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Preview: The rantings of a confused soul!!!

The rantings of a confused soul!!!

I rant, therefore I am!

Updated: 2017-09-29T14:51:38.162+05:30


Lift kara de...


I’m finally getting down to writing. If you’ve followed this blog for sometime you’ll probably know that most of my posts either say ‘here’s hoping to get back’ or ‘I’m back’ but none actually getting back!

Every time I read a blog especially some of the blogs I follow regularly like here, here and here, I can’t help but be amazed at the flow and the lovely articulation.

Most of the stuff I ever write never makes it to the blog… it makes it successfully to the dustbin. I scribble away furiously for a few minutes and then realize it has no direction. It feels like playing chess without knowing how to reach a checkmate!

Oh man! You fellows are a gifted bunch I tell ya!

I don’t intend for this to be another post about me making a come back to Blogging or any such thing. Maybe all you good folk out here can give me a few pointers on how I need to write.

Ok, horn please...

What next...


I had mentioned before that I’d taken a break so I could prepare for my exams. Now that the exams are done with I was suddenly feeling a void. I didn’t fare well at the exams, that’s a different issue though.

What next…

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself at all times of late.

Instead of wallowing in despair over the past… WHAT NEXT…
Instead of cringing at every mention of past failure… WHAT NEXT
Instead of crying over spilt milk… or should I say… It is fruitless to become lachrymose of precipitately departed lactile fluid… WHAT NEXT
Instead of cribbing about how well I could have done something that has now gone bad… WHAT NEXT

Yes, my friends.. that’s the question… WHAT NEXT!


I'm back!


Hello world…

All the while I was away from the blog, I thought of a hundred different things that I could write about, rant, crib, vent…. Now that I actually sit and hold a pen, all those thoughts disappear into the deep dark recesses of the mind and leave me staring at a blank paper with : ‘I’m back’ written in bold. From trumpets and fog horns it goes down to whine and whimper! Bah!

Though there is still another exam left on the 22nd, I decided not to wait until then.

That’s it…

I’m back…

See you all around…


Adieu, dear blog...for now!


For the next few months I shall not be seen or heard in Blogdom. Just when I was getting a teeny weeny more active on the blog front, I have to stop. I'm going to be on a study break for the next few months as I find my way through the jungle that is medicine and prepare for my entrance exams and manage to place myself in a Masters course of my choice!
Wish me luck my friends!

Omigosh!! Its a miracle!!


Reading the newspapers wouldn't be half as interesting without Paris and Lohans making the headlines. The other half of the interest is from reading news about a person marrying a dog, conducting tree marriages and the like...

Of late the papers are filled with stories of mass hysteria after someone noticed a picture of Jesus Christ 'bleeding' from the heart and in no time someone else declares that Sai Baba opened one eye!

Well, don't jump the gun yet, I strongly believe in miracles. Just last night I said, "Nope, it ain't gonna rain, and if it does I'll get wet... It rained and rained till I decided it was too late to wait and got wet". Somebody up there loves playing! the purpose of this blogpost... 'Sai Baba'.
He opened one eye... Heres my question... "why not both?"
Its like he's playing hide and seek...opens one eye to wonder if his devotees are still there waiting to ask him for that one elusive promotion or to rid their inlaws so that they can lay their little grubby hands on all the moolah!

For what its worth... I've never seen a statue of Saibaba with his eyes closed... Go figure...Have you?


Venkat's quote for the day...


There's a thin line of difference between a favour and exploitation...

-Venkatdeep, circa 2008

This is great!!


No humour here... :P

This is definitely a super feature to be included in gmail. Read here.


Reality bites...


The latest fad on TV is to be a part of a reality show. Yep, getting locked in a glass cube with the world watching every move you make is as real as this gets. Remember your cue to fame is either to fall in love with your co-star and suffer rejection, or make a racist comment about them. That’s your one way ticket to fame! Indian co-stars are the best to make racist comments against…after all they’re the brown skinned %$#*^$ (insert word of choice here) who took away your jobs…no?!

Indian television takes reality shows to a new high. Since the total number of channels here is equal to the square of the total number of languages, add with that the number of dialects multiplied by ten, there’s never a dearth of an audience for anything. Hell, even the snake on a tree in Cubbon park hogged half an hour of limelight on TV!

