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sAy AnYtHiNg

Where "Juicy Tidbits*" abound... *Juicy Tidbit = Any piece of info or topic that is yummy enough to discuss.

Published: 2009-10-07T14:00:17-07:00


Today is Our Anniversary


Today, my husband and I celebrate 14 years of marriage. Here is how our anniversary conversation went this morning: Me: "Do you have anything to say to me this morning?" My husband: "I'm sorry?" Me: I don't say anything at...

Here is How I Feel About Twitter


Frankly, I really just don't give a rat's behind. I know, I know it probably makes me sound hopelessly out of touch or old fashioned, but really I just don't need to know the every move and every thought of,...

Bring on the Bubble Wrap


I'm back, for today anyway. Honestly, it is not for lack of intent that I haven't been writing. Each day I think, "I've got to do a post today", and then life kicks in and before I know it another...

Something's Amiss


I have a regular workout schedule that includes swimming, running, hip hop classes, and every Wednesday morning a class called CRT (Cardio Resistance Training). It is taught by a scary, evil lovely woman named Donna. I am convinced she enjoys...

I'm Embracing My Fluff


Some people might call the phenomenon that is happening to my hair right now as frizz. I however, am choosing to think of it as fluff, and since the weather reports indicate that the dampness will not be leaving us...

I Thought About it, I really Did


As you may have noticed, I haven't been around these parts for a while. I have been extremely busy, what with all the spring cleaning, room momming, business owning, exercising, etc. etc. Honestly though, that is not the real reason...

Spring Cleaning


I think I am safe in saying that Spring has FINALLY sprung. It hasn't been all that obvious, because although we do have buds on trees and bushes, and daffodils and tulips ready to was 37 degrees on Tuesday....

Try it, You'll Like it


I am a big fan of soup. Soup of all kinds. One of my all time favorites is Avgolemono (greek lemon rice soup), and these days I don't get nearly enough of it...kind of like these other favorites that I...

Today's Wisdom


Today's wisdom comes to me from my 6 year old daughter. The other day my son, my daughter, and I were discussing the nominees for the Kid's Choice Awards and the subject of favorite band came up. One of the...

Wow, Eleven Already!


It seems like 5 minutes ago that I woke up at 3:00am with what I thought were gas pains. It turned out it was something far more important. It was time for us to go to the hospital for the...

O.K., It's time for you to go!


Dear Germs: I am sorry to tell you, but you have overstayed your welcome, and it is now time for you to hit the road. Your visit started like gang busters with my husband's food poisoning a couple of weeks...

Top O' The Mornin" To Ya!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am officially Irish by marriage, however, my husband who is 75% Irish didn't even know what day St. Patrick's Day was until he was 20 years old and I told him. I think the thing...

Things That Make Me Go...Hmmmm.


1. I noticed the other day that my liquid/foam hand soap has an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle. Can soap actually expire? If so, what happens to me if I use expired soap? Will it not really...

It Made Me Smile Too


Last night as my daughter was sleeping, I heard her giggle in her sleep. It made me smile, thinking that she was having such a happy dream that it made her laugh out loud. My dream for both my daughter...

Wanna Win Something Today?


If you would like a chance to win not one, but two, yes two $50.00 gift cards go here and enter Jenny's contest. Just tell her what she should give away for the auspicious occasion of her 4ooth post. If...

The Snow Plow Strikes Again


As you may remember last year during Spring Break, we had a lovely little surprise from the snow plow. Yes, I did just mention Spring Break and snow plow in the same sentence. It should be illegal, I agree, and...

Help for Winter Skin


Winter is just a beauty bonanza isn't it? What with the paler than the snow skin, the static city hair, the occasional red nose, causing us to resemble our friend Rudolph -- which is particularly charming when paired with the...

It's All About the Dress


Unless you live under a rock somewhere in Outer Mongolia, you are probably aware that the Oscars were on last night. I will come clean by saying I did not watch a single minute of the show. As I get...

Today's Wisdom


Today's wisdom comes to me from my 6 year old daughter and my husband. I am not sure exactly how the conversation started, but something to do with a love story of some sort...probably princess related. My husband to my...

Facebook...Real Friend or Frenemy?


Are you on Facebook? I am and I must say that it really is quite surreal. Suddenly I find myself in touch with people I haven't seen or even thought about in 20 or more years. I have even connected...