is The One Religion? For Romero Angulo Editson Journalist and Educator This is a concern that can manifest itself in meekness, in today's world, because when we look around we are inundated with a set of beliefs and nuances that are reaffirmed themselves as legitimate religions Framing d be man and his to make. So this article aims to provide minimum elements to define a religion. We will initially a definition of a Catholic Father Rafael Faria known author, of course texts top and bottom of religion, like philosophy course consists of three volumes deals, psychology, logic - and metaphysics, cosmology and ethics . This Catholic author wrote in August 1994 in Pamplona - Colombia in a recommendation to the governing of this South American country, "Urge the student to realize that religion is not only a science in the strict sense of the word if no high and also the most necessary of all against it and break the fragile darts of wickedness "Following this author since, affirm that all religions to be, actually has to consist of three elements and again to cite the father Rafael Faria who lists the elements of religion in his book than...

Discrimination and Religion

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 12:59:28 -0800

The discrimination of groups such as women, children and men of other races, other religions, homosexuals, persons find their justification in many faiths. The ecology of the planet has been affected by the extinction or near extinction of animal species hunted for superstitious reasons. Numerous resources are for people who have turned religious and superstitious beliefs in a business, and engaged in perpetuating such beliefs for reasons of personal enrichment. This is what is at stake, and that is why we consider it important to present a naturalistic and scientific vision of the world that addresses religious and superstitious beliefs in the field of discussion. A scientific approach There are a variety of atheistic conceptions of the world, some are naturalists, other superstitious, religious, agnostic ... In this paper we present a worldview that might be called naturalistic or scientific, and can be described as atheist or agnostic, depending on the direction to be given to those words. This conception of the world is not foreign to anyone, because all a greater or lesser extent we act, sometimes without even noticing, following the principles of scientific method. There is even evidence that many animals also act based on the same...

Jesus Son Of Mary ... And The Muslim Religion

Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:32:18 -0800

Jesus son of Mary Isa Ibn Maryam in Arabic, is consederado by Muslims as a prophet of God (Allah) in Arabic. Whenever Muslims pronounce the name of Jesus must also pronounced the sentence: (alayhi Assalam) / May peace be with him, in Spanish. In Islam, Jesus is one of the greatest messengers of God, but not PIL that Jesus is God or that he was crucified and died on the cross, but made them confused with another, which was raised to the sky miraculously and that someone took 'place on the cross and made it appear so. Muslims believe that Isa (AS) was sent down as a prophet of Allah (God), but he (Jesus) is not God or Lord, nor the Son of God. Muslims do not believe that Isa (AS), also known as Jesus by Christians and others, is dead or was ever crucified. We believe that he was raised into heaven and is there, and descend at the appointed time, we will end all wars, and bring peace to the world. Like Jesus (AS), Muhammad (peace be upon him) is also a prophet and a messenger. Muhammed (PBUH) is the last prophet, though, and there is none after...

Religious History

Tue, 02 Nov 2010 20:12:55 -0700

This man whose original name was Saul, was a Jew perseguidor of Christians a , one of the bitterest enemies of Christianity among the Jews, the story of his conversion, while on his way to Damascus, is told by himself in the Bible The fact is that this man is not one of the apostles, never knew Christ and his teachings never participated directly, but was revealed as a great strategist and organizer, and with the same determination that had been devoted to pursue devoted Christians, after his a milagrosaa conversion, to spread the Christian message and mostly to organizations which in their design or should have been the Christian religion in the light of the futility of the true apostles in this sense, we must keep in mind that at that time the term a Iglesiaa literally took its meaning in Greek: a Eclesiaa which means a reunion of personasa and did not refer to buildings used for worship as interpreted today. The design of Saul or Paul, the church should actively organized and clear to ensure their survival and the best way to do that was hierarchical and distribute sensitive and important functions of several members so that...

Christian God

Wed, 06 Oct 2010 12:40:19 -0700

This consistency is based on the incoherent much theology. God is a scientific hypothesis does not support our scientific approach supernatural beliefs of any kind. Under the natural approach is comparable to the real, while the supernatural is considered unrealistic. But this alone does not deny the existence of God. The idea that the universe was created by a person need not necessarily be a supernatural belief, a belief may well be natural, a natural explanation to the origin of the universe. It is important to note that in this text we refer to God as a person who created the immortal universe. The word God has been used in the past to refer to various entities, many of which are completely compatible with our natural and naturalistic conception of the world. For example, the word God has been used many times in a poetic way to refer to nature, the universe, to praise a man, or a country, a people (Einstein's famous phrase, "God does not play dice ", or" God of Colombia "referred to in his delirium Bolivar on the Chimborazo). God might well call the planet Earth or the universe, or humanity, but in this text we...


Sun, 03 Oct 2010 02:01:05 -0700

Beautiful Joaquin Murillo, first mayor, officially opened the new facilities that the company Funeral Funeral Lady of Grace has just opened at the industrial SEPES. A building whose facilities were described by Murillo Fair as "magnificent" and that will, according to the mayor, "to comply with social demands is to provide quality in difficult times like the death of a loved one." The new funeral home adds to the highway located in Almodovar which translates, in the words of the first mayor, "an example of how our city is growing in quality of life. From what point is to offer the best services in all areas. " FEATURES OF THE BUILDING The building has four large rooms, 100 square meters each, in which relatives of the deceased have every comfort for the wake becomes more bearable as possible. And with this aim to increase the feeling of comfort, the new morgue is available to service users cafeteria-restaurant operating 24 hours a day. Another aspect, and so assured the manager of the Funeral Virgen de Gracia, Pedro Munoz, is the autopsy room "only in the municipality authorized by the Ministry of Justice." There is also a chapel monoconfesional chaired by imposing...

