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this is me not listening to you

Published: 2018-02-10T20:16:15-05:00


I've seen bear markets, they ain't church picnics


not bad

Why Evangelicals love Trump.


I'm just kidding, it's because they're disgusting hypocrites.

bubble much?


The Plot Against America


10 undisputed facts — and the smoke clears considerably: At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the Trump campaign, chaired by Paul Manafort (since indicted), worked behind the scenes to weaken the party platform's anti-Russia stance on Ukraine. "Trump revealed...

A conservative's liberal opinions.


thought this from Quora was decent My most liberal opinions? Well, I’m sure I have plenty but I’m only going to talk about those I know enough about to be able to defend. I have it on good authority that...

all you need to know about the stock market


No More Down Days

curb your enthusiasm




We're at warp speed now.


Twenty-four hours ago—this is the speed at which we are now operating—Aziz Ansari was a man whom many people admired and whose work, although very well paid, also performed a social good. He was the first exposure many young Americans...

why people love Israel


[from email] Israel is badass. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Israel has religious freedom. Israel is overwhelmingly hated by the anti-Semitic Arab world. Studies show that over 80% of people living in Arab countries (Saudi...

Kenyan Socialist vs GOP Billionaire.



true blue


The Journal editorial page are generally political hacks who are quite happy to ignore what's in their own reporting if it suits their zealotry, however it's hard to argue with this, “A few months ago Mike Pence was mocked for...

ipso facto


Winnie the Pooh reportedly walked around set without pants or underwear. Told young boys he would help their careers if the "gave him the honey". and Pepe Le Pew? Dead man walking

Trump to NYC: Drop Dead.


The GOP tax bill is a slap in the face of NYC. It's basically an attack on Blue States in general but of course NYC has some of the highest local and state taxes in the country and we are...

The Duke


well worth your time

Bitcoin technicals


I'm not the touchy-feely kind but


this is really good

Liam makes tea


Instagram for beginners


Late to the party but finally joined it. My favorites so far: Slut Whisperer Fuck Jerry and Barstool & The Onion of course.

Why Islamophobia makes sense.


From Quora: What is your most politically incorrect opinion? [to be clear I find most religions comically absurd and stopped believing in Santa too. But Islam in its various forms is particularly moronic- it's only 1,400 years old though, so...