Then there are always parents who love to say their kids were on TV… I mean in TV… I mean a television program… Here’s a typical conversation…

Proud parent: Hey, you know what; my kids got real talent…
Me: Yeah? That’s good…
PP: Yeah, a lot of talent…. A bundle of talent…
Me: Oh… okie
PP: Yeah…she’s made us real proud…
Me: (At this point slightly disinterested) Oh…
PP: Yeah, she was on TV…
Me: Oh… did it break?
PP: Arre…don’t do jokes yaar… She was in a TV program…
Me: Yeah...that’s great.
PP: She was selected in the thiry fourth elimination round of ‘voice of the underdog’ for hurling racist abuse and throwing her co-star literally out of the window. He didn’t survive the fall though.
Me: What’s voice of the underdog???
PP: You haven’t heard of it... It’s a reality show!!
Me: So is “America’s most wanted” dumbass!!

And the sheer number of reality shows are mind boggling…Here’s a sampler…
1. Voice of _________ (Insert place of choice… Bahamas, Afghanistan, Congo…You name it!)
2. Star of _________ (Again, insert place of choice.)
3. ___________ Idol (Cuban Idol….Chinese Idol….Bangla idol??)
4. Rising star of ________ (Kazakhstan?)
5. The great ___________ talent hunt! (Bermuda??)
6. Freakshow number One!

Some are just singing shows while others feature full fledged Britneys Pears… For your complete entertainment. Time for some trivia…. Did you know ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ holds the record for the longest and most expensive reality show ever?!! As Scott Adams said….Who’d predict till American Idol came along that featuring bad singers would be a huge sensation?!?

And it seems that participants these days are always given extra credit for dramatization. Crying on TV is the best act that one can deliver. A list of emotions may be portrayed by that one single act of crying….
1. Damned judge! Screwed me over 2 notes! (Not currency my friends!)
2. If only I didn’t have a sore throat today I’d have made mashed potato out of my competitors!
3. Crappy audience…Didn’t vote for me because they never understood the pain of singing a B-flat note over 6 minutes!
4. Cheapo audience didn’t vote because it costs 3 bucks a SMS!
5. My imbecile three year old brother selected this song for me to sing at the finals!

If you’ve come this far and wondering what is the purpose of this post…. Nothing!
Thanks for letting me vent! :P

Go ahead… Honk!!

My deep dark world..


La Vida tagged me into this…wait.. I was afraid of tags… I was tricked!! :P
The perils of blogosphere! :(

I got to make a list of 10 of my darkest secrets…hmmm… With the memory of a fish and the intelligence of a chipmunk it’s difficult! Here’s an attempt…

1. I don’t like to watch much TV. I like watching movies, I detest soaps. I’d rather not see what Mr. X’s ex-wife’s son-in-laws step father’s grand daughter does to her neighbor’s dog. I’m probably the only one to have not watched even one episode of Friends…And probably the only Indian not to have watched DDLJ!

2. I’m a silent guy…and until someone speaks to me, I’d rather revel in my own silence. Probably a reason why I get abused by friends for not calling often!

3. I really can’t understand the nuances of a conversation. I only understand partly after the conversation is long over and I have also committed a major foot in mouth type crime! Another reason why people don’t bother telling me much…

4. I can’t flirt for nuts! (Told y’all I can’t talk…so how exactly would I be a good flirt!! :P)

5. Walking the ramp in 2nd year medicine was a terrifying experience!

6. I hate to reveal much about myself. I’d rather talk about the spider that died in Mt.Vesuvius!

7. I love to cook and I make wonderful coffee…but mom won’t let me into the kitchen! :(

8. I’d love to write more, but I’m too lazy!

9. Someday I hope to direct a movie in which I’d do a cameo appearance. And also write a book.

10. Finally!! I really haven’t mastered the art of saying ‘NO’!

Ok…maybe number 5 isn’t a deep dark secret…. I’ll add a bonus…

11. I’m a big time dreamer. I dream and dream and dream…. It’s what keeps me going.
As APJ Kalam says… ‘Dreams aren’t what you have when you sleep…they are the ones that keep you awake’!!

