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Preview: Glowy Box: Basking in Television's Friendly Radiation

Glowy Box: Basking in Television's Friendly Radiation

We love TV. And that's why we tease it mercilessly.

Updated: 2017-04-28T10:40:20.067-04:00


See you in a month!


Hello, boys and girls! Apologies all around for the lack of updates lately, and for the following:Glowy Box will be on a temporary hiatus for the next month while I transition into a new job and take a much-needed vacation. I will be back and posting by the end of March (when there's actually stuff to post about). In the meantime, I encourage you to read the many fabulous blogs linked in my (image)

Lipstick Jungle: Potential is a terrible thing to waste.


Tonight on Lipstick Jungle, we rejoin our three heroines as they learn for once and for all that they absolutely cannot have it all. Or even a little, in fact. Disaster looms at every turn in the form of bribable nannies, picky princes, and thieving assistants. And yet, as the plot flies by fast enough to make my head spin, I'm still very much un-grabbed. Maybe it's the sometimes painful dialogue(image)

The Writers' Strike is Over!


...Which means that someday, somehow, I will actually find something to write about here again. Because seriously, I've watched, like, three hours of new television in the past week. If that. Bring on the new episodes!In the meantime, there are several new interviews up on Adopt A Writer, which will be continuing post-strike, since introducing viewers to writers is certainly a worthy cause. (image)

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Farewell, Peter! We'll miss the drama you created...


Tonight on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, the show finished up the season in Miami, where we were treated to a hefty dose of drama as Janice and Peter finally settled their differences with a winner-takes-all cage match. Okay, okay, it was more of a quiet lunch where Janice's lawyer did most of the talking. But a cage match would've been way better, if you ask me.We begin, though, with the (image)

TV Blog Coalition: Links, in absence of real content (sorry.)


Buzz wonders how many '80s TV references you can pack into one little Ben Lee music video. (BuzzSugar)Araya tells us why Friday Night Lights is number 2 on his Top 10 TV Shows list. (Daemon's TV)Mikey was relieved to see Ricky finally get auf'd on Project Runway, but he still has considerable beefs with the current season. (Mikey Likes TV)Pop Vultures interviewed writer Eric Estrin and got his (image)

Lipstick Jungle: Sex and the City...without the sex.


Following on the heels of Cashmere Mafia, Darren Star's post-Sex and the City series about four career women supporting each other through thick and thin, we have Lipstick Jungle, Candace Bushnell's post-Sex and the City series about three career women supporting each other through thick and thin. I'm actually glad things are trending this way, because I've got a great series idea about two (image)

Adopt A Writer: New interviews!


In addition to my interview with Sam, we've got two new interviews up on Adopt A Writer!Nina Bargiel, interview by Kimra for BuzzSugar.Recent reports that the writers’ strike could be nearing its end are good news for TV and movie fans, but they’ve got to be even better news for folks like Nina Bargiel. As a member of the Writers Guild of America, Bargiel — who wrote 17 episodes of Lizzie McGuire(image)

Kate Walsh wants you to vote!


I'm gonna make an executive decision here and say that Kate Walsh's presence (among many others) in the following super-inspirational video makes it TV-related. Also, it's an awesome video which allows me to remind you that if you live in one of the states listed here, you should be voting today. And if you want to vote for Obama, all the better! But seriously, the most important thing is that (image)

Adopt A Writer: Sam Kass


Sam Kass isn’t a household name, though some of his credits certainly are. In a career full of highs and lows, Sam made the incredible leap from driving a cab in New York City while working as a playwright to writing for what many have called the greatest television show of all time – Seinfeld. He’s been a WGA member since 1994, but estimates that he only made enough money to support his wife and(image)

TV Blog Coalition: Linker Bowl


Buzz suggested some books for fans missing their Gossip Girl, Brothers & Sisters, Heroes, and more. (BuzzSugar) This week, Daemon's TV introduced their new regular feature, DVR (Daemon Video Recap), a fun video recap chipmunk-style of your favorite TV shows. (Daemon's TV) Liz enjoyed a hefty dose of manufactured drama (with some crazy bitch, to boot) on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. ((image)

I'll drink to that...


I don't often get to write about it, since this is a TV blog and all, but I'm a huge musical theatre nerd. Huge. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that PBS's Great Performances series will be airing John Doyle's recent production of Company, the groundbreaking Sondheim musical about love and relationships starring a completely brilliant Raúl Esparza. (Seriously, I saw this (image)

On the Glowy Box: Not a hell of a lot...


