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Published: 2008-04-11T10:28:00-07:00


attention please!


Having decided to stop being ambivalent about the fact that I have a web presence, and instead to just have a damn web presence and learn to live with it, I've got a shiny new website over at I...

africa reading challenge.


I've decided to join the Africa Reading Challenge, which I first learned about from Matt Cheney. It's pretty straightforward: read six books this year that are either about Africa or by African authors. Ever since I first put together the...

first the bees, now the bats?


This story from the New York Times is disturbing--apparently bats are dying, in large numbers, and no one knows why. They're looking at a set of caves and mines in the northeast that are home to large bat colonies, and...

plant tending.


The weather's been beautiful here, and I've been penned up indoors most of the time. Yesterday afternoon, I took a break from indoors and worked on my plants a little bit. I have probably talked about the plants before. I...

friday housecleaning.


Closing tabs, as they say. I've seen a lot of people linking to this article from National Defense Weekly, about SIGMA, a group of science fiction writers who are offering their services to the US government in an advisory capacity....

Rainy-morning flowers.


Rainy-morning flowers. Originally uploaded by Susan Groppi

Is history a science?


Yesterday, in my lecture class (Science in the United States), we ended up having a bit of a class discussion about the borders and boundaries of science. I love this type of question, and I think that we learn a...

the robot future.


Just the other day, I was thinking that it must be some kind of indication about my personality that I got a warm fuzzy happy glow when I heard a newscaster on NPR use the phrase "giant robotic arms on...

playing the numbers.


Within the community of people who make their living paying attention to science--science writers, historians of science, science ethics and policy experts, among others--there are a few recurring concerns. One is the lack of scientific literacy in the general public,...

a personal history of the magnetic fields.


I saw the Magnetic Fields last night, at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. It was a great show, a good mix of old and new material, and I always love the differences between the live and recorded versions. Every...