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Preview: FEMA, Katrina, and other bad words

FEMA, Katrina, and other bad words

Thoughts on Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and having a brand new baby boy

Updated: 2016-09-08T00:29:18.122-04:00


Trip to New Orleans


The seniors at my school are offered some wonderful opportunities at the end of the year.  They are given several options for trips, experiences, and investigation.  We call it "Senior Explorations.  One of the teachers in the Upper School is planning a trip to New Orleans, and she asked for my input on things for them to do.  I was so eager to help that I have been asked to even go.  I have now



I can't help but think that there is a major connection between the type and ferocity (and frequency) of crimes in New Orleans and in border towns in Mexico recently.  It seems that both places depend heavily on tourism, drugs and the drug trade is a major source of revenue, and poverty abounds.  I am sure that sociologist, anthropologists, economists, etc., could tell me more, but I wonder why

"Louisiana isn't the only place with shrimp"


Mr. Prescott,You have made my life simpler.  Thank you.  Louisiana isn't the only place that has shrimp, that's for sure!  But it is where I grew up and where most of my family is.  None are shrimpers or oystermen or even work on the rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico.  So this little spill of yours doesn't directly affect my family.  But you and your irresponsible company have ruined countless miles



I showed my class a short video about the oil spill today. It looks as though some of the oil may get caught in the Loop Current and could head up the East Coast. This isn't a Louisiana problem, it's a national one. We aren't getting nearly enough news up here about this, but we should be. Things are going to get much worse, I fear.

My Pledge


The Saints are my favorite team. There are no two ways about it. When I had had enough after the 92 season and yet another playoff loss, I said I was done with the disappointment and heartbreak and was going to root for another team. I sorta did, too. I began following the Philadelphia Eagles - back when they had Randall Cunningham and that really nasty defense. But they weren't my home



After my last post, the Saints have gone on a 2 game losing streak. I did not intend to offend any of the following - God, Allah, Yahweh, Brian Bordelon, voodoo queens, witches, vampires, people who believe in jinxes, or any other person or being who connects with higher powers. I am sorry for this post, and I hope my apologies are accepted. I just want the Saints to finish strong and do us

Catching the Fever


Not swine flu.  The (amazing story about New Orleans AND the Saints) Other than that, things are great.  More once this amazing season ends.  WHO DAT!

We're really moving


Sure the house is smaller.  But there are three acres of land.  And it's 15 minutes from work, 10 minutes from Princeton, NJ, and 15 minutes from the train to NYC.  Also, it's just down the street from the Delaware and Raritan Canal State park and tons of hiking trails.  We sold our house in a couple of weeks, but then the buyer backed out.  In less than two weeks, we sold it again.  This time

Predictions Come True


It didn't take a genius to see this coming.  I know Cerasoli's quitting was a big disappointment.  The way that he was running the IG's office reminded me of Carl Hanratty played by Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can.  He was willing to work in the most deplorable and degrading conditions because he viewed his job as important.  Others, I fear, will be positioning themselves for other

Wish I had known...


About this race.  I am not sure I can run uphill for 300 feet, but I would have been willing to try.  There was no press on this at all.  I just happened to be in town crossing the Crescent City Connection around 6:45 and saw a ton of people running.  Since I am running part of a marathon as a relay team next week, this would have been a nice way to train while I was around.  Thanks,



It was 4 years ago today.  There are so many other things going on in the world that it's hard to keep this in the front of our collective minds.  But New Orleans is still suffering and reeling from the blow struck by Katrina and the failure of our federal levees. 

Welcome to New Orleans


For Sale


Our house is for sale.  I worked tirelessly this summer to get everything just right, and its time.  I have been commuting for 6 years, and it's just too hard with 2 dogs and a toddler.  And the prices in New Jersey have come down substantially from where they were 2 years ago.  So we have our house listed and have had 4 showings in 10 days.  Another showing is scheduled for Saturday.  I hope

What am I going to do now?


Jason David waived.Well, there's been talk that this wasn't his system. Blah blah blah. The guy was just not good enough. Sure he made a couple of big plays in his time with the Saints, but he also gave up a lot of big plays, game deciding plays. Honestly, who cares if you return an interception for a TD in the first game of the season when your team gets waxed. I care that the opposing



Two stories of good news, I think, for New Orleans.NY TImes assigns a new reporter to cover New OrleansThe Roosevelt Hotel reopens - Sazeracs anyone? (put in zip 43201 if asked)Keep on keeping on.

Changing Focus


After my endless tirade against #42 for the Saints last year, I have realized that perhaps I was too harsh on the man.  Maybe it's time to move forward from 2008's suckfest.  So I am going to hope for the Saints to do their best, make the playoffs, and win a game or two in the postseason.  And I hope that #42 makes the team and does a great job this year. #29*, on the other hand, sucks, even if

Dear Trader Joe's


Easton, PA is a vibrant and welcoming community whose populace would be interested, I believe, in a Trader Joe's.  We have a great location downtown that was an old Perkins restaurant and has plenty of parking (and a huge parking deck next door!).  It would be the only real supermarket downtown!  You wouldn't be able to build your suburban type store, but after living and frequenting your store



Given the iffy economic situation, wouldn't it be good for the federal government to give a little money to each local public broadcasting station?  I mean, there is nothing more agonizing than watching people try to convince you that YOU are the reason we are on the air.  What if I don't have any money to send YOU?  Now I can't be entertained by your excellent programming AND I have to watch you

Dear China


First of all, I would personally like to thank you for your proactive stance on swine flu. It is wonderful to see a rising superpower taking on a potential pandemic by quarantining passengers who may have been exposed to this disease. If only all countries ruled their populace and visitors with such an iron fist!Secondly, and more importantly, thank you for taking the Mayor of New Orleans, C.

Dear City Of Easton Public Officials


I voted FOR the charter change.  I did.  And when I got my tax bill this year, I was pretty upset.  I know you need some money.  I get it.  Things are tough for everyone, not just the city of Easton.  But to raise my taxes from 1% to 1.75% is pretty unconscionable.  My house (and many other houses) in Easton is virtually unsellable because.  My beautiful wife and I have worked hard to improve our

New Orleans is always on


Playing for Change has a few videos highlighting music and musicians from around the world.  In this clip, there are 3 musicians from New Orleans even though it was filmed just after Katrina.  What does that say about the importance and quality of music emanating from there?I am pretty sure I will be buying the CD before the end of the week.

Walking the walk


I went to a meeting in New York City this week to learn about New Leaders for New Schools.  This organization is committed to improving scores in underperforming schools by training new principals.  They generally like to run charter schools, and I know there is quite a bit of criticism regarding charters in New Orleans. It seems that the goal of NLNS is to get 90% proficiency by 90% of the

Civil Defense


How cool is this?!  I always wondered what was going on under that mountain on West End...

Don't be one


Someone showed me this today.  I particularly like the Santa Claus entry because it refers to David Vitter.  Not for viewing in the company of children.  But really funny.

I don't really drink it


But yea! for Dixie Brewing.  No one wants a flood (or deserves one).  But if you make it through, you deserve to celebrate a little, no?  Thanks, Dixie, for getting the brand out there in the proper way.  And if you live in Fargo, thank your lucky stars. Floods suck.  We were rooting for you!My post JazzFest update will be coming soon, but it's probably not going to be very complimentary.