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Food. Foolishness. Life.

Published: 2016-04-28T10:57:24-04:00


Goodbye and Grapefruit Tartlets


Well, hello, dear readers. Fancy seeing you still here. I know I’ve been a very bad food blogger lately. My posts are sporadic and not very interesting, recipes are few and far between, and there’s hardly any swearing at all....

Sprout 2016


It’s that time of year when our local farm Waltham Fields throws a big fundraising party complete with delicious food and silent auction to support their educational and community outreach programs. This year, the auction is all online, which means...

Book Number Two!


Look what just arrived in the mail: Copies of my new book! Well, I say my book, but in reality it was a group effort consisting of more than 100 people (Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Ken Jennings, Alice Bradley) who...

Santa Claus Came in the Spring


Yesterday, there was a package on the porch as big as a box of roses. What’s the occasion, I wondered? I pushed the kids out of the way and opened it immediately, but there were no roses inside. Instead, there...

We Interrupt This Cake Binge...


Sorry, guys. Can't talk. I'm experimenting with dulce de leche frosting!

Valentiny Chocolate Mousse Cups


Kaylee Giffin | The Blondielocks In case you’re wondering what to make this Valentine’s Day, see above. It’s the chocolate mousse pie from my cookbook shrunk down into pretty little individual portions. The Blondielocks featured these beauties on her blog...

Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies


Is there anything better than a simple, perfectly baked sugar cookie? YES! A simple, perfectly baked sugar cookie with a hint of lime and coconut. This was one of the recipes I taught at a parent and child baking workshop...

Cellentani with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts


Boy, that blizzard sure walloped New York, Pennsylvania, and D.C. over the weekend. More than two feet of snow is a lot of snow for anyone. It’s not easy for a Bostonian to maintain her winter martyrdom under these conditions....

What I’m Reading: Honey and Jam


I got another cookbook for Christmas, and it’s a beaut. Honey and Jam by Hannah Queen chronicles seasonal country baking from her kitchen in the Appalachian mountains. The recipes appealed to me right away: Cherry Almond Brown Butter Cake, Green...

My Weird Oatmeal Addiction


Is there anyone else out there who likes to eat raw oatmeal? It all started with the blueberry pecan granola that my local grocery store makes in-house. As soon as I professed my undying love for this granola, they immediately...

Cheese Coasters


Here's a tip for all you cheese-lovers out there. Save the lids from the little wooden boxes that house your Brie, Camembert, and other soft-ripened cheeses. You know, the ones with pretty etchings or graphic prints. They make very cool...

Happy 2016!


Happy New Year, Internet. I know it’s been a while since we’ve had one of our heart-to-heart chats, so let’s get caught up. My eldest son became a teenager last month. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it...

Appalachian Whiskey Applesauce Cake


In my book, there’s an old family recipe for applesauce cake on page 22. It was one of my great grandmother’s special Christmas recipes. Secretly, it’s a fruitcake, which she soaked in wine to preserve it. But since there are...

In Lieu of Sugarplums


It doesn’t really feel like the holiday season quite yet. The temperature seems too warm, the Halloween candy is still plentiful, and our pumpkins are in various states of non-frozen decomposition on the front stairs. (For those of you following...

My First Turkey


Hello readers. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you stuff yourself silly with poultry products? I’m going to assume that you did. This year was a first for me: I made my first Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, you heard me...

Thanksgiving Eats


Have you decided what to make for Thanksgiving, yet? If not, may I suggest a few desserts from my cookbook, namely the chai-spiced squash pie (Wintersweet, page 175) or, for the gluten-averse, sweet potato flan (page 182)? Me, I might...

Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies


The 10YO has a new favorite dessert for fall: chocolate pumpkin cookies. The recipe came from this year’s Whole Foods calendar (October 2015), but he made a few changes. For one, he asked to use the Extra Dark Chocolate cocoa...

The Great Pumpkin Theft


Imagine my surprise when I went out to the school garden the day before Halloween and found our pumpkins missing. Thursday they were there, Friday they were gone. There were four pumpkins left behind—the ones shown in last week’s wheelbarrow...

A Halloween Harvest


Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables in between all those Snickers binges!

Perfect Paella


I have a good friend who lives in the south of Spain, and when we get together, she’ll often come bearing saffron. Saffron is a spice made from the dried stigmas of a type of crocus flower that blooms in...

How to Fix Ho-Hum Honeydew


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a decent honeydew in my life. To me, they always taste like cucumbers pretending to be melons. I’m just no good at picking them out, and when I ask the produce...

Other Garden Friends


Turkeys aren’t the only visitors to the school garden. Here are some other garden friends: A milk snake. I was gathering ground cherries from underneath the branches when we took each other by surprise. She was so pretty—the picture doesn’t...

Turkey Hijinks


We saw a gaggle of turkeys in the school garden yesterday, and it reminded me of a funny story. Back in the spring, I had a kindergarten class outside getting ready to plant some carrots and radishes. We were sitting...

Pico de Gallo (Red Salsa)


As the tomatoes taper off this fall, I’m bidding them a fond farewell with this recipe for fresh salsa or pico de gallo. This is my current favorite homemade red salsa (for my favorite green sauce or salsa verde, go...

Sweet Corn Ice Cream


Sweet corn ice cream has been making appearances on late summer dessert menus all over town, from Commonwealth to Moody’s Backroom, so I decided to make some myself with fresh, local corn. After all, sweet corn is one of summer’s...

