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Laughing off hard truths in New Orleans

Updated: 2018-02-14T04:29:52.690-06:00


Flaming Lib strikes again


Per the New Orleans Advocate article "North shore House candidate Rob Maness loses his cool on radio, tells caller to 'blow me'":

[Col. Rob] Maness had been jovial moments earlier as he and the caller discussed Roy Moore, who is running for an open U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. Maness had just finished criticizing Republican leaders for working against Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with multiple teenagers in the late 1970s. 
But his tone changed abruptly when the caller, who identified himself as "Flaming Liberal," said that even Cruz had asked Moore to step down. "If you're to the right of Ted Cruz, you're an extremist," he said.
"Whoa, you just called me an extremist, brother," said Maness, a retired Air Force colonel who went on to outline his military background, including top-secret clearances.
"I've done everything this country has ever asked me to do. How dare you call me an extremist," he said. "I'm the most investigated, stable man that the country could have ever given the keys to nuclear weapons to, so you can blow me! You can blow me and get out of here if you're gonna talk like that and call me an extremist."
The caller, David Bellinger, a former New Orleans resident who described himself as a frequent talk radio caller, returned fire, saying "Go screw your ma, a-hole," several times before Maness asked his producer to cut the caller off.
"I'm not going to listen to that crap," he said after jettisoning Bellinger.

"The labor market remains in good shape."


So says PNC chief economist Gus Faucher.

We'll see. I'm predicting a recession in the next twelve months, based on the Year-Over-Year change in employment dipping below the two million level, which has indicated or preceded recession.


When runnin' 4 prez has lost its fun, you're f-cking lonely


Uptown Messenger 12/2/16: [Sewerage and Water Board General Superintendent Joe Becker:] “Nowhere else on the planet do they have a drainage system that compares to what the Sewerage and Water Board is providing the city of New Orleans.”Sewerage & Water Board comms during #nolaflood: no Facebook, no Twitter, this brief release.— Kevin Allman (@KevinAllman) August 8, 2017 Let's recap. In 2014 I predicted this would be an 'unusual' presidential cycle for the GOP and that Jeb wouldn't be the nominee. Then in early 2015 I discussed fascism and racism in the wake of Rep. Steve Scalise's imbroglio.Prescient!From a January '15 NYT piece on Scalise:Mr. Scalise’s ambition drove him beyond Baton Rouge. His goal was always to get to Washington. In 1999, he intended to run for the seat held by Mr. [Bob] Livingston, who lost out on a chance to be speaker in an adultery scandal. But Mr. Scalise was forced to step aside, as then-State Representative David Vitter prevailed over former Gov. David Treen and Mr. Duke.In 2004, Mr. Scalise tried again for the seat when Mr. Vitter moved to the Senate. This time, Mr. Scalise had to yield to Bobby Jindal. “I was one of the ones who told him, ‘Steve, I don’t think this is your time,' ” said [former district director for Rep. Livingston Rick] Legendre, who described him as “disappointed.”Perhaps, in similar fashion, someone had to tell golden boy whiz kid two term Governor and Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal that 2016 'wasn't his time.' He had to make room for a golden boy whiz kid one-term Senator from Florida or a bad boy one-term Senate whiz from Tejas.The Wapo reported on the announcement to suspend the PBJ express: Jindal's decision to end his campaign came suddenly. Just one day earlier, he had announced plans to continue his tour of Iowa's 99 counties later in the week. ... After breaking the news on Fox, Jindal sat under the bright lights of Baier's set for a moment, dropped his head sadly and pulled his earpiece out. He grimaced and sighed. Baier extended his hand. As the governor walked out of the studio and into a shadowy hall, he huddled with his wife, who was quiet. Her eyes welled with tears. When asked by The Post reporter if she wanted to comment, Supriya Jindal put her finger to her mouth as if she was zipping it up and shook her head no. Eight years ago, Bobby Jindal’s political future looked far brighter than it does now.You got that right, coach. Jindal's not going to 'evolve' on gay marriage, among other issues, and will seem hopelessly retrograde in 2020. This probably was his best chance, and he quit on it months before the Iowa caucus. Weak.Umm, erstah, to be fair, his campaign lacked funding.  Well then you run it frugally.But, erstah, to be fair, he hadn't received that 'boomlet' in the polls.Jindal repeatedly told us the voters would decide, and the race would change.Yeah, but erstah, to be fair, he was relegated to the kiddie table debates. So was Fiorina and she made it to the big stage. Jindal didn't convincingly win a single kiddie debate.Yes, but erstah, to be fair, Jindal said he spent too much time on policy and voters don't want that.Oh please. His campaign was "a careening pander-fest in which Jindal chased news cycles relentlessly by seemingly trying to make the most outlandish and over-the-top statement possible to stand out." Trump's talking 'no go' zones— is that suddenly outside Jindal's wheelhouse?Fine, but erstah, to be fair, Jindal was boxed out by Carson, Trump, Cruz and Rubio. If clowns and newbies are your stiffest competition, you stay in the race. Trump and Carson are... insane. Against Cruz you rally the establishment, against Rubio you rally the fundagelicals and far right.Ok, but erstah, to be fair, David Vitter was about to lose the race for governor and Jindal would have suffered questions about why a Democrat succeeded him.Ahoy! We've finally landed on something. Jindal had to decid[...]

"Hate is your mistress"


I have written over 500 YRHT posts relating to Bobby Jindal or David Vitter since 2004. Co-blogger David C. Bellinger has added many more. There are dozens of columns in The Lens archives, too.