Religious Ways

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 03:41:02 -0700

Accepting the importance of discussing religion can be useless if the discussion focuses on less essential items, in the peripheral issues that are certainly the most fundamental assumptions. Talk about religion should not start by discussing which of many books and writings considered sacred, or that of their versions or interpretations is correct, but to lay the foundations of our beliefs or principles, the way we get knowledge, and nature of this knowledge. Discuss religion should not begin by analyzing the virginity of Mary, or the resurrection of Jesus, but to examine the possibility or impossibility of the supernatural. A discussion of religion should start questioning the existence of one or more creators, not discuss its name, its powers or his personality. What's at stake? There is a belief among both moderate believers and atheists and agnostics, that religion must escape to the discussion, since it is a "spiritual plane" does not affect the "material world." But many past and present events show the falsity of this belief. Only time people devote to religion greatly affects the material world. The time could be devoted to work, rest, learning, or leisure, is instead devoted to activities that may have no positive...

Freedom of Religion

Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:23:03 -0700

It was in Germany in the late nineteenth century revived the Reform Movement which spread to America. Its prime movers were the first-century Jewish Christians and the Jewish Hellenists. Reformists distort religion believing smarter than God. Conservatives, reformers do not understand that when you change a tradition, this remains a tradition. The Christian church, which became anti-Jewish to gain followers, is a product of Jewish reformism reneged on their way to building a prosperous and powerful business. The first three popes were Jews. Recently circulated on the Internet, contradictory ideological positions from Argentina, with respect to Judaism and the Reformation, until someone actually said that: "Two young Jews who are married with two young non-Jews, would establish two Jewish families." The comment comes from Baruch inconsistent Plavnick, a Reform rabbi who obviously know the Bible and history. It found that 98 percent of grandchildren of intermarriage convert to Christianity, as Judaism does not proselytize. The religious proselytizing purposes, always end up being outside the social and spiritual welfare. One who wants to get closer to Judaism must do so on its own conviction, not seduction. The Torah (Pentateuch) wisely says: "Thou shalt not proselytize, but welcome the proselyte." Proselytism is...

Searching Your Religious Beliefs

Tue, 21 Sep 2010 03:41:52 -0700

It's a simple fact finding that most people belong to a religion because their parents also belong to this religion. This contrasts sharply with the political education of a person, which is usually a much freer choice and is performed with increasing age. Should not we ask ourselves whether it is ethical to indoctrinate a child ages at which it has no way of reason and free choice? The consistency of the incoherent Although most religions are based on the belief in the supernatural, which is inconsistent with natural and scientific beliefs, religious beliefs try to keep some consistency between their supernatural beliefs. For example, even though miracles and an all-powerful beliefs are inconsistent with all our natural beliefs (and therefore are considered supernatural), get those miracles through prayer and prayer, it is quite consistent with our natural beliefs, then all, most people get favors from their parents and friends through a very similar order to the prayers (even many refer to God as "Our Father" to make such orders). Ask God for a miracle is quite consistent with our parents to ask for aid. What one might ask is: If miracles are by definition inconsistent with the natural beliefs,...

Physics Nobel

Sun, 19 Sep 2010 09:20:35 -0700

Since there are many Christians in the Arab countries, the persecution of the Jews, without a place to shelter for 1800, will not be beaten. Where does this obsession stems from religion, to wipe out others? In a word: Proselytizing. The Christians were the first to seek converts, when the Jewish Hellenist Paul of Tarsus, who never saw or met Jesus - decided to proclaim decades after his death, the arrival of the Messiah in the Roman provinces related to Judaism. The Torah (Pentateuch) explicitly states: "Thou shalt not proselytize, but welcome to the proselyte." That simple act is what makes the Jewish people so small, while Christians and Muslims, that the disobedient, are together nearly 3,000 million. Those who proselytize are doing business, because search is to seek converts customers. They start with the divine message, misrepresented by clerics like opportunistic or ignorant, then comes the indoctrination, the tithe, faithfulness, and in some cases the total and unconditional surrender to life itself, which gives unlimited power over the faithful leader or religious institution. When they fail to be convincing, drew his sword. And, when a belief should be imposed by force, then you are wrong. Judaism on the other...

In Defense Of Atheism, Discussion And Free Thought

Sat, 18 Sep 2010 04:42:17 -0700

This article aims to convince more than most people about the advantages of atheism, to convince most people about the importance of discussing religion and atheism. We believe that the former is an inevitable consequence of the latter. In defense of the discussion Religious differences have been in the past cause or excuse of many conflicts, wars, murder, persecution, invasions, and robberies. Persecutions in the Roman Empire, Holy Wars and Jihad in the Middle East, Wars of Religion in Europe, the Inquisition, Crusades, colonization evangelization in America, the Taiping Rebellion in China, are examples of violent conflict in which religious differences played an important role. It is conceivable then that the discussion on issues of religion must be avoided to avoid such conflicts. But do we avoid religious conflict by avoiding the discussion? Do our beliefs, including religious ones, are perhaps the basis on which we make decisions and carry actions? People with different beliefs can make decisions antagonistic from these decisions are made and actions of these actions may lead to conflict. So is not it better to discuss conflict resolution, before the impact beliefs into action? History shows that postponing discussions until that conflict is inevitable but does...

Santeria, the Oldest Religion

Thu, 16 Sep 2010 23:02:44 -0700

The also known as Santeria or Regla de Ocha, is one of the oldest religions of the world as it is based on the worship of deities known as orishas mighty, which live in nature such as the goddess of the river goddess Oshun or Tues Yemaya among others. The syncretism of Catholicism to Santeria. Santeria or Yoruba at first belonged to the regions of Africa before the Spanish arrived to colonize and had many years of practicing this. On arrival of the Spanish in their land these imposed their religion on the basis of force and punishment is being forced to believe in the Catholic religion as the enslaved by what the ancient Yoruba cleverly hid their soup (vessel inhabited by the essence and power of the orishas) behind the Catholic saints where they did believe that the Catholic saints was golden when actually directed their motions and faith to their orishas, hence syncretism was created where the orishas were equated with Catholic saints, for example some They are: Elegua: San Antonio de Padua, El Santo Nino de Atocha or the Anima Sola. Oya: Virgen de la Candelaria or Our Lady of Carmen. Obbatala: Jesus Christ or Our Lady...