12. Between choosing to go out on a weekend to shop or dinner… I’d rather stay at home.

So, there you have it! I dunno whom I want to pass it on now…but I’ll add that in time…

Go ahead....Honk!

Update: I decided I'd tag Kalam and Baba for this... Sukla has already tagged Baba...its all yours!! :)

Goddamn pre-flash!!


Ok...This post would specifically be a technical rant for the photographically and technically inclined!!

Call it a photographers itch... I wanted to experiment with 'off-camera' flash so I could extend my photograpic creativity!! It so happens that the camera I own, a sony H5 is worthless for this since it does not have a hotshoe or pc port where I can hook up an external flash.
After sometime I realize there is a small solution... to use an optical trigger to flash the second flash.
For those who expect an explanation at this point...
An optical trigger is a small device that is connected to an external flash...and will trigger the external flash as soon as it detects another flash nearby.

The black figure is the subject...the grey is the photographer... The weird object between the subject and the camera is the flash with the optical trigger...

So... problem solved right! Apparently not yet!
Its just the beginning!!
It so happens that digital cameras use what is called 'ttl' i.e. through the lens. The camera fires a small flash before the actual flash.This pre-flash is not to be confused with the red eye reduction option that makes the flash go off thrice...
Its used to judge the exposure and exact flash power required.
It so happens that this 'pre-flash' doesn't get disabled even when the camera is switched to complete manual mode!
So, the optical trigger which fires the second flash actually fires on the pre-flash itself...thus rendering the image dark! And the only way to circumvent this problem and use an external flash is...
1. Buy a camera with hot shoe... which I'm hoping my dear blogger friends will gift me!! :P
2. Make a optical trigger which ignores this pre-flash by delaying the triggering...which again I shall rely on my dear readers to help me out of.... HEY!! Am a doctor...not an engineer!! :P

Now I feel much better!! :P


P.S. If you really dont understand what I've written, don't bother too much about it...

Long Long Ago....


The last day of school brings a lot of cheer and joy to all the students….After all who wanted to slog, get pulled up for not doing homework, not polishing shoes and going late! Of course, they would later crib about how they actually liked school…but that for later!

The last day of school always had a charm to it… We would all assemble in the field and the principal would go about making announcements and we would sing a few songs and then as they said “disperse” we would just run frantically wishing each other well for the holidays and disappear.

On the last day of school, after the assembly few friends hung around talking and chatting. Two of them decided they’d go watch a movie. The first problem was they had no clue which movies were running! They caught a rick and landed up at the most posh locality in town… ‘MG Road’! As they walked around aimlessly they finally landed in front of one of Bangalore’s landmark theatres ‘Plaza’. They are just in time to make it to the next show. The name of the movie was extremely deceiving. Here were two young students looking for a good, clean, fun movie like ‘American Pie’… The guy at the ticket counter didn’t give these two kids a second look and this didn’t warn them!! They assumed they looked like adults…Yeah, at 5foot 3 inches that’s difficult to manage …so shut the hell up!!!

As they proceeded into the dingy hall that from handed-down-gyan from seniors was well known to play “adult” movies, they made their way and found their respective seats. They looked around and saw lot more kids… This time their senses tickled …they knew something was wrong!But they thought it was just a fear that someone who knew them would sight them at Oh-My-God-Plaza!! They thought they still had time to run out and either tel ticket-counter-uncle to take back the tickets or sell it to someone else....

But, that was too late! The movie started. Credits rolled, and then they realized their folly… the movie wasn’t just ‘Babe’…. It was ‘Babe-Pig in the City’.

One of them I guess forgot….the other blogged about it 10 years later!!

Honk!! My dear Bloggers!! Honk!!

