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Published: 2015-05-25T15:40:35-07:00


a new 'monetary' system


I have an idea for a new monetary system. 'Money' will be issued to people and businesses based on a system of credits-and-debits. People will receive 'credits' for everything they do that benefits the environment, from growing their own vegetables,...

American Family Values?


I've been thinking how we all think we have such good values, because we're Americans or because we are Christians, or Jews or whatever it is - but I think really that Germans may have better values than we do...

the museum of extraordinary things + jane eyre


I enjoyed this book! Love Alice Hoffman's writing style: so vivid and sensate. Enjoyed the way she wove in the history of Coney Island - many layers - and studded her work with gems of wisdom. And of course, the...

"in search of nella larsen" by george hutchinson


Here is the review of this book I wrote for Amazon: "This book answered all my questions about Nella Larsen, and I appreciated the author's very readable style coupled with meticulous historiography. I did try to read Thadious Davis' book...

the homesman


Gary and I watched this film starring and produced and directed by Tommy Lee Jones. It was an excellent film, but not an easy one, about a homesteading woman who agrees to take three mentally ill pioneer women by wagon...

film: jimmie p.


Jimmie P is the story of the psychoanalysis of a Native American - I think they call him a Plains' Indian, but the setting is New Mexico. Jimmie is a veteran who was not seriously injured in the second world...

loveship hateship


This film is all about letting go and moving on as part of 'healing' from trauma. A family has been traumatized by an accidental death. Young mother, father and little girl go out in the speedboat which crashes and Mom...

quicksand by nella larsen


I've completed my reading of Nella Larsen's Quicksand. I thought her writing was simply superlative in Passing, and I haven't changed my opinion. I found 'Quicksand' to be well written and very interesting from the autobiographical angle, especially her trip...

nella larsen


I've just finished reading Nella Larsen's "Passing" and also Sinclair Lewis' "Kingsblood Royal." Both are absolutely excellent books for anyone interested in the history of racism in our country right up to the present day - although these books both...

the treasure of montsegur by sophy burnham


I just finished reading this book, The Treasure of Montsegur: A Novel of the Cathars, by Sophy Burnham, while still engrossed in "Kingsblood Royal," but I want to write my review while it's still fresh. I've read several books on...