As Fall Approaches


Now that the boys are back in school, I’ve been busy fixing things up around the house. The 12YO is getting his own room (finally), so I’m moving furniture around and building shelves and painting rooms. I’m cleaning and reorganizing...

Campfire Popcorn


We went camping in New Hampshire over the weekend with my BFF and family, and she made popcorn right over the campfire! Well, not over the flames exactly, but over the glowing coals from an earlier bonfire. I don’t think...

Smoked Bluefish


Earlier this summer, we were hanging out at Nickerson State Park by one of the kettle ponds. Husband’s brother was in town from Colorado, and the men were fishing while the boys and I swam. When we reconvened on the...

Summer Melon


I grew this watermelon! Can you believe it? Are there any readers still with me who remember when I couldn’t grow a goddamned thing? Granted, it’s comically small, but it’s as sweet as can be. Also, it wasn’t just me:...

BBQ Chicken a la Mexicana


I didn’t intend to post another chicken recipe so soon after the last one, but you never know what’s going to turn out great and what’s going to flop. This chicken was actually meant to be a warm-up for a...

Scenes From the School Garden: July 2015


Can you believe the summer is halfway over? But the good news is that tomato season is upon us, and that includes the sungold cherry tomatoes we planted at the school garden. I was worried because the plants developed some...

Turmeric Chicken with Sumac and Lime


My kids have spoken, and they’ve declared by unanimous vote that this week’s featured recipe should be Turmeric Chicken with Sumac and Lime from The New Persian Kitchen. (Credit for the above photo goes to photographer Sara Remington, author Louisa...

Cape Cod Redux


Don’t mind me. Just ignoring my blog for a bit while I enjoy some lunch in the dappled sunlight along a kettle pond, boys splashing about, bikes resting against those stunted, scrubby pitch pines I love. OK, that was last...

Summer Squash Latkes


It’s always a race to use up all my CSA produce before we go on vacation. Here’s a nice little lunch that saved a zucchini and a pattypan squash from certain doom. These summer squash latkes are light and tasty,...

Nutella Grape-Nut Ice Cream


Have you ever sincerely believed that you came up with something totally original, only to Google it and realize that at least 45 other people thought of it first? This happens to me a lot. It’s very humbling. It makes...

Scenes From the School Garden: June 2015


Summer is finally here! Which means while the kids are away enjoying some much-needed time off, the garden will be growing like crazy (we hope). Nine classes came out to the garden this year, as well as the neighborhood Daisy...

My Favorite Strawberry Shortcake


We were at dinner with our neighbors the other night discussing what makes the best strawberry shortcake. I think it all depends on what you grow up with, but the six of us adults were of the mind that we...

Pickled Peppers


Peter Piper is a big fat liar. No way did he pick a peck of pickled peppers. The pickling is a whole other step! Who’s responsible for fact-checking these pre-Internet memes? Luckily, the pickling process is pretty simple, and you...

The Daily Grind


Boy, it’s been a busy few weeks. The kids are just now winding down from all of their end-of-school activities: final exams, the middle school’s rendition of Mary Poppins, the Little League baseball playoffs, and band and orchestra concert season,...

Boston Cream Puffs


The 12YO asked if I would make cream puffs over the weekend. I haven’t made cream puffs in ages—maybe since culinary school—but he had read about them in a book recently and developed a craving, so I said sure. I...

Scenes from the School Garden: May 2015


Despite the complete and utter lack of rain, the school garden is in great shape. Just look at all those strawberries I picked yesterday, and it’s not even June yet. Luckily, the deer haven’t figured out how to crack my...

Asian Lettuce Wraps


All of this cool, sunny weather means we’re going to be seeing big heads of local lettuce in just a month or so. But you can only eat so much salad (okay, I can only eat so much salad). So...

Want Cookbooks?


For someone who says she doesn’t like to have a lot of stuff, I sure do have a lot of stuff. So when the PTO of our elementary school announced they were having a giant yard sale to benefit the...

Sand Dollar Cookies


Wow, such beautiful beachy weather this week! It’s making me long for summer vacation even though it’s only May. Cape Cod lore has it that the local beaches used to be littered with sand dollars bleached white by the sun....

Little Rhubarb Pavlovas


The cherry blossoms are out, and the rhubarb is just coming up in the school garden. Naturally, it got me thinking about dessert. If you haven’t yet embraced rhubarb, or if you already embrace it to the fullest extent of...

It’s Planting Time!


One benefit of all that snow we had this winter is that I decided to take spring into my own hands. Using my salad green containers that were destined for the recycling bin, I started some seeds indoors for the...

Sprout 2015


As I write this, sleet is gently pecking at my windowpanes and there’s still snow in the yard, but no matter. It’s going to be warm and sunny this weekend and all next week, so let’s celebrate! Waltham Fields Community...

Beet Burgers


No, that is not a typo. I don’t mean beef burgers. I mean beet, as in magenta-colored, underground root vegetable burgers. Wait, come back!! Look, I’m the first one to tell you that I’ve never been one for veggie burgers....

Cod, Fennel, and Saffron Stew


Only one more week until my book deadline, so let’s keep this brief. If you happen to have a tiny little box of saffron in your spice collection, you don’t have to wait for paella to use it. Here’s a...

Ridiculously Good Fried Chicken


I hope everyone’s hungry for some Saint Paddy’s Day fried chicken! Okay, you got me. We’re not really having fried chicken tonight—we’re having Irish boiled dinner, just as Husband’s Irish ancestors intended. But I have a big backlog of posts...