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Comments on: 2005 Weblog Awards Endorsements

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By: Robert Conger

Sat, 15 Sep 2007 20:42:04 +0000

I read your comments about Rick Moran being "one of the finest essayists" on the Web, so I read a few of his outbursts, and I fail to see the truth of your comment. One thing of significance on in reading his stuff can be found in his essay about Tom Shu. He wrote that "While the left obsesses over the bathroom antics of a relatively obscure Idaho senator" they paid no attention to the "scandal" of Tom Shu and his contributions to Democrats. First of all, the only people I noticed "obsessing" over Senator Craig were other Republicans. Running like rats for cover under the "morality" issue they love so much, Republicans, including Senator McCain, called for Craig's resignation. "The left," if there is one, just shrugged their shoulders and rolled their eyes over yet another Republican hypocrite. It is the hallmark of a sleazy propagandist to intensify the stink of his deception with a lot of rotting red herrings, and that is what Mr. Moran does again and again. It's typical of conservatives that they either lie, or omit any inconvenient facts, and that they use every logical fallacy and propaganda trick in the book to make up for the fact that they are most often simply dead wrong. I would say that while the right obsesses over what Bill Clinton did with his dick, or how much Ted Kennedy may drink, they ignore entirely the lies of George Bush, the crimes of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, and the general attack on American liberty and values that today's extremist Republicans have been carrying out, egged on by people like Rick Moran. Tom Shu is not an issue. The candidates returned his money. Did Bush ever return any money he got from the Saudi royal family -- or for that matter, from the bin-Ladens? From Enron? Did a rich Texan have any qualms about using his money to set up a gang of liars and smear-artists to attack John Kerry? No. The right has no morality, no scruples, and when it start ranting about what is right or wrong, it has no credibility.

By: Dave Schuler

Mon, 05 Dec 2005 13:35:42 +0000

You're welcome, Alexandra. And thanks for the offer. It's a good suggestion. That's what the Weblogs logo in the post itself was supposed to do (I had a typo which I've corrected) but allowing a click on the logo in the sidebar is a good idea, too. I've also added the alt (for IE) and title attributes (for HTML-compliant browsers) so that an instruction shows up on mouseover.

By: Simon

Mon, 05 Dec 2005 08:17:54 +0000

Thanks for the endorsement - I'll certainly return the favour.

By: Alexandra

Mon, 05 Dec 2005 06:42:58 +0000

What a sweetheart you are to make such a wonderful compliment. Thank you. And how graceous of you to write a post about all of us. By the way, make your finalist logo interactive and lead it to your voting page. If you are not sure how, send me an email. Best regards, and the best of luck....