Embarrassment gastronomique…


There are times when some events make us feel like idiots….some small and some large!! Foot in mouth syndromes which take the fizz outta life…
And some embarrassing moments that make you quite unacceptable to society….. No not the time when a guy scratches his balls in public and is seen by his prospective love bird!
I tell you…doctors are a difficult bunch …female doctors even more so!
And I must tell you…they can be quite judgmental…….ahem!! Whack!! Back to topic!
One of those days when there’s a spring in my step, a twinkle in my eye and the morning I woke up and said… what a great day!! Nothing had gone wrong quite as yet!
I was sitting with a bunch of interns and PG’s in the hospital, talking my head off about how quickly internship went by!! (Of course I did skip the part of it when I actually cribbed about internship going too slowly and getting work dumped on by lazy co-workers! Hey good things did happen too ya know!!) Ah… well…back to topic… We were speaking about all topics under the sun….That fateful moment my phone rang with a rather obnoxious tune that remotely resembled “the good, the bad and the ugly”. For once it wasn’t anyone offering me a free credit card or life insurance. It was some violinist who happened to get my number from a common friend and was pestering me to build him an electric violin. I launched into a big lecture on the types of electric violins and features of an electric violin. I was explaining to him why I wouldn’t be able to make one for him… I was a beginner and he was pro… In the middle of the conversation, somewhere between steel strings and price I never realized a very important factor. I kept rattling on never realizing something was amiss. And, then the most unexplainable event happened…while I was still talking on the phone it rang…. Yes, you read right….My phone rang with the same pathetic sadly composed good, bad and ugly tune!
My heart skipped a beat…I was speechless for a moment… the room was silent… I had kept speaking on the phone never realized that my phone had quit on me and the connection was cut!! Oh… I had committed a major faux pas!
It certainly wasn’t something I could explain!
Nevertheless it did provide some blog fodder….

What was your most embarrassing moment? (Ha! Like your gonna tell me here! )

Go ahead and HONK!

Why ain’t I writing anything?!


The last time I wrote a post on the blog was sometime on Jan 19th!
It certainly isn’t a lack of ideas that’s kept me from writing… (Just in case you wondered!)
There’s only one…one single word that explains why I haven’t written…. It’s called ‘LAZY’.
If you could read here about all the things that happen when I have an idea and there’s something that makes that article feel incomplete….this is the explanatory post….the part that’s incomplete in that post is the part that says “I’m just too lazy to write”!!
And, that’s exactly why I end up reading other blogs and wonder why on earth I didn’t finish that article before!!
Linked below is a post by a fellow blogger about a topic I had thought of writing about but never finished…I’d still write about it….hmmmm….but I’m too lazy!!

La Vida’s blog about the modern woman (Brilliant, I must say!)

How many bloggers feel the same way???

Go ahead and HONK!!


Orkut Says!!


Today's fortune: You and your wife will be happy in your life together

If you've sen Russell Peters show where he talks bout being Jamaican and says, " know singing reggae, and having kids you don't know about..."
Well, someone please point out that we indians may be having wives we dont know about!!!

Whats your fortune on orkut today??!!!?

Bheja Fry!!


Post- dinner walks are generally relaxing and help catch some fresh air before I hit the bed and slumber off till the next morning. My walks are generally till the end of the road and back, and I let my mind wander off into a lot of muses( Of course, I don’t wander off to the extent that a vehicle would leave its skid marks permanently tattooed over my forehead!). It’s during some of these walks that I meet Mr. Dingoo (Ahem…not at all related to a similar sounding Australian wild dog!) The history of the name some other time maybe. Now…Mr. Dingoo is a septuagenarian who is still as fit as a….a…a…ahem…lets say dingo.

He makes it his worldly duty to impart his hard earned, most impressive, gleaned-from-all-sources infinite wisdom to anyone who dares cross his path! And that anyone so happened to be me!! (Don’t mistake me. I’m in no way repulsed by his talk. After all, it’s given me some blog fodder, no?!)

That fateful night I was in no mood to continue talking to Mr. Dingoo and to my luck I got a call. Well, as you might have already guessed the call was not from a human, much less an alien, it was from the phone company warning me to recharge my prepaid credit. Call it co-incidence a dog started barking at the same time.

So, after I attended the “call” Mr. Dingoo looked at me and said in his most convincing voice ever, “Do you know why the dog barked?” Of course I didn’t, besides it’s none of my business, as long as the dog isn’t chasing me! I didn’t know what he meant so I looked at him, a look I had perfected through 5 years of medical school…a look to show you’re paying utmost attention and a look that meant you cared about what was being said more than a mad dog biting off your posterior! He continued, “The dogs go mad because of the cell phones.” As much as I stood bewildered I decided to listen! (I knew a blog post was brewing!). “Yes…” he continued, “the cell phone towers sends waves that drive the dogs mad.”