Changing Your Religion

Wed, 15 Sep 2010 20:06:42 -0700

One time a young man asked me: 'I can change my religion? I asked him why? said he knew a priest who had hung habits to marry and left the priesthood. I replied that if this happens, there is no reason for me to change religion, because we must keep in mind that Jesus had 12 apostles at the beginning and one of them betrayed him, not why they left the other Apostles. It seems that many people have a phobia of the term "Catholic", but this term comes from the Greek word for "Universal" is why the Church founded by Jesus Christ, was and is for all, or is Universal "Catholic" Jesus clearly it Peter said, you will be the stone to become, over you continue the one Church founded by me. If another person attempts or intends to start another church on their behalf, we can not believe it. Take the example of the evangelical church, and we can ask the following question: Where were the evangelicals in the years 100, 500, 100 and until the sixteenth century? Where were they when so many Christians died in the persecutions of the Romans? If for the evangelical church begins...

Barack Obama On Faith

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:41:53 -0700

Here, the visitor reads: "Barack Obama is a committed Christian." Also, you can download the file "Obama and faith. Pdf (English ObamaonFaith.pdf), which emphasizes" core values in the public statements of Barack Obama on faith and politics. " His doctrine on religion sounds positive, calm, like something the American people should have taken long ago. But Christians and especially evangelical Christians, profess to believe and adhere to the doctrine of Christ on any other. The Christian doctrine, those who believe in Christ is contained and prescribed in the collection of writings that known as the Holy Bible. Although it is said that the Bible can be interpreted in different ways, it is interesting to note that this statement very soon disappears before the submission of quotations from the scriptures, word for word. In Obama's public statements on faith and politics in the book "The Audacity of Hope", it becomes clear that his philosophy sounds like a pacifist. It has declared that faith should not be something that divides people and also said that faith is conceived as a source of comfort and understanding but that expressions of faith sowing division, tension and conflict. I paraphrase here can be corroborated directly...

Best Friends in Religion

Sun, 12 Sep 2010 09:00:35 -0700

Our relationship with God has different aspects: God is the Creator andthe Maker, Lord and Master, Judge, Redeemer, Father, Savior and more. But the most striking fact is that the Almighty God, longs to be our friend! In the garden of Eden we see the ideal relationship between God and us: Adam and Eve enjoyed a close friendship with him had no rituals or ceremonies or religion: just a simple and loving relationship between God and the people he had created. Without the clutter of guilt or fear, Adam and Eve delighted in God, and He in them. God created us to live continually in his presence, but after the fall of the ideal relationship broke down. Only a few people in the Old Testament had the privilege of divine friendship. Moses and Abraham were called "friends of God," David tells us that God was "a man after his heart," and Job, Enoch, and Noah had a close friendship with God. But in the Old Testament fear of God is more prevalent than friendship. Jesus changed that. To pay for our sins on the cross, the veil of the temple that symbolized our separation from God was torn from top...

Belief Systems

Sat, 11 Sep 2010 02:07:50 -0700

The discussion is a prerequisite for democracy. It is impossible to take decisions according to the will of the majority if people do not give their views. The fact that not discuss tacitly implies accepting the status quo, the status quo. History shows how many religions are opposed to democracy, preventing or prohibiting the discussion, which calls into question many of the religious beliefs. The discussion is also one of the most powerful tools for the destruction of prejudices and stereotypes. Many of the ethnic, religious or political are the result of the formation of prejudices, generalizations and stereotypes that dehumanize the enemy, and which result from the isolation between the various groups. The contact and exchange of ideas imposed by the discussion, gradually erode the insulation, making evident the inconsistencies and fallacies present in these prejudices and stereotypes. Upon what discuss? The most important objective of this paper is to convince readers about the importance of a healthy discussion on issues of religion, superstition, gods and beliefs. Speaking of discussion does not refer to an exchange of insults and condemnations with the purpose of injuring emotionally to the adversary, but to exchange views and ideas with the aim of...

Evolution and Religion

Thu, 09 Sep 2010 17:05:53 -0700

However, information currently available contradicts many of these beliefs. The theory of gravity is much more consistent with astronomical observations that the belief in one God, the planets move at will, making it much more likely explanation. Similarly evolution by natural selection of living explains the existence of these beings so much more consistent with observations that explanations based on gods. God is a possible explanation from a huge number of possible explanations, and an explanation that shows little consistency with the observations when compared to other explanations. The moral and ethical naturalist What is more ethical person, one who sacrifices his life for others in the belief that there is no life, or one who sacrifices his life for others in the belief will be rewarded in another life? The religions are considered by many people as the foundations of ethics and human morality. In many of these religions morals and ethics are presented as standards set by a supernatural being or beings, and that would be meaningless without the existence of the supernatural, because these moral notions seem to go against the interest of the people who implement these rules, and appear to contradict the apparent selfish nature...

Corpus Christi

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 02:20:45 -0700

In other words, everyone who does not believe in God are evil and those who do not fear death, were atheists. Being still very young, I left the black and white Chile where there could be an atheist if it belonged to certain social groups and / or political. My destination was Spain, and discovered with some disappointment in that respect, the Spanish of the time (70s) were more extreme than the Chileans. The Catholic Church was powerful and no one disputed his doctrine, unless you were a "red" kill priests. Franco and his family, as members of government, political and military authorities and society in general, were deeply religious and anyone who dared to question the existence of God, they would be getting into serious trouble. It would not be me, a young immigrant grateful for the loving and hospitable host offered me these decent Spanish, now dear compatriots, who would question their beliefs, customs and traditions. I found that without the need to "believe", could also enjoy the magnificent Corpus Christi processions through the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the spectacle of Botafumeiro in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the Holy Week in Seville....

