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The world of the 1990's


I am a bit of a sucker for buying second hand textbooks from the charity shops, you can usually pick up something that might not be the latest edition, but certainly costs you a lot less than the present edition would. I picked up a couple today on psychology.  I should have checked the publication dates of one of them a bit more carefully however. It is called "The Handbook of Clinical Adult

What does an Academic without Portfolio do?


Continuing the theme from my last blog, what does an academic without portfolio do? Well it is like gardening I suppose, you can't really stand still or the weeds start to grow, and if you leave it too long you despair at the task ahead and lose the energy, so it gets worse. So what are to be my continuing links with the world of academia, whilst I seek a post and funding? Well I suppose

Academic without portfolio


It is just over a year since I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy but my shibboleth access to online journals had been turned off almost as soon as I had submitted. My academic email lasted a little longer, but that was eventually replaced with an alumni one marking the transition from Doctoral candidate to what I have since seen described as "early career academic". That is to say I had

Disentangling diagnosis.