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Joust The Facts

"The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true."

Updated: 2013-11-25T17:47:31-05:00


I Can't Believe Someone Wrote This Sentence


Prepare for the True-Believing Progressives this holiday season (those of you with some in your family) - they have their marching orders. It doesn't appear to be incidental, a coincidence, or random. The scariest advice comes at the first link, from Slate. The article is titled, I kid you not,...

Amen To That!


Mr. President, for America's sake, please, please, listen to your hometown newspaper. On some level, then, the president plainly agrees with critics of Obamacare, this page included, that the law needs to be rewritten: He and his administration keep rewriting its major components — remember the mandate that sizable employers...

Covered? I Think Not.


The Heritage Foundation ObamaCare ad: Let's survey the carnage so far. Zero signups in Hawaii? Zero on the first day in Louisiana? And the software alone, the one that is virtually unusable, cost $634 million (and was supposed to cost $93 million as originally proposed? That's your smart, efficient government...

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Woman?


Just before taking on her position as President Obama's National Security Advisor, current UN Ambassador Susan Rice surfaced to interject her expert opinion regarding yet another international crisis. She called on all of her expertise in international relations, foreign affairs, and national security to tell us that Edward Snowden, the...

Remodeling In Green


The Boston Celtics said goodbye to an aging "Big Three" member last year (oddly replacing him with another aging shooter), and this year, with a draft day agreement with the Brooklyn Nets, have said goodbye to the other two. Word is out that the Nets and Celtics have agreed to...

The Joust The Facts "Quote Of The Day", Appetite For Destruction Edition


From the inimitable Mark Steyn, writing at National Review and discussing the IRS' appetite for doing things that decent, honorable, moral government servants ought to know they shouldn't: If you don’t instinctively know it’s wrong to stay in $3,500-a-night hotel rooms at public expense, a revised conference-accommodations-guidelines manual isn’t going...

I Remember When ...


... it wasn't cool for the federal government to spy on Americans ... it wasn't cool to lie to Congress ... journalists used unusual secret sources to break big stories, and were celebrated rather than tagged as criminals. ... it was potentially a big problem for the guys at the...

The Joust The Facts "Quote Of The Day" - "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" edition


Robert Tracinski writing on the electic car, that preposterous amalgam of fossil fuel snobbery and environmental ignorance foisted on Americans by modern green alchemists who seem to think fuel, in the form of electricity, miraculously appears in your house from the "ether". Electric cars never really made any sense. They...

The 24th Anniversary of Pan Am 103


December 21st of 2012 is allegedly the date the world comes to an end, according to Mayan lore. I know, the Mayans came to an end long before this date, but who's counting. The date, however, has already been significant twice for my family and me. In 1988 Pan Am...

A Waste Of Ink At Reuters


Reuters, apparently completely unfamiliar with both partisan political campaigning and federal responses to natural disasters, thinks the following is "newsworthy: NJ governor pledges to vote Romney despite praising Obama NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended his praise for President Barack Obama after superstorm Sandy, but said...

The UNH/WMUR New Hampshire State Poll Pursues Credibility


It doesn't do anything for a poll's credibility to be seen as inept once the results roll in. Which made the UNH/WMUR poll for several months fairly inexplicable. I work in a business that brings people from all walks of life into a private room with me, and often topics...



UPDATE 11/3/12 0710: Not so out on a limb, perhaps? Michael Barone is on the 315 number also. But I had it first! (HT: Hot Air) Okay, now I'm really out on a limb here. Below is my electoral map, produced at Real Clear Politics. (You can go here and...

You Want More? I Don't - The Joust The Facts Endorsement


Exactly four years ago, on October 30, 2008, The Joust The Facts endorsement for President of the United States reviewed the lack of accomplishment, inexperience, nebulous feel-good gestalt and nefarious associations of then-Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. It's worth revisiting not only to see what the problems with his candidacy...

Apropos of Nothing ...


Just because I thought you needed a break from the endless stream of ads screeching about how Mitt Romney is going to steal your life savings and give it to Donald Trump and Bill Gates, or rip out your uterus and let his Supreme Court nominees play volleyball with it....

Can't The White House Handle The Truth?


In A Few Good Men Jack Nicholson, as Col. Nathan Jessup famously declared to Lt. Daniel Caffey (played by Tom Cruise), "You can't handle the truth!" The question today is, can the White House? In the second presidential debate Barack Obama declared self-righteously that he had identified the Benghazi terrorist...