The Spiritual Life

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 23:25:12 -0700

All construction edificioa a Christian goes through the spiritual concepts of Paul and there is no way to circumvent such commitments is actually ahead of the a nuevaa church, but still, over the years and the gradual growth and consolidation of power of the Christian religion have been added problems and considerations of political and economic nature that inevitably eventually seep into and contaminate the spiritual content of the teachings of Christ. Efforts to validate and consolidate the power of those appointed by Paul and his successors, the effort to fend off these positions of power to reformers that would have ended up subverting the purpose of the designer, the need to chain the a to the dictates of an authority unavailable, more and more like the god they represent, even today, for example, is currently valid concept a the pope: Pope does not fail or never ... Yacas wrong is not human? ... another example: until relatively recently Masses sung in Latin, a dead language used almost exclusively by the church, on the understanding as a believer that if you do not understand the meaning of the liturgy can not appropriate the work she and the priest always need...

False Religions

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 12:21:21 -0700

I have never nominated for Congress, resigned from the Asco possibility since 1980, now Frustration Si and share with the people there that immense collective frustration, impotence is an outrage against the political system cathode ... 5. "Cathodic? ... As well? Cathodic House (TV) instead of Legislature, but lawmakers figueritis, nephews of Thomism spurious, those who are there more to that to see is to see them 6.-But the Left never had Well one thing was most is the acceptance at the polls, where there if I agree with what you say, and another is the acceptance in the minds of people, to win a seat in the polls and strong investment is needed, the seat is purchased, is not free ", the votes as well and that costs, once in your seat and charge you more than what you spent, so simple, but Alternatively, social policy and indeed the Left-which is essentially Marxism-Leninism and dialectical materialism philosophical base has failed ... but still intellectually alive idolologia, there are parties, there is organization and rise again postulates of social justice justify it fully. 7.-You are leftist or Christian? They are not exclusive, are not irreconcilable, it is a false choice,...

Moderate Muslims

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 21:01:18 -0700

Brechner JOSE A quick perusal of the Koran states that no one can be called Muslim if tolerate anyone who is not of their religion. Sura 9:5 says: Fight and kill the pagans wherever you find them and see, menosprecialos, mienteles and wait for them in any war strategy. For those who do not adhere to Islam, Sura 5:33 says: Your punishment is execution or crucifixion or amputation of their hands and feet from opposite sides or be exiled from the land. These are small samples of violence that permeates the book. The sacred text is replete with exhortations to the killing of infidels. According to the Koran a person can not be a Muslim and moderate, for anyone considering a non-Muslim as a friend or ally, not a Muslim and has become a heretic and apostate. The Muslim is obliged to kill you, or else he should be dead. Muhammad was a man of war, contrary to what they were Moses, Jesus or Buddha, they were men of peace. Mohammed preached violence and was the direct responsible for the deaths of thousands of people: either you were or were killed. The Arabian prophet participated in 78 battles in which...

The Church Against Modern Slavery

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 14:21:27 -0700

One could define the word slavery as unpaid work that badly paid, where humans are deprived of human beings guarantees such as freedom, despite all this, however 137 countries today consider the slaves as waste material According to the source cited. According to the report, there are many people mainly women and children they work under harsh conditions up to 16 hours a day. The high interest of small loans that many women received the tie for life, because almost never get them back, so if the debt is not canceled can not be free again. Moreover, the report reveals the situation of children without childhood and sometimes are being enslaved by priests, most beautiful girls that were allegedly collected by it for the family free of debt, when the truth is that besides the many chores to be performed, are also sex slaves. In the event that the girl fled, the family would be freed from debt. These are just a few examples among thousands who remind us that when the Pope as head of a very rich church talks to share, many are mocking sounds, especially the poor who live under the domination of others who exploit to...

Religious Tolerance

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 12:02:42 -0700

If there is some truth to their claims intellectual and cultural, would not now among the countries with the highest illiteracy rate in the world, which is three times that of Latin America, and continues to grow, despite its enormous sources of wealth with which could build schools and universities. In the Arab world for education spending is not exceed $ 110 per person, while in Israel is 1. $ 200. The scientific and technological contribution of the Islamic countries, with its 1.4 billion citizens, is less than one percent of the world total. The figures reveal that each year 330 books were translated into Arabic, in contrast to 1. 500 books translated into Greek, and 100. 000 Spanish. In 1998, three patents were registered across the Arab world, while Korea recorded 779. Since 1980 until 2000, the Arab world recorded 370 patents while South Korea 16. 000. Returning to the original question: Can you be a Muslim and moderate? Religiously not, why not tolerate any other religion than Islam. Socially, no, because it should make friends with Christians, Jews or any other faith. Politically, no, because they reject the free will and it is mandatory to obey their magnets....

Medieval Religions

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:20:19 -0700

Until now these two great sides of medieval religion always identified separately, even taking into account the many intersections they had. On the one hand the myth and history of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Jacques de Molay as the last Grand Master and the other the Cathars, tradition and belief, his persecution, Montsegur and bonfires. But if both chronologies intertwined we realize simultaneous circumstances should not remain indifferent and, rarely, an event is identified with the other, pretending to be completely independent. If we arm the "Codex Templi" and, for example, "Mystery and message of the Cathars see that Bernard of Clairvaux Clairvaux or parliament in 1145 and with the Albigenses (Cathars birthplace) where he in turn created the rule Templar is governed by the gentlemen and very important person in the Temple, soon after beatified. In 1244 Jacques de Molay was born, when burning at Montsegur the (almost) last Cathars. With all this love say that the reasoning of the time could be: seeing the success of the Albigensian Crusade (territories, wealth and conquered peoples, tithes and base metal in short) the "Capetian" and "potatoes" gave a second chance for granted swell the coffers plunging the Order...

