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Updated: 2014-10-04T22:59:54.181-07:00


Autism from the inside out


People need to study autism, FC, neurology, intelligence, etc., before DARING to assume and presume they know of what they speak. I am a former FC user who became an independent typist after 3 years of being facilitated. I went from being considered profoundly retarded, severely autistic and unable to learn to having my IQ test at a genius level, having an Associate degree and a dual Bachelor's degree from an esteemed university (with honors), being a published author and composer and in-demand presenter at conferences and colleges. I just also happen to USE the augmentative communication device known as the Lightwriter and can assure you it is not only a very valid and accepted device but also a very expensive piece of equipment. So, please do some research and keep an open mind or you fail to give people who most deserve and need it the benefit of the doubt.