As I said earlier, real life and Adopt A Writer have taken over my blogging (and, worse, TV-watching) time, so...not a lot going on over here. Sorry. I borrowed the Wonderfalls DVDs from a co-worker, so I'm hoping to make my way through those in the near future (and finally watch the second season of Weeds, of course). So much TV, so little time...even during the strike!Tonight:Eli Stone: Eli (image)

Strike Wars


I'm crazy busy with Adopt A Writer and real life right now, so enjoy this impressively well-made video while you eagerly await my next post...(image)

On the Glowy Box: Project Runway reruns make me sad


Don't get excited for any new episodes of Pushing Daisies this season, even if the strike ends this week. Nuts.Last Night:House: New episodes of good scripted shows renew my soul...although it was a bit odd that Fox saved the Christmas episode until after the holidays. I mean, there was a Secret Santa "exchange" and everything! And I have to say, I'm getting more and more irritated with the token(image)

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Get ready for a CRAZY cliffhanger!


Tonight on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we got a hefty dose of Janice/Peter conflict, a hefty dose of Desireé being too big for her britches, and a hefty dose of JP being kind of a jerk. Also, some modeling and stuff. Just to fill in the gaps between the drama.The opening salvos of WWIII?: We rejoin Janice at the Ed Hardy casting as she and Peter fight it out over his pulling JP and Dominic (image)

On the Glowy Box: New 'House' Alert!


There are about eight billion rumors flying around the internet about the strike ending soon. I truly hope they're accurate, but we need to keep the pressure on until we know for sure!Last Night:The State of the Union: [Insert retching sounds here.]Tonight:House: As the team runs tests to determine what caused a woman to have sudden paralysis of the hands, the rest of her system begins to shut (image)

New Speechless Video!


The presence of Maggie Gyllenhaal alone makes this video awesome, so this line is mere icing on the cake: "The last time that I went out with 'AMPaTaPuh,' he said he didn't want to waste his money tipping a waiter 20 percent, because he wasn't sure that the restaurant business was going to pan out!"(image)

Adopt A Writer: Meet the WGA, one writer at a time


Now that the website is up and running with a couple interviews, I'm proud to formally introduce the Adopt A Writer project, which I'm organizing with Rae and Kelley from Ramblings of a TV Whore (and with much-needed help from United Fandom and United Hollywood).Each participating blog will interview a TV writer about their life as a writer —and as a striking writer— with the goal of putting a (image)

On the Glowy Box: If I hate Mondays and love lasagna, does that make me Garfield?


Thanks to the WGA's interim deal with Lionsgate, writers from Mad Men and Weeds will be able to go back to work! Huzzah!Over the Weekend:Psych: This had to be one of my favorite Psych episodes yet. From the awesome Spanish-language theme song (another gold star for special opening credits, Psych!) to Shawn as an eyeliner-wearing telenovela star, the entire hour had me laughing out loud. It was (image)

TV Blog Coalition: Links "R" Us


Buzz shared tons of stories from the Freaks and Geeks reunion in San Francisco. (BuzzSugar)Sandie interviewed Sophia Myles who plays Beth Turner on Moonlight. (Daemon's TV)Liz watched writers from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report stage a hilarious mock debate on the strike. (Glowy Box)Mikey wishes that James Marsters was in every episode of Torchwood. (Mikey Likes TV)Fergus looked at five (image)

Project Runway: Sigh...


I'm going to start this post off with a quote from Glowy Box alumna Lori: "What is it about making dresses out of denim that makes designers start bawling in front of the judges? Not that it takes a lot to set Ricky off, but still. That guy makes Andrae look like Nina." I couldn't have put it better myself, dude. Denim is clearly a very emotional fabric. Who knew?I've got totally mixed feelings (image)

On the Glowy Box: So long, and thanks for all the Chuck!


Man, this week is kicking my ass. Sorry for the lack of posts--I'll do better next week, promise!Last Night:Chuck: Oh, Chuck. I will miss you so, SO much. And NBC, it's just cruel to tell us that new episodes of Chuck are "coming soon" unless you know something about the negotiations that we don't. For shame. So let's see... I loved the promos during the commercials, I loved that we really (image)

On the Glowy Box: CHUCK!!!


I'm pretty slammed today, so this is gonna be quick and dirty. Sorry!Last Night:Hollywood Residential: I am definitely liking this show--so much potential there. Did anyone else catch it?Head Case: The main character is way too exaggerated for my taste--not at ALL relatable, but not really crazy in a funny way, either. Just painful. I loved Jeff Goldblum and Ione Skye's guest appearances, though!(image)

Glowy Box on the Scene: Daily Show and Colbert Report Writers Stage Mock Debate on the Strike


As a DC-based blogger, I've sadly been left out of most WGA events. No picketing here, no awesome benefit shows to attend, no solidarity rallies. Today, though, DC got its day in the sun as writers from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report staged a mock debate in the halls (well, hearing room) of Congress on why America should care about the strike. And you guys, it was awesome. UPDATE: Scroll (image)

On the Glowy Box: Cross your fingers for productive negotiating!


As informal talks resumed yesterday between the WGA and AMPTP, the writers agreed to drop proposals to unionize animated and reality TV writers. Here's hoping that AMPTP is half as reasonable. If we aren't going to get a real TV season this year, I'm at least banking on a solid pilot season and thus a decent season this fall, goddammit.Last Night:Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Janice would (image)