National University Of Trujillo And Religion

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 00:18:32 -0700

Ernesto Cardenal, Nicaraguan this bishop, who preached for 70 years, in full Sandinista revolution, that "Marxism is a science and religion is faith, the two are not mutually exclusive but complementary," was not understood vastly, motion student at the time, dazzled by Marxism and its lofty goals, however played an important and valid, because the history of this relationship between Science and Faith has been winding between conflict and dialogue that has as a paradigm, the Galileo, now studied, reviewed and passed, science is a conquest of the name, is an achievement of humanity through history, science is not atheistic in nature, or antagonist of Faith Universities, since they are the center of sciences, are dens, where knowledge is created when investigating where knowledge is transmitted when it is taught and where changes when projected to society. These preconceptions, can perhaps understand the evolution and the relationship of the Church University Movement in 70s, it was common to take the Churches, as a way to call attention, maybe some remember, the taking of San Agustin Church and the very cathedral in 1972, both ended in a brutal slaughter of students within sacred precincts themselves, as happened at the national level,...

I Am Selling Fritters

Fri, 23 Jul 2010 23:30:12 -0700

I am selling fritters! By Serafin Alarcon was almost 1.00pm and the sun was at its height. As usual was evangelizing in a neighborhood of Ponce and when a house call came a boy. We deliver a treaty and briefly tell you about Christ. The boy said no because I was in the back of the house was a church and worship would soon be up. "I want you to meet our pastor and he sees what you're doing ... I said. So wait for several minutes under that sun Ponce, suddenly the door opened again and left the pastor all neckties, toiled and troubled, saying: - Servant, I can not respond now, I'm selling fritters to the brothers of church!. Can you imagine what I thought? So things are ... A pastor visited by a missionary to evangelize and his answer is: "I can not attend because I am selling fritters." Would you fear that parishioners were not able to sell their fritters? Would you be concerned about the diet of these? Would not had breakfast and were all hungry and eager to eat a rich and oily fritters? I admit I use an ironic tone, but it is...

Does God Answer Your Prayer?

Thu, 22 Jul 2010 23:30:06 -0700

God answers your prayer? By Serafin Alarcon "I will act according to your words: I've given you a wise and understanding heart, that she has not been before you, another you, neither after thee shall arise another like you." 1Kings 03.12 Imagine if God I told you: "Ask what I give you ... The list of things would be innumerable. But what would have asked you? When I talk to people about this issue are varied approaches. For example: If you talk to an inmate almost always concern and anguish revolved around while you still have to meet ... So it does not surprise me when I say: "Pray to the Lord that can get out of here soon ... If you talk to someone who has spent thirty-curve has not yet married, you may pray for a husband or wife. If a law student, because to shift the revalidates etc ... In short, many times our prayers are nothing but a reflection of our immediate psychosocial experience. Well, do not say that this good or bad this year, only I suspect that when our prayers not transcend and go beyond the immediate, make the practice of praying a distressing...

Be Free to Build a Great Future

Thu, 22 Jul 2010 04:30:11 -0700

Be Free For Serafin Alarcon spoke with an inmate of just about 17 years and told me how sorry he was for his past ... He had only 17 and he spoke like someone who had lived for many years. As one can look back, endless trail of bitter memories riding on stage. And is that some people in a very short time has lived too hard and intense experience ... So dramatic that when the curtain goes up memories of Shakespeare would leave you breathless. Freedom, that is the word that jumped in the middle of my meditation ... Freedom, but what? ... From the past, bad memories, so there is no way to be altered because it happened and there is no choice but ... Freedom to then build a new future, a safer port .- I said. As often as the young of my story our memory and the memory makes the role of prosecutor in the whole plot revived. Thoughts that serve only to wither our present. And I say, I know that the past itself is harmless. I know, and I recognize that we have control over us, but again, we must first be free....

Lord Jesus Christ

Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:30:14 -0700

I want you to follow me, is the suggestion made by the Lord. To live within the embrace of him drinking from his cup. With him and through him feel a us firm in our calling and election to be Christians. Enlightened by the person of the Spirit of God. A bit of love, a happy sigh, a dress adorned with grace, a soul song grateful for so much light ineffable. Let us therefore, partakers of the divine nature, fellow citizens of the eternal Kingdom of the Creator. Sing releasing any old anchor, all worn ties. On your marks, ready and out ... Outside this life, people, ready and fertile ground to sow fare. The houses in the country then there will be the same, he the sky-blue paint. The bathed with light. We will do our part, God will follow the aroma of flowers ... Dry wood and fruit will be ... The miracle awaited first peered into the faces of the people. And is that life without Christ is not equal. I'm not ashamed to admit having it. My common sense has become, in rock that blanket every winter. Virtue is the street today, on my steps scratched...

If You Realized God's Love

Mon, 19 Jul 2010 21:30:16 -0700

If you know it, many are the blessings that God has done in your life. Think and see ... He has given you a healthy body, a family that loves you, faithful friends, work, a title, a job, a car and a house. A good wife, a faithful husband, sons who love you. A stone on the path that has served as a stair, a disease that made you stronger, the loss of a child to molding a new man, a new woman. A good people manager, a mother who cooks well, a wise and helpful neighbor, a subpar talent to write poems, a gift for painting, playing an instrument. If you know it ... What you have is eternal debt, and have not been just you the author of many blessings. No. If you know it ... The truth ... And the truth is that the birth of Jesus deserves a more intense look. If we look reveals the curious transition from the manger to the Cross. There on Golgotha, the carpenter of Bethlehem, that some called Rabbi or Master suffered the shame of that has been exposed for the enjoyment of some hardened heart. Nailed his feet and...