Yet, here I was thinking all the while that dogs were mad and furious because the towers replaced a lot of telephone poles and now they were getting the shock of their lives trying to pee on electric poles or because of a particular miscreant virus of the Rhabdoviridae family! (Call me ignorant!! Sheesh! I was in total awe of this mans infinite wisdom!!)

I ventured to say that cell phones also use microwaves. He paused to clarify if it was the same waves that heated his dinner every now and then. Knowing where this was going, in a vain effort to say something else and venturing all the physics that I had so easily forgotten after PUC I prayed to Dear Mr. Einstein and said, “...uh...well…yes it’s the same microwave and…uh…aa…a…its different, as in it doesn’t have power…and…uh..”. My voice trailed off as I realized what I had just said. I looked at him with my foot firmly in mouth. Mr. Dingoo has got the upper hand here ladies and gentlemen…he quietly said, “See, that’s what it does, it cooks the brain…now, that’s why I don’t use a mobile.”

Another incoming call on the mobile, I just quietly cut the call. After this conversation I was convinced…bheja fry!!!

Venkat's quote of the day!


"Its better to be single than sorry!!" :D

Fingering the issue...


Heres another SMS conversation thats worth mention.

Another almost normal day was passing by while I made a few last ditch desperate attempts at studying and trying to salvage of what ever was left of that day...
At that very moment breaking news flashed across all TV channels... (Yes, one might ask what I was doing watching TV when I trying to study...) Bomb blasts in Hyderabad. Somehow ,more than being appalled by the loss of life and the whole stupidity of whatever terrorist organization that would willingly come forward to claim responsibility for the issue....the voice at the back of my head said, "here we go again". I decided to break the news to all my friends who were all..I'm very sure busy studying...of course other than a few people on the train on their way back from Schumi's marriage. Am happy that Hutch did not decide to charge Re.1 per SMS that day saying that it was a national tragedy...Messages flowed back and forth...some expressing contempt..some anguish...some sorrow...some surprise and few echoing my own thought, "bomb blasts AGAIN??"
...In the midst of all this came an unexpectedly humorous moment with Krishnan.
For all those who are wondering who's this Krishnan dude...He is the co-founder of the famed and much acclaimed Dept. of Femurology, where I bide time as a professor, with the likes of Dr. Mujahid ...Dr. Krishnan along with Dr. Mujahid are the brains behind the phenomenal mad-ad team also called the FEMUR team. moving on...heres the transcript of the SMS's:

Me: Hey bomb blasts in Hyderabad...check the news NOW!

Kris: Just saw it dude...sad! We need to put an end to this terrorism!

Me: Dude, maybe we can make a mad-ad on this issue. Humor has no boundaries.

Kris: the Lashkar-e-toiba is gonna understand language...

Me: Hmmm...yeah...but dude..thats what sign language is for... Besides, who doesn't understand the finger... They obviously cant bomb the finger as a part of their campaign against non-believing infidels!!

Kris: Yeah race, no religion, everyones got one...uh...two... Dude we have been raising the finger for all pointless reasons...Lets now join fingers and raise it for a cause...(I mean the masses...not the usual cause!)

Me: Haha...yeah small finger for a giant cause OF mankind!!

My heartfelt condolences for all those who lost their lives in this tragic incident. This post here means no disrespect. Everytime we fall we need to rise...just like the Phoenix... Humour in the issue is only a way that we can look forward with hope rather than look back in sorrow.


Of free speech..


I got a SMS recently that said:

"In a country of free speech...why are there phone bills?!!" (Gizmo thanx maga!)

Out of impulse and knowing that it wasn't free....I forwarded the same to friends in my phone list...I dint expect people to reply...amazingly they are a few pearls of wisdom from replies to this forward:

Sadass said: Phone companies are not Indian bob!

Shilpz said: To keep you and me apart!

BP said: To make sure I talk less...

Here's d best one from them all....

The Rogue said: ...because there is an entity called phone sex...and in our country we have entertainment tax!!

You're right bob...whoever said "no country ever taxed itself to prosperity" would surely be squirming in his grave!!

