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Comments on The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب:

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Sameer Ja'Ja' List Of Forbiddens ===============...


Sameer Ja'Ja' List Of Forbiddens
The threats that Samir Ja'Ja' made from Bkirki reminds me of a phenomena that spread in Lebanon, in the early nineties.Having recently got rid of their last major obstacle,Michel 'Aoun,and invaded both Ba'abda as well as Yarzeh,the Syrian occupation force was the one and only power,with real teeth,behind all legislative,executive,judicial,as well as all branches of the State in Lebanon.Without Syria,the institutions,which in theory belonged to the Lebanese State,were a mere collection of empty shells lacking any substances.And all the Lebanese,in authority or ouside of it,knew that fact very well.Yet,the Lebanese, who have lost all semblance of a unified and functioning governement,army,police,or legal system,for the previous 15 years,developed,overnight,an illusion that they did really have all of these power structures.Think of it,if you will,as some form of collective daydreaming and make belief.Thus,the Lebanese convinced themselves that their institutions did have actual and real powers.And fascinated by the illusionary might,they resumed their favorite game,i.e. threatening one another.This time,however,the threats came with a twist.
This time,instead of the threat being based on calling on one's own militia for back-up,they were threatening one another to call "the police!" or "sue the offender!" and so on. Amazingly,not only authorities but also private citizens were putting up signs,all over the place,proclaiming all sorts of things as "forbidden and offenders will be liable for them/mamnoo' tahta ta'ilat al-mas-ooliyah!".This meant in fact that whatever act,not to the liking of the sign's sponsor,became automatically "an irresponsible act",with a threat of punishment.Whether proclaimers were pure lucky or very smart,they kept the "punishing part" ambiguous.Had they spelled it out, chances are that their threats would have been challenged,by those who,just for the heck of it, would have liked to know,who exactly will inflict the punishment and through what means and by what process?The Syrians were too busy implementing their own agenda.This agenda included trying to eliminate their opposition on the one hand and trying to get rich as fast as they can on the other.But that was another story.Let us go back to Ja'Ja'.
From Bkirki,the list of Forbiddens/Mamnoo'at,contained in the Samir Ja' ja' Proclamation,struck me as a playback of those same old days in the early nineties.According to the rag Almustraqbal,Ja'Ja' decreed that the following are forbidden:
- electing a president who is on good terms with Syria
-the right of the opposition to interpret the constitution
-the opposition's rejection of Naseeb Lahoud or Butros Harb
-the opposition's reaction to the election of a president by half the votes plus one
Later in Ma'rab,he proclaimed Hizbullah as His Enemy and threatened to beat them all the way by saying "Fasharo!".
Typically, Ja'Ja' did not care to explain what if the Opposition or Hizbullah decided that they had enough of Sissy El-Becheraawi,
and decided not to stop the many volunteers who like to pay him a visit,and to check on his temperature.My guess is that before this thing is over,Samir Ja'Ja' will realize that a very enlarged prostate is a dangerous thing.Not only can it transmit false signals to lower body parts but to the top ones as well.If there is one explanation for Samir Ja'Ja' late list of Mamnoo'at,it is the fact that he was denied the chance to post his signs in the nineties like everyone else.The man was jailed for multi murders for eleven long years.And during that period,every time he asked for that chance,the asking did raise corporal Ali's ire.Does Ja'Ja' miss the corporal or what?!