Strengthening Your Connections

Sun, 18 Jul 2010 19:00:07 -0700

You may have a title, you may be very beautiful or very slender, people may flatter you by your class and for all the money you have. You may admire the car just by holding or neighborhood you live. You may be very intelligent but ... What are you worth if in the depths of the soul are empty and you have nothing to offer others. Philippians 3: 7-8 But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost everything, and I have it as rubbish, gain Christ ... Some people think the only thing is how to make money, like selling something, like take any other benefit. And just think: Money, money money. There are people who only think about having power, power and more power ... The society of mall culture "pub" and "flashy" ... There are people burning the midnight oil just a subpar that panas day I admire the "porch." Intellectual figureo hostages ... There are people, people and more people walking juke "with porn, gambling, with wine and cheese....

Helping Others

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Did you know? Did you know that the money spent on the war in Iraq at least a hundred poor countries of the world could repay its foreign debt and to implement programs of education, health and housing? This condition in which humanity truly crushes my soul and Puerto Rico is part of it ... As we have wasted time talking about without making ... How many of us send any aid to an organization like Care, World Vision, House Protected Julia De Burgos, Muscular Dystrophy and so many and so many others? ... How much support our churches instead of letting the blessings God has given us the cash register of a mall or restaurant? How many have asked forgiveness from the offended we embrace our children, raised some that have fallen? Too much fun ... I was naive, I admit it and that is why I write this and God is my biggest inspiration .. Do not want to settle, I wish to make a difference, a desire to share the good news free religious garments or Judaizers. Yes, tell the world atheist, the believer in this world that truly changed my life, the one who gave me...

I Have Been Naive

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 23:30:15 -0700

I have been naive Serafin Alarcon not access the truth, but through love. San Augustine Naive is the word that comes to my mind when I see a reality that is becoming more evident. Yes, I have been naive to think that every intelligent being in one way or another recognize that it is not universal product of an accident, or some esoteric formula or astral ... And when I talk on the street with people, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch television, read what people write in different internet forums, I realize that our civilization is too entertaining theories ranging from apparent as sublime, even the lowest of consumerism. If a country, nation religions too entertaining, too many theories and too many vices. "The essence of life where I have left? No one can answer ... And I can not at this time not even found guilty, even more, I dare not venture lest the sad reality I too get involved in the decline of our civilization. I, as a man I become a Christian again and examine the approach we are doing, Christians, to make a difference in a world too entertaining. How many of us...

Thank You Lord

Thu, 15 Jul 2010 19:30:07 -0700

Thank you for your love God ... Serafin Alarcon Lord this heart healthy, get the smiles perhaps hidden for so long. And you feel your power inside me, that was certainly not close more ... Sana Lord what is to heal, transform with the touch of your robe. God, thank you for your love, your patience and loyalty. I have reasons to love today, and you're the first. I say this freely, nor I am ashamed. Mr Sana today my country, this land choked by war, by lies, by such naive idea. If I want your love to warm my ... God created only in you. And all inspiration that makes me lift also owe to you. I love you God. I love you my Lord. It is your peace that opens the doors ... God ... Christ ... Jesus ... Emmanuel ... To you I dedicate my prayer. And I adore you with my voice raise the wind is only reason to exist. No doubt I'm in your presence ... I now live one to one your promises, you've drawn blessings in my soul. It burns your revelation raises me your advice transforming this small faith. If God were...

God's Existence

Thu, 15 Jul 2010 00:00:07 -0700

Does God Exist? By Alejandro Rutto The question is outdated, outmoded, unnecessary, useless, annoying, and controversy. Anyway, continue doing these days is a waste of time for those who believe and not believe in the existence of the Supreme Being. It is anachronistic because it was done in other times and its analysis does not correspond to our times. It is unnecessary because they fail to convince those at the extreme positions of men of faith or unbelievers declared. It is controversial because it polarizes the positions of those still involved in discussions about the action of a supernatural and almighty power that governs the destiny of the universe. But there is something more to wonder about the existence of God is a proud and extremely proud position, because Who are we to certify or deny the existence of the Supreme Being? Who has the credentials of a notary of the cosmos for daring to testify about a power greater than all known powers or imagined by humans? Say what you say, answer as respond, the number of believers is growing. The temples are getting with the doors open to those who had absented themselves influenced by the pandemic of...

Find Your Strength Within

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The love that Jesus gives you is great and true. He loves you since before you were born, your love is like a river that never stops, never dry, always abundant, for Jesus does not matter what you do, say or think, for EL nothing can be as bad as to withdraw his immense love he feels for you, because Jesus will not impose conditions for the ever AMARTE remain by your side. Do not be afraid to end his love, because He loves you just as you and your love is endless loving God because your life and one of his promises is. WE have known and believed the love God has for us. GOD IS LOVE, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. 1 JOHN 4:16. Just as this promise there are many in the Holy Bible. Jesus knows your weaknesses, your sorrows and anxieties of all that is in your heart, know your strengths and gifts and everything that bothers you about yourself, what makes you angry and he had not mastered strengths and weaknesses of your life, when you feel less than others and have negative thoughts about yourself and...

Giving Light

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Indeed, it has not been the case, surviving remnants of these invaders interventions, their intelligent behavior has allowed them to multiply and regroup, to act as a great predator and build the structures, leading to saturation and subsequent destruction. They have learned to take and spread peripherally surrounding areas, using means of transport generated and created to facilitate the subsequent invasion. His idea is to colonize, and go saturate resources by recognizing and invade, to their benefit and disposal of these, the end result. These viruses with intelligence, know or believe are different, they understand that the environment is at your service, transform and shape according to their needs and insights. They use peers who remain within their space and are and are enabled to develop change and bioenergy, using it for purposes of development, reproduction and proliferation. They can be eliminated between them, selecting and conditioning class. Processed forms of conduct, based psychological and established modes of social organization, reorganization and direction. God created them, placed them within himself, in a moment of weakness, wanted or thought of could regulate and use them as elements located, but the error occurred. Your immune system can not identify them, or fought,...

