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Politics served up with a smile... And a stilletto.

Published: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 15:05:36 +0000


By: Kuni

Sun, 09 Dec 2007 12:43:45 +0000

I always here about these alleged lies Joe Wilson was supposed to have told. But I never see them. For one, he NEVER claimed that Cheney sent him. He admitted in his summer of 2003 article that he never seen the forgeries. And the reporter who claimed that Joe told him that, the same reporter that the Republican dominated (at the time) Senate Intelligence Committee, has issued a retraction stating that Joe had not said that. No wonder Joe told the Committee he had no idea what they were talking about when he was asked. And ALL the investigations we had into the failed Intelligence all state that Iraq was NOT restarting its nuclear program, and had abandoned it in the early 90’s; and thus was NOT trying to get uranium from Niger. So Wilson was also right on that. From the SIC Report: (U) The assessment that Iraq "is reconstituting its nuclear program" was not supported by the intelligence provided to the Committee. From the ISG (Duelfer) Report: Iraq Survey Group (ISG) discovered further evidence of the maturity and significance of the pre-1991 Iraqi Nuclear Program but found that Iraq’s ability to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program progressively decayed after that date. The Butler Report admits that while “at the time” the Brit’s though Iraq was trying to get uranium; that it was later found that in fact Iraq was not.

By: Rick Moran

Sat, 02 Jun 2007 15:51:17 +0000

I can't believe I have to spell this out for you. You have to be the densest moron who ever visited this site. I will try to put it in words of less than 3 syllables, 'kay? Larry Johnson gloats over the fact that people are wrong about Plame. Larry Johnson has no business gloating over anything considering the fact he has been wrong himself on about even larger issues in the past. It is a question of hypocrisy. Not deflecting attention from anything - something I acknowledge straight up front. Or do I have to spell that out for you too. Now - go away and stop commenting on this site. You are an embarassment to rational thought. You waste my time.

By: Tom Jordan

Sat, 02 Jun 2007 13:49:01 +0000

I don't get it. You get proven totally wrong and you try to misdirect attention from it by criticizing someone for something they said 6 years ago? Then you call them immature? What next, telling all the other girls that your enemy is a skank? Is this a spoof site or something?

By: Tom

Fri, 01 Jun 2007 21:47:55 +0000

Off topic? WTF! I counted on the so-called "military professionals" to stop the wing-nut neocons from throwing us off a cliff. My bad.

By: Rick Moran

Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:44:45 +0000

Tom: Off topic comments not allowed. That and the number of half truths, no truths, and irrational statements - too many that are either laughable falsehoods or simple minded theories - to debunk.

By: Dale in Atlanta

Thu, 31 May 2007 14:29:17 +0000

"R.L.Page Said: 12:09 am You know you’re on the cutting-edge of WingNutWorld when you’ve got ‘Dale in Atlanta’ backing you up while you give credence to the delusions of NorwayGeorge (a/k/a SexySexySexion.)" Well, I see reading comprehension is not one of "RL's" strong points! I never 'backed up" Rick, in fact, he and I differ quite dramatically on the whole Plame affair, as I took pains to point out! I said "nice summation"; but I don't agree with his views on the subject at all, and made that clear! As for Seixon, I used to read his Blog, and post there on occasion, I also made the following statement: "I know that story"! That was it, I never said I believed his story, or didn't believe it, or make any other comment. I read Seixon's Blog for maybe a year; he seemed like a very well-informed, nice young man. He made a lot of good points, and whatever happened to him, he clearly was frightened by it, and I have a tendancy to believe, that SOMETHING "happened" to scare him; no, I don't think he's delusional at all. The PUNK Larry Johnson doesn't like him, and he has clearly threatened people in the past, so I'm sure that he probably did it to Seixon; but that's what I'm saying NOW; I didn't say it in my previous post, you just invented that out of whole cloth, because you had nothing intelligent to add! Besides, I've had "conversations" with certain individuals, inside the "Beltway", and also inside "Langley" since Larry went on his threatening spree; I forwarded all the appropriate Blog URL's, and comments in open forums Larry has made, and well as pointed them in a couple of other directions. They are NOT a "domestic" law enforcement Agency as you know, but of course, it is in their interest to know when one of their former low-level employees, is making threats, and attempting to portray that short, insignificant employment as something other than what it was, especially when he insinuates that he can threaten peoples lives and or well being! So, unlike "Larry", I won't make threats or insinuations in that regard, that Larry is being "watched" or anything like that, I in fact DON'T KNOW, and I don't WANT to know; but all I will say, is that I did my level best, to bring his nonsense to the attention of people who are in a position to care about what he did, and leave it at that! Joe Helgerson Said: 10:02 pm I guess than my 84 year old dad, a WW2 vet, who received the Bronze Star for action during the Battle of the Bulge, who thinks the invasion of Iraq was the stupidest thing this country ever did, must be weak according to Dales views. Ah YEAH! You can't believe the number of Leftists, who post, and tell me that they have an uncle, or a dad, or a cousin, who served in WWI, or Korea, or Vietnam, and they disagree with Bush/Iraq, and because of their relative's prior service, that excuses it all! Okay, sure, whatever... Let's see: my Uncle was killed in Achen, by a Sniper, after the Battle of the Bulge; his Wife and Son are both for the invasion, and the fight against Islamofacists! My other Uncle, served in Korea for 2 years; DITTO! I have a total of 5 other Uncles, who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; ALL agree with the invasion of Iraq, and Support the war on terror! My father was in US Army Aircorps ROTC, and was on track to be a pilot; he was 4F'd out, because he was seriously injured on a summer construction job between college school years, otherwise, he'd have served too! Big deal I guess....but he is wholeheartedly behind the invasion, the President and the war on Islamofascists! Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention, when my father got 4F'd out of the USAAC, after he recovered, he ended up in "Government Service", and we as a family spent over 30 years living in Africa and the Middle East, to include: Liberia, Nigeria, Egypt, and Sudan! I do know a little about the subject... I served in the United States Marine Cor[...]

By: Rick Moran

Thu, 31 May 2007 12:25:00 +0000

I know where you are living. You forget that I do work for the European Union and friends in Interpol. I’ve offered you a mature way to deal with this situation. You’re obviously too immature and inexperienced to recognize the offer for what it is. Too bad. Larry Johnson Yes...classy.

By: MayBee

Thu, 31 May 2007 12:22:13 +0000

You stay classy, Larry Johnson.

By: Rob Crawford

Thu, 31 May 2007 12:03:13 +0000

Just last week the rightwing extremists went on a rampage about the memo I posted from the US mission in Iraq. Whoops! turns out I was right. For values of "right" that include being taken in by poorly faked letterhead. Didn't you have even a moment's doubt about it? Didn't it look the least bit wrong to you? And if outing a CIA "operative" is wrong, why aren't you baying for Armitage to face justice?

By: Larry Johnson

Thu, 31 May 2007 06:27:57 +0000

Rick, buddy, one more thing, if you think I live to go on TV you are doing some sort of wonderful mind altering drugs. Frankly, TV is a waste of time. I learned in November 2002 that predicting that going to war in Iraq would be a diversion in the war on terrorsim got Rupert Murdoch's dander up and he ordered his minions to stop using me. Fine by me. Obviously you envy your brother and imagine that if only you could get on the tube folks would recognize your brilliance. Good luck. I'll be happy to forward your name and contact info to some bookers. I've learned to follow Nancy Reagan's advice and, usually, I just say no.