What would you say????


P.S. more SMS conversation coming up soon...stay tuned!!

Random nonsense!


A Scottish old timer in Scotland, in a bar, talking to a young man.

The Old Man says, "Lad, look out there to the field. Do ya see that fence? Look how well it's built. I built that fence stone by stone with me own two hands. I piled it for months."

"But do they call me McGreggor-the-Fence-Builder? Nooo..."

Then the old man gestured at the bar. "Look here at the bar. Do ya see how smooth and just it is? I planed that surface down by me own achin' back. I carved that wood with me own hard labour, for eight days."

"But do they call me McGreggor-the-Bar-builder? Nooo..."

Then the old man points out the window. "Eh, Laddy, look out to sea...Do ya see that pier that stretches out as far as the eye can see? I built that pier with the sweat off me back. I nailed it board by board."

"But do they call me McGreggor-the-Pier-Builder? Nooo..."

Then the old man looks around nervously, trying to make sure no one is paying attention.

"But ya screw one goat.........."

Venkat's quote of the day!


Too old to believe in fairies,
Too young to believe in god!!

Sony DSC H5 V/S Yashica Electro 35 GTN


Warning: Post is long and geek content ahead! Film cameras have more or less given up their share of the camera market for their new cousin – the digital camera. Be it the ultra compact, compact, high zoom prosumer compacts or the digital SLR’s the digital revolution has taken the camera market by storm and got down photography to common man...With digital cameras you are not forced to restrict the number of photos and having to spend enormous amount of money on processing it before you even have a look at it. Before I got the digital camera I used 2 film cameras... The first was a small Olympus PhD (Press here dummy) frills camera...just point and shoot. The second camera I used was the Yashica Electro 35 GTN. It’s quite a marvel for a camera manufactured in 1976. Its exposure settings and focusing options were (are) regarded superior to many SLR’s which were produced much later in the 80’s. The Electro 35 is a rangefinder camera.Have a look at my previous post: More info on rangefinder cameras: Of course, it is needless to say, the features of this camera were vastly under utilized by yours truly...and the photos which came from this camera made everyone’s jaw droooop! I never got to use this camera much and I never learnt much about photography eventually. Of course the enormous costs of developing and printing were another considerable constraint. I finally graduated to a digital camera recently. The DSC H5 is among Sony’s Prosumer range of cameras. It has more features than a compact but lesser than a SLR. But, essentially it remains a point and shoot camera.Read my previous post on this camera: I’ve compared both cameras on... Of course this comparison means nothing, as each camera is from a different league altogether. This is only out of interest. Yashica Electro 35 GTN Sony DSC H5 Format 35mm full frame rangefinder Prosumer Compact SLR like Type Film 24x36mm Digital 7.2MP ISO rating ISO 25 (DIN 15) to ISO 1000 (DIN 31) Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000 Lens Color-Yashinon DX 45mm f/1,7 (6 elements, 4 groups) 36mm – 432mm (6-72mm) Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar f/2.8-3.7 Focusing range 0.8 m to infinity Normal focus range: 50cm Macro focus range: 2cm Aperture 1.7 to 16 F2.8 - 8.0 (wide), F3.7 - 8.0 (tele) Shutter 30s ~ 1/500 sec., B* 1/4 - 1/2000 sec. (Auto), 1 - 1/2000 sec. (Program Auto), 46-step 30 sec – 1/1000 sec. (Shutter Priority, Manual) Shutter speeds of 1/2000th are only available at apertures of F5.6 and higher. Exposure meter Single CdS cell, programs shutter selection Multi-pattern (49 zone), Center weighted, Spot metering Exposure compensation EV -3.4 (f/1.7 @ 30 sec.) to EV 17 (f/16 @ 1/500 sec.) +/-2EV, 1/3 EV steps Viewfinder Bright frame line, Overexposure and underexposure warning arrows Electronic with same display as the back LCD Focusing System Superimposed rangefinder type focusing with automatic parallax compensation Manual (with focus aids a[...]