Holy Spirit

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Therefore, the new law is mainly the same grace of the Holy Spirit given to the faithful of Christ. "As the new law was given to Moses on tablets of stone written, the law of faith is written in the hearts of the faithful. "The core of the new law is in the grace of the Holy Spirit. This is manifested in the faith which works by love. But men get this grace through the Son of God made man, whose humanity filled the God of grace, and she led us. "As we said, this is the first commandment. This does not mean that the New Law dispense entirely external standards. Thus meditating Thomas continues, "has, however, certain provisions the new law as devices to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit and ordered the use of the same grace, which are in supporting roles in the new law, which has been necessary they were taught the faithful of Christ, both orally and in writing, on what is to be believed as what has to act. And so say that the law should infused new law is primarily, secondarily written law. "And later goes on to say that" two things...

Carora: Goats, Goats and the Bolivarian Revolution

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Carora, April 22, 2003 .- Who says the goats and the goats are not interested efore This weekend I received my baptism into the world of popular participation through small and medium agricultural producers, more specifically goat producers. The Municipality of Pedro Leon Torres, and the city of Carora in Venezuela are the hosts this weekend of the First Bolivarian Fair Goat, Sheep and Craft in the fields of Carora Exhibition Fair. This event may seem irrelevant to some, but for the hundreds of families of small producers who are participating in the First Fair, and to Julio Chavez, Mayor of Torres, this event is a tremendous historical and facilities importancia.Las Fair Agriculture, which has always been municipal property for years had been the exclusive use of the oligarchy local agriculture - major landowners and farmers who for centuries had been controlled and dominated local production. The fields of the result was fair in its exclusive enclave. When Mayor Julio Chavez won the municipal elections two years and a half ago, the premises of the fair were recovered by the city. The municipal offices of public participation and popular power, municipal water company and the Institute of Endogenous Development now...

(42) Empowering communities in risk management / Rodrigo Restrepo G

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The evidence of the magnitude, frequency and impact of disasters on the planet to make us reflect on our role as academics, technicians, professionals, consultants or authorities to work towards reducing their impact on the population for which we must, according to our mandate. Each year it increases the number of wounded, dead and homeless because of adverse natural events, such as hydrological, meteorological, geological or biological, besides adding events from anthropogenic sources such as environmental degradation and threats technological related to natural events. May be very hard for us, at least at present, able to influence the consciousness and the overcoming of the private interests of many of the leaders and decision makers with high global or regional influence, but if we apply some or a lot of reengineering to prepare in the best way for the community and prevent at least the number of deaths which have left contemporary disasters in its wake of its passage. the best insurance plan can be found with objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare At the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, held in January 2005 in...

Return To

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In nutrition these days of Holy Week in which all saints outings, I'm going to Bristol department to spend a few days dental of rest or rather the tourist benefits route, but do not worry that the anniversary of community the Republic will be back hospital and start our revolution, especially against such worthy Oblivion clinic and fight for a dignified path to insurance memory and necessary. center So enjoy what you medical do and we read to return. don’t hesitate just buy health insurance from has cost-effective health plan solutions natural A weight loss hug to everyone. Health, Memory and Freedom!

Curriculum Vitae

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>> EDUCATION 2010. Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Architecture Ephemeral. Family INTERIOR DESIGN. School of Art and Design College of Alicante. EASD 2004. Technical Assistant Graphic Design. Academy of Science and English (ASCII). 1991. Computer Management Assistant. Center for Advanced Studies in Alicante (CESA). 1987. Bachelor's degree. COU. Jesuit Colegio Inmaculada Alicante. BUP. Jesus and Mary School of Alicante. >> ADDITIONAL EDUCATION 2009. EXHIBITION DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF ARTISTIC. IAC Juan Gil-Albert. 2009. VISUAL MERCHANDISING. Window. Coep. 2009. FLASH CS3. BASIC. University of Alicante. 2008. 3D DESIGN. AUTOCAD 3D. (COEPA). 2006. Window. Merchants Association Heart of Alicante. 2005. INTERIOR DECORATION. Patronato Municipal de Cultura. 2003. MARKETING ON LINE. Young Hall. 2001.ANIMATION FOR WEB SITES: MACROMEDIA FLASH. Young Hall. PHOTOGRAPHIC DESIGN: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Young Hall. 2000. WEB PAGE DESIGN: FRONTPAGE 98. Young Hall. 1998. PHOTO COURSE turning. By D. PEDRO OLAYA RUANO (Prize for best Spanish photographer 1997). 1995-1998 BASIC COURSE, IE INITIATION INITIATION OF PHOTOGRAPHY II. By photographer D. JOS Deltell. >> COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE Computer Aided Design (CAD): 2D and 3D Autocad 2008, 3D Studio Max. Office software: Microsoft Office. Sales Management: PowerShop, Eurowin, Your E-commerce. >> PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Currently: Self. Trade study of decoration, ephemeral architecture and graphic...

Considerations The

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Considerations The developer must have a temperature between 18 and 26 C. The ideal is 20 C. If the temperature is below 20 C give a minute every two degrees less. If the temperature is greater than 20 C give a minute less for every two degrees of more. Below 14 C is very vulnerable to negative. The results revealed an image of black metallic silver from silver halide exposed. The time of processing depends on the negative. Excessive increases contrast revealed the negative / paper, while the offense down (can be done to a result equivalent to using different film sensitivity). Normally developers and manufacturers indicate in tables accompanying the product, the time depending on temperature.

How and how much you win with Megahealth ..