Why the focus on Jindal and Vitty-cent? Because they kept ascending to higher office, and wanted to dominate Louisiana politics. Because they had national ambitions and needed close monitoring.

One other thing. They were also hardline, far-right dillweeds who deserved a comeuppance.

Well, this week both of their political careers came to an abrupt end. Jindal dropped out of the presidential race, and Vitter lost his bid for Governor and said he would not run for office again. (Of interest: Jindal and Vitter despise one another, yet each had a hand in the other's defeat. Vitter lost in part because of Jindal's mismanagement. And Jindal quit in part because Vitter's weakness allowed for the embarrassing prospect of a Democrat successor to Jindal.)

Jindal has spent the past few years saying President Barack Obama and The Left were turning the country into something irrevocably un-American. He cratered health care, higher ed and the state budget for his presidential dream, which he didn't have the balls to see through to Iowa.

Vitter has spent the first half of his career criticizing adulterous liars and the second half skirting questions about being an adulterous liar. He relentlessly scapegoated gays, sounded the alarm about brown illegals and leveraged racially-charged issues.

Now these two awkward, arrogant, irritating, weird, friendless men — who have been in office for so long and have accomplished so little good— go home defeated.


Fun cover of the Misfits' Hatebreeders:

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
 brain invasion goin' on in everyone
 you feel the things that make your world turn angry red
hate is your mistress and you shall not want
 you shall not want because your breed is strong

Fright Night


Boo! Thugs! Boo! * (image)

"Why don’t you tell us what your sin is?"


This spy boy fiasco was perfectly timed for Gubernatorial candidate Jon Bel Edwards (who has run an impressive race). It further damaged Sen. David Vitter right before the general election but not quite enough to knock him out of the runoff.  And it occurred so late that the news cycles carry over into the runoff.

And that's to the delight of Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. The needling title quote is his. Plus:

Normand said he told Vitter that the latter “would be the worst governor in the history of the state of Louisiana.” “I’ve been straight up, brutally honest with this man,” Normand said, likening Vitter to “a 5-year-old in the sandbox.” “I haven’t done anything against him other than endorse (Lt. Gov.) Jay Dardenne. As a taxpaying citizen, I’m offended by the fact that he’s got people videotaping folks that I’m having coffee with.”
The bad blood between the sheriff and the senator follows a long-running — and very public — feud between Vitter and Lee, the colorful seven-term Jefferson sheriff who was Normand’s political mentor. Lee once declared, after filing suit against Vitter in a spat over Tulane University legislative scholarships, that while his job was to catch crooks, “my hobby is to expose hypocrites.”
Normand, who was re-elected Saturday with 89 percent of the vote, served as Lee’s personal driver and confidant before ascending the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office. As long ago as 1996, there was speculation that Lee was grooming Normand to run against Vitter, then a state representative from Metairie.

Adoption of surveillance tactics


Sheriff Newell Normand, "a longtime political enemy of Vitter," caught a private eye trying to surreptitiously record his coffee chat with other politicos. The private investigator works for a firm on Sen. David Vitter's campaign payroll, according to The Advocate. Plus this nugget:The sheriff confirmed late Friday that his investigators found a printout from the paid research site LexisNexis in Frenzel’s vehicle on blogger Jason Brad Berry. Over the past week, Berry has posted on his blog,www.theamerican, several interviews with a prostitute named Wendy Ellis who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Vitter at a French Quarter apartment in the late 1990s.Additional key detail: Not just a 'sexual relationship'— but a relationship that allegedly resulted in a pregnancy and child given up for adoption. The Vitter campaign said there was "zero legitimacy" to the claims posited in Berry's story about ... an 'illegitimate' child. They also described it as "a story on a shady blog that’s been proven completely untrue.” The private investigator was presumably (and there's no doubt in my mind) surveilling Berry. And when he was caught doing the same to Normand, he broke laws to evade capture: At some point, someone from the sheriff’s table got up, approached Frenzel and snapped a photograph of him. The 30-year-old bolted out the door, Normand said, but was tailed by members of the breakfast group. Frenzel darted from the Metairie Road cafe toward St. Francis Xavier School, making his way toward Vincent Avenue, the sheriff said. The man jumped the gate of an abandoned residence, prompting Normand to call several deputies to the scene to search for him, the sheriff said. “Five deputies searched the backyards,” Normand said. “He trespassed through at least three or four properties.” Frenzel eventually was found hiding behind an air-conditioning unit in the 100 block of Stella Street and taken into custody.  That's an odd way to compound trouble. According to Cenlamar blog, Normand said he intends to charge Frenzel with a felony. Read the rest of the updates on that post. In the Advocate article, Normand said: “Everybody does opposition research... but quite frankly, I’m not the opposition.” He also said, “I’m absolutely ready to connect the dots.”Along those lines, why is Normand such a "longtime enemy" of Vitter? Is it a personal thing? Why would the Vitter campaign apparently surveil Sheriff Newell Normand, and a 'shady' blogger who raised questions about an adopted child?On a political note, the resurgence of 'hooker stories' seems to have coincided with a weakening of Vitter's poll numbers and several campaign mis-steps.  Whores — "what can you say when you're a whore?" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">(Following cut is mislabeled on the video. This is actually River's Edge/Strip the Flesh, not House of Shame )— "My severed sore... you were a victim baby of my pain within..." allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">[...]

October is a month for Zombies


Jason at American Zombie has published a video interview he conducted with Wendy Ellis' friend from back in the day, and an interview with Jeanette Maier, the "Canal Street Madam."

Don't miss this teaser: "In the next post... we will examine an entirely different prostitution story about Senator David Vitter that I've been working on the past several months."
  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">