The best ideas come when you can’t do anything about it. -Venkatdeep,Circa 2007 Am sure many of us have gone through a situation where we’ve had ideas popping off our head like pop corn bursting in a microwave. There sure have been times when you’ve said “damn! Why dint I think of that before?!” When ideas pop off at those ‘moments of inspiration’ one of the following happens.... > Someone has already thought of that idea! > There is no paper! > Ahhh! Here is the paper....damn! The pen ain’t working! > I’ll record a voice clip...oops! BESCOM has graced our lives...there’s no power! > If there is power the recording software ain’t working! > If it is, and you finish recording, you will have to format your hard disk before you can backup the information for reasons mankind cannot perceive or justify! (Maybe the guys at Microsoft know!!) > Now that the computer ain’t working how bout the mp3 player? ...oops again! Forgot to replace batteries! P.S. If you were wondering if I never thought of the cassette recorder...I did. That ain’t working either! > I’ll call my girlfriend.... You: Hey sweetie...... She: I missed you sooooooo muchhh...I was out shopping the whole day with Div, Akshu..... I saw this cuutttee pinkish yellowish greenish blue black stuffed’ll get it for my birthday na...and guess what we saw your friends brothers ex-girlfriends third boyfriend god! What a jerk! Heeeeyyy and you remember that pink top you got me last week...I showed it to my friends today and they! You should have seen them...And guess what there was this cute guy at the chocolate store...he was trying to so badly hit on divs...and.... (After sooooommmeee mooorrree time!) you sooo quiet?? What happened?? Are you ok?? Everything ok? Are you sure? You: uh...nothing...glad you had a great day.. She: Thanx soo much...acchha now I’ll go and try on a new dress I got today..byeeee...muuuahh! CLICK! You: ?? > I’ll call a friend...THE HUTCH SUBSCRIBER YOU ARE TRYING TO CALL IS NOT REACHABLE AT THE MOMENT!!! > If it is.... You: Hey man...I just had a great idea! Other side: huh?? Hello? Who’s this? WRONG NUMBER!! > You finally get the right number and he says... “Uh! with my girl here...I’ll catchya later...”CLICK! > Ditch it...what are moms for.... You: Mom... Mom: You know what, in that soap the heroines, third sisters, fourth boyfriends, dog’s new owners, sons girlfriends ex-boyfriends, fathers, mother-in-laws, sisters, ex-husbands, third wife’s, son tries to........ You: huh??????????!?!?!!!!!? > Well dads and sons always share a special relation... You: Heeyy Dad.....guess what... (Before anything else is said) Dad: NO YOU’RE NOT TAKING THE CAR TODAY! >Grandpa.....yeeeahhh! You: (Starts and finishes saying the idea...pauses for a breath...feels happy!!!).....ajja super idea right!! Grandpa: aahhhhh??? What?? I forgot my hearing aid.... Gets up disoriented...feigns a fainting attack, picks himself off the ground and heads out of the door! Gets a call on the mobile: hello? “Do u wanna partner...o partner.... (Song playing)[...]

Boob tube......


EDIT: I did receive a few comments asking why on earth I even chose this topic to blog on. Add a bit of slandering to that...A very pissed off Bip's fan I presume. A small clarification...I was just wondering how page 3 columnists can make a fuss about nothing and this post was just a 'vain' attempt at writing like a page 3 person..nothing more and nothing less!


Caught you...didn’t sure did catch my attention in the editorial column of a newspaper. I mean any article in the editorial titled like that ought to have much more right?

The article was about one of our tinsel town damsel going under the knife for an augmentation of her assets and not paying for it...

Hold your horses before you call me a MCP for pointing this out. The article wasn’t only about poor Bipasha being more was also about the doctor who decided to leak the news to the ‘celeb friendly’ paparazzi because he wasn’t too pleased about not receiving the bill. Of course who’d be happy, after all its always about bigger assets isn’t it?!! And did a magazine do any better by splashing before and after pictures of Bipasha??(Haha!! Yeah right...don’t even think about it...the pics were with the clothes on!)Before she went under the knife and after she acted in Jism (After all Jism was a big assets movie!)

Besides the article struck me more, being a part of the medical fraternity! Where was the doctors’ integrity?

It reminded me of a dialogue from the movie ‘Scent of a woman’ where Al Pacino hollers out, “...he wont sell himself and he wont sell out others... and that is integrity!”