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In Megahealt have the possibility to earn extra income in 3 ways: -Consumer 1: to become a distributor Megahealth as a consumer of products you get a discount of 40 off the published price, so you get a profit of 40 savings. 2-Sell Product: Megahealth dealer when you get home from a 40 discount off the published price, so if you like sales, sell a product or more get a net gain of approx. 66 of the value of the product. that is to make money fast, you decide how much you want to win .. 3rd-Maker of networks: A system of network marketing fair and equitable, created by Mega Health . This system encourages the formation of independent entrepreneurs so that they turn to develop into networks of people who distributed, sold and consumed our products. The moment you start to develop your network of dealers, start your profit line. That is all the people who directly invited to participate in the business of which you will receive 25 of their monthly purchases, as long as you've made a purchase monthly minimum of 2,500, now if you make a purchase of 5,000 in the month you pay the same...

Presterilization Preestrilizaci n. Within

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Presterilization Preestrilizaci n. Within the industrial processes that apply to the collection and preservation, we presterilization canned foods. The pre-sterilization or preheating is also known as Exhausting, in the food industry applied for the avoidance of defects in the final product. This heat treatment is applied in those foodstuffs that are packed in suitable containers, which are then subjected to a sterilization process. This is done after packaging and containers filled with Inside the container where the food is the presence of oxygen there so removal is necessary to avoid a series of reactions of deterioration. The oxygen causes the degradation of natural compounds (carotenoids, antocionicos) that give color to food, the reactions that occur are oxidation.Is also favored by the action of oxygen corrosion of the containers that are made based on iron and tin (tin). As for vitamin C, which is sensitive to the action of heat degradation effects are enhanced in the presence of oxygen, with respect to microorganisms, in particular the absence of oxygen aerobic generates inhospitable conditions for their development. The removal of oxygen through this method avoids the deformation of packaging, as well as reduces the sterilization time and increases efficiency. Once this treatment...

Since then the

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Since then the conquering Spanish city prepared for the customs and still maintain colonial buildings like the Cathedral, the churches of San Francisco, Bethlehem and Recoleta, and the palaces and monuments. Location: Sierra northern Peru, on the border with Ecuador. Geography and Climate: The department of Cajamarca is characterized by light and pending a relatively low compared with the rest of the Peruvian Andes. The territory is made up of numerous valleys and gorges. AREQUIPA Known as the White City for its beautiful white walls of Silla, a volcanic rock, Arequipa lies at the foot of the volcanoes Misti and Pichu Pichu Chachani and snowy. In the heart of the city, declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2000, you can visit the temples and colonial mansions baroque style, and the Monastery of Santa Catalina, a Spanish city in miniature with its narrow streets and made of stone, beautiful squares and courtyards.Saband a Tiabaya and Ting in Campina, places to visit are necessary, and irresistible arequipenha kitchen is the perfect complement to the visit. Location: Costa and mountains (Andes) in southern Peru. Geography and Climate: Arequipa has a varied topography. It begins in the coastal desert and then climbs the Andes,...

Child and adolescent obesity clinical guidelines

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Guide to clinical child and adolescent obesity This clinical practice guideline is an aid to decision making in health care. It is not mandatory or replace clinical trial of medical personnel. Preventive interventions in schools: Schools should promote physical education and sport within and beyond. Schools should include educational programs aimed at improving diet, physical activity and decreased sedentary lifestyle, including family and academic staff. School-based interventions must be maintained over time, along the school years and continued outside school. Food intake in school should be healthy, including variety of fruits and vegetables and foods low in fat and sugars. It recommends the implementation of multidisciplinary interventions in colleges and institutes to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among children and adolescents. At school you must create an environment healthy diet, reducing accessibility to high-calorie foods (vending machines) and facilitating the consumption of healthy foods. It recommended the promotion of physical activity in children and adolescents through interventions aimed at more than one area (school, family, community), and including environmental interventions. Both families and staff working in school should be included in school health education programs.It is recommended promoting activities in schools aimed at reducing the time spent watching television, playing...

Maria Felix

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Biography Oskar Werner was born into a poor family. As a teenager, most of his leisure time was spent with her grandmother when she was not involved in theatrical productions at her school. At 15 years old, Werner witnessed the Nazi persecution of Jews, which influenced him to become an adult in peace, fighting against nationalism and anti-Semitism. An uncle gave him the opportunity to participate as an extra in a movie, thanks to which got small roles in films. The young man then took diction lessons and began appearing on radio and in plays. On leaving school prematurely Werner, was recruited for military service. In 1944 he married Elisabeth Werner Kallina and they had a daughter. In December of that year decided to defect and remained hidden until the end of the war. In 1952 he moved to Liechtenstein, where he acquired a small plot and built a house, which eventually was expanded according to their own designs.Later he bought another house on the outskirts of Krems, Austria, where, as in the first, spent long periods alone. Werner acquired a reputation for being difficult and eccentric. Thus, at the door of his house put a sign saying "Give me...

Mount Sinai in

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Mount Sinai in the Sinai Bible. Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is renowned for its great importance in the biblical book of Exodus. If the current Gebel Musa is the biblical Mount Sinai continues to cause controversy among religious scholars. In the Torah, Mount Sinai is also called Mount Horeb and Mount of the Lord. Jewish scholars have long ensured that the exact location of Mount Sinai was unknown, giving the reason that their location was located on land incognita. This is not surprising, since it is one of the holiest places of their religion, especially famous for being the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments of the Lord. In biblical times, the place of the mountain was apparently well known, as shown in the description of Joseph camped on the mountain called Sinai, leading the multitudes to feed there.It's in the highest mountains of the place, and the best grass, because grass is good, and had not been eaten before, because of the view that men had that God dwelt there, and the pastors did not dare climb up the place. Josephus, Jewish Antiquities, Book II, Chapter 12. And it was known in the days of Ahab king of...