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Comments on The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب:

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Revolution is the right action against most of the...


Revolution is the right action against most of the corrupted politicians, especially Hariri. One of the comments following your article said Hariri was not the first and will not be the last of the corrupted Lebanese politicians. First, it's the typical way of justifying one's (or someone's)vices by showing others' ones. Second, He (i.e. Hariri) was not surely the first (concerning the 75 war), but he certainly was one of the first; and he surely is not the last one, but his descendant/s are continuing his way and even worse". Here comes a question: when Hariri was suggested especially by Saudi Arabia as the "savior" of Lebanon by his wealth (and here you are right about Lebanese crying his wealth not his person) DID ANYONE investigate whether he really had that wealth or not? The answer is no! I mean he might have been presented much more wealthier than he really was, to impress the materialistic mentality of the majority of the Lebanese people. Just an example about Hariri-the-lie (I consider him by himself as a lie) is the fictive companies he "created" and that was proved; so what about extending this same logic which is his, backwards to his beginning? He might have been rich but only as much as a commissioner of weapon factories and companies who was selling to all parties during the war. Third, how could he urge the gathering of the MPs in Ta'ef and the implementation of the "agreement" having taken place there, except if he had "good" (in the bad meaning) relation with all of the parties that were making the war? Fourth, NO ONE asked himself how the value of the US Dollar against the Lebanese Lira was suddenly stabilized. In other words, like the Lebanese proverb says; "7ameeha 7arameeha" (i.e. the protector himself is the thief): who else than him who stabilized the Lira had been able to make speculation through years to impoverish both the State and its People? We never forget his "collaborators", the warlords like Amine GEMAYEL, Samir GEAGEA (the Lebanese Forces' budget at the end of the eighties was the double of the government's one), Walid JUMBLAT, Nabih BERRY... Hence comes Jumblat's claim that Berry is detained by Hizbullah...But with all your good analysis and your brave position vis-á-vis Hariri (especially the way you interviewed or you tried to) which I'm proud of, you get close to "anarchy", intentionally or not, and assume Michel `Awn had (or have) "gangs". I'd like to know your reason and your point of view how you got to presume such a thing about the only present politician who is not criticized for his past but for his "intentions", except if you consider the Lebanese army as a group of "gangs"! Note that all of the others, including his opponents, are unanimous on his integrity adding their allegation: "But all what wants is to get to the power". I am so serious not ironic in what I'm going to say; and I urge your expalnation: Either you are anarchic, or you support some external power or you try to play a mental game. Otherwise you get caught in the same vice the Lebanese people have which you are criticizing and that can be formulated as follows: "I personally have the exclusivity of the truth". I mean those who pretend to be laïc (opposite of sectarian) fall in another way of "religion" which is their belief in the fact that religion by itself or that coming of a religious background is "evil". Besides, equalizing between all politicians, "good", "fair" and "bad" ones, is evil by itself since it wipes out any distinction for making good assumptions in life. So, the assumption that "all politicians are bad" involves two fundamental mistakes, both of a practical aspect:1- First because not ALL politicians (neither any other category of people!) are bad (corrupted) or, at least, they are not equal in that since, as an example, you yourself do do mistakes and there are many words in the dictionary that relate to this subject such as unwillingly, unintentionally, unconsciously... So there are two sides of the same coin: assuming "my son is the best" (i.e. the ONLY GOOD) or the same way "all t[...]

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You gave a very pessimistic view of the situation ...


You gave a very pessimistic view of the situation in Lebanon. It seems this country will never enjoy a lasting peace. You are right about the corruption and how people's loyalty is bought. Hariri was not the first one to do it and will not be the last. I left Lebanon for god in the late 80s, I feel sorry for all the Lebanese left behind.