So is the doctor’s integrity heading for differentiation?

This nation need no more scandals, the celebrities are already doing enough!

Besides, the doctor is supposedly well known among celebrities by changing their name in medical records to protect their identity.

Also the staffs of the hospital were also more than happy to reveal that poor Bipasha also got a ear job done too...guess that’s called waxing eh?! Or should we say de-waxing?!!

Considering that the doctor changes the name of his patients I just wonder if it isn’t Bipasha at all!! Its actually Rakhi Sawant and the ear job is for the actress who got her ears chewed off by Emran Hashmi in the excuse of what was supposed to be steamy on-screen chemistry?!

So a shot of ‘censor’-caine for a shot of fame???

What say you??

The A to Z of MSRMC!!!


Another post to reminisce the days at MSRMC... (if ur thinking what other post...its the one before this called 'mixed emotions') it an old fools rubbish or call it the ranting of a poor soul...hell yeah I’m way too stuck up to all the things that have happened over the past few years that I’m not too sure if I’d want to move on...but as they say 'the show must go on..'...the same way 'life goes on'. Nevertheless read thru for an A to Z of life in the past 6 years. Many things I’ve mentioned here may be quite specific to us medicos but what the on...

A: anatomical snuff box...the eternal ragging question and something that many still have difficulty finding!

B:Bailey and love eh??! Nooonsense I say....B for bombat...chindi...Also for BABA..the one and only Correct Baba!! day where life exists for many couples

D...demolition divide?

E...exams and more...

F...the one and only FEMUR and the one and only department of FEMUROLOGY...founded by Dr. Mujahid and Dr. Krishnan..

G...ghanta...dedicated to one and only shaan patti!! Also for Ganga....

H...for Hari Sadu?? H for Hitler!!

I....kuchikoo at the indology centre...

J...for Jaadoo of krish fame(in our class??!!)

K...for KRISHHHHHHHHHHHH (Baby for friums and badam milk)

L...Lambesh...dedicated to the tall chaps Sada and Krishnan..

M...Mahadeva tea stall...tea stall for some...hang out for some....kuchikoo(!!!?!?!) for yet some others!! Either way most of us cudnt hav gone thru a day of coll wid out mahadevas tea, coffee and lime juice!!

N....nim ajji loafer!! Bloody Gibbs :)

O....oro-anal fistula among other things....mayb u cud add OBG too!!??

P....parking lot...park...pavan...??

Q....queen of mischievous ladies....Our one and only Vidya Narayan

R....rooftops at eternal porthole into the unending mystery that is ramaiah architecture....R also for RED...(Yes Sada...thats just for u!!) R also for Ramaiah anthem and Ramaiah Salute!!

S....sacromandibular joint...another anatomical milestone in the history of femurology...S also for Sambamurthy the big man of ENT!

T...tambakasura and downs...Ramaiah Roads!

V: Vicky’s canteen

W...Whitfield’s ointment which was fun preparing...among other things we had fun preparing were purgatives and turpentine liniment.

X...X rays r harmful...learn and let the technician kno...

Y...yaaaro bhupathi

Z...nothing...its the last letter...ZZZZ ZZ ZZ Z Z Z ZZZZ

Discharge Summary!!!!!


Hey ppl...
many ppl were wonderin wat the hell i meant by my orkut profile name "venkat-discharge summary released!"...
with no more cribbin... i'll get down to the point here...discharge summary is the name we have given to our yearbook!!
And I thot i'll put up an image of the coverpage v designed and my profile in the yearbook to giv u an idea of wat our discharge summary looks like!!!!
heres the coverpage......

(image) and the megalomaniac that i am and that dirty habit i hav of blowin my own trumpet too much heres my profile in the yearbook.... ;)

Its bin a topsy turvy ride to get ppl to pay for get sponsors to cover our total get ppl to fill in a get them to submit a pediatric age finalise a layout....blah...blah and then to go into print and bring it out within 3 months!!
Am happy that v made this souvenir that we will cherish as a part of our stay in MSRMC and more over we'll reminsce the times v spent here...
Vishwas has been the graphics designer for our yearbook....he has done an AMAZIN job!!!!!
cheeers to the batch of 2001-02!!!!!!!!!!!!