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"United, our thing will stand" -- James Booker

Updated: 2014-10-28T08:36:29.512-04:00


See you over there


Dear Friends--I have made a fresh start. Please visit this new blog. Love to all, big up, big up.

This Could Happen Here


Holiday Party & Suns - Hornets Game Notes


Notes on last night's game up on SLAM. Come check out the party next Sunday, too.

Prospect 1 Log #1 on Tribes


This is the first piece I've done for Tribes on the Prospect 1 Biennial. More to come.

Still Tippin'


You can go here to see the Mayor's power point presentation and the full budget proposals. Lot to see in there. And a tone like weird, disfigured version of a Franklin Covey seminar. I guess this is how business gets done!!



This was the about when it hit me. When two families, black and white, at least 3 generations, stood up there in victory, with the flags and the crowd--that happened last night.As cynical as I leaned for the last few months, this beat it. Even in this warped land in 2008, the very fact that they could all win, together...And after all that bullshit of the last 8 years, we can still win, can

Hornets Kick-off Party Tomorrow Night + SLAM Preview


Alright, the GreyTone preview is up on SLAM right huurr.And the Hornets247 party hosted by myself and Ron Hitley is right huurrr.So we'll see you there, right?

Palin Kills Wolf Puppies


Debate What if #2: Mississippi - John - Hurt


What if they'd done the right thing and scheduled this debate in New Orleans? And then the Great Spasm happened and McCain pulled this latest stunt? Would he have cancelled on New Orleans? Could he escape the irony of the next Republican administration leaving the city hanging? Seems like that might've given the Obama people an even riper fruit to toss at this increasingly twisted opponent.

New N.O. Blogger on the Scene


Welcome to the internets, F. Baby.

Proposal for the Debate


Idea: why doesn't Obama say, you know what? I'll see your request to cancel our debate and go listen to Bush babble about this panic attack. But why don't we have our VP candidates debate in our place? The whole point of a VP, after all, is that he or she is prepared to step in if necessary on a moment's notice. We can stick to your format, and we'll meet up on October 2nd, the scheduled VP

End of an Error


This is how the Bush years end: millions in Texas without power, the coast ravaged, with gas prices over $4 a gallon, Wall Street collapsing in on itself, and the fundamentalist governor of another oil state on the precipice of the presidency.Mission accomplished.

Still waiting


Again, when are we going to demand that the Gulf South and disaster become campaign issues? While two horrendous hurricanes blow through the bottom half of the country, followed by bungled responses by the federal government in the aftermath, why has neither candidate given a major speech on recent events? Not simply a name drop of Katrina, but a real, powerful speech about what we're going to

That lost highway


In the saddle again. And starting next Sunday, on WTUL 91.5FM doing--dig it--the Country Show from 2pm-4pm. Streamingling online at



In the Superdome, 2 years and 355 days later


We booked a hotel room in Memphis and then I went to Superdome. It is August 28th, 1 day shy of the 3 year anniversary.I pulled the bike in and our guy who runs the lot was sipping whiskey with water and ice on the tailgate of a pick-up. His co-worker had me stick a business card in the bike's spedometer so his boss would know that I belong.Fans crawled through the lots and sidewalks on the

Cone of Uncertainty


"What are y'all going to do?"Funny, I hadn't thought of that.You know somewhere out in the ocean, a menace is making decisions for you. You see photos of Haiti and recognize it even though you've never visited the island. You tell your mother it'll be OK.You watch people who suffered through Katrina grow anxious, agitated. A few days ago, you drove around St. Bernard Parish and said how good

The Governor's Bolo Tie: Convention Live Blog 8.26


(Begun in the last third of his speech)Mentions McCain's backyard and crouches. "How bout it?" I think he actually did a "ya-hooo."BILL CLINTON IS EATING IT UP. This fella is like an 8th grade teacher. He's talkin Green.The More of the Same/Four More Years of the Same Ol' Same Ol'*Does that mean the Clintons, too?Governor of Montana wears a bollo tie: they can never take our sunshine.In the

Reggaeton Not Dead to John McCain


The man has his finger on the pulse...of 2005.

I'm With The Champs Right Here


New Orleans, August 2008 "Not to be an 'I-told-you-so, ' but I was in Jackson Square, and I predicted that New Orleans would come back as a stronger and better city, " Bush said. "That's the prediction I made."Yep, you are a fcking soothsayer, alright. The "vision thing," that's what got you here, what got us through, what's kept this country on such a glorious path for these last 8 years. "An '

Charity Can Be Saved


I meant to go the press conference for this report, but work intervened. It'll be interesting to hear LSU's response and the silence from City Hall.Last Sunday, I rode up to Charity to do some Booker musing. On the loading dock/ambulance entrance in the back, I parked and sat down in an old office chair someone'd left there. I figured I'd write a little and wait out the rain.After a half-hour, an

NYT takes note


Well, at least when the NOAH story made the NY Times, it featured the leader of the good fight, Karen Gadbois of Squandered Heritage (they could've linked to the site). Damn you, New York Times, you're hurting the recovery!

Oh NOAH! Look at Who They Let in the Backdoor


After sending his possible regrets due to a scheduling conflict, the Mayor appeared at the Council today to talk NOAH. He was in fine form.When I arrived, the normal stuff was playing out: talk of better preparation for voting locations, particularly for handicapped citizens; an apology to the gathered firemen--decision on their pay was delayed because the corresponding report still had errors;

NOAH and the flood


This could end up being the story/controversy of the year. In terms of the effect on the national perception of the city, its government, and, sadly, its citizens, this is a bad one."'A group of kids took the stuff out," she said. "The only people who helped me was people from outside the city.'" -Doris Dupre, whose house was gutted by volunteers but was on a list billed to the city by NOAH,

The Good Soldier Jones


What, what, wHAT!Irresponsive, but with not much left in the tank for fronting, as the lurching-along has caught up to them, the population of Nagina dickers with the locks inside City Hall. The locks are either corroded and not yet replaced, a hand-wringing “how could…?” Or newly minted fingerprint sensors, with a code for each day of the month and a finely engraved imprint: Out of Order. Either