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Comments on Paul Tyma: Review: 2 Books on Anti-Religion

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Atheism is nothing more than another religion. The...


Atheism is nothing more than another religion. The same way religions insists on their view of the world, atheism insists on its own.

Believing in evolution could be a belief in itself, and I found it somewhat orthogonal to traditional religious beliefs or affiliations.

I enjoyed reading your review on the two books. I ...


I enjoyed reading your review on the two books. I myself believe in God, however I also believe that the argument between religion and anti-religion is always very enriching for both sides (especially intellectual ones).Nevertheless, I would like to comment on several points you mentioned in your review (which were probably also mentioned in the books which I to-be-honest havent read yet).First, I would like to comment on the criticism of the term "atheist". atheist simply means that the person doesnt believe in God, and doesnt believe in all religions in general. The word itself doesnt imply good or bad, it's just a way of classification that's more of a language issue rather than a religious one. Religious affiliation is in a way (from a linguistic point of view) similar to nationality, "christian" or "jew" is not that different (as a classification) than "american", "european" or "asian". An american belongs to no country except USA. It doesnt make him less of a citizen that he doesnt belong to the other countries. Also, the fact that the various religions disagree with each other doesnt make them of less value, and it doesnt make atheism of higher value.Also, I would like to point out that my favorite arguments for atheism are those directed at the idea of a God and not the teachings of a specific religion (which was mainly Christianity in those 2 books, probably due to how american culture such as "bible is the #1 seller book" and "religion means christianity" and "if christianity is wrong then all other religions are").The arguments used against Christianity (even if proven true and valid) would only mean that Christianity is flowed, and those arguments can't extend (as much) to other religions like Buddism or Scientology or Islam, which are harder to criticize from a scientific background, as they do not contradict with science, along with many others ofcourse. In fact, finding flows in Christianity would actually help most other religions and support them (and many of the flows in christianity were actually suggested by other religions, like scientology and islam, before atheists started using them).Also, I would like to add that the reason why religious people are regarded as more backwards, aggressive and damaging is not because of their religion (whatever it was), but it's rather because of the fact that the great majority of people (nowadays) follow some religion or the other, and most of the time, a great majority of people are idiots. So it makes sense that the great majority of religious people are idiots, which I admit is true.However, if you look at each of those religions where it's (or was) a minority (and best examples are obtained from times when those religions were just emerging), you'd find that the opposite case is true, and that the religion's followers were the great intellectuals and the poeple who did not follow those religions were the less intellectual ones (since they were the majority).What I want to express here is that one cannot dismiss the idea of the existance of God by just dismissing one religion, or by showing the faults of the followers of that religion (since you normally get good followers and bad followers in every religion, or category of people). You cannot claim that Christianity is a terrorist religion by looking at the inquisitions and crusades (if the Vatican went kamakazi for some time, it doesnt mean that Christianity is bad, it means the Vatican was corrupted by politics for a while) or claim that Islam is a terrorist religion (which is a very common misconception) by looking at Bin Ladin and ALQaida and the likes (which probably form much less than 1% of muslims during the worst era in Islam's History, and during an era when muslims actually stopped following their religion as much due to oppression, wars and other problems that haunted them for 500 years on average).And even if someone actually manages to find contradictions in all religions in the world. Then its the easiest thing for people to believe in a religion of their own where th[...]