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Welcome to ZoKai

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Trecce Dell' Orto - A.K.A. Yummy Pasta


Checkout Bitsy Birdie's New Blog -


Checkout Bitsy Birdie's new blog here: Click here to go there now.

Mexican Swine Flu - An Easy Explanation of WHO Pandemic Phases 1 thru 6


In case your curious, like me, here's a convenient link to the WHO Global Influenza Preparedness Plan. It provides a clear, concise explanation of the different phases for epidemic alert and response and is easier to decipher than some news reports that may or may not be a bit sensational. Phases 1 through 6 are summarized on page 2 along with the World Health Organization's proposed response for

Now Showing at the BB Blog - The Toy Fair NY Adventure


Click over to check out what we've been up to this week -

Current Confession -- I'm an Addict


Did I ever mention I'm an addict? Oh sure, I have some of the ususal common addictions, you know, caffeine, chocolate, strappy sandals. But there's a darker, deeper addiction I usually keep secret. I . . . I . . . like to draw. I just can't stop. Some people say they must write. I must draw. My pen, pencil, marker, always makes its way to drawing. Writing down a phone number, taking notes

Time for . . . a Cool Change


As the holidays near and things get busier with Bitsy Birdie and another new venture I will share with you here soon, I will be focusing most of my blogging efforts here: I will still be around, just refocused, talking more about kids and toy safety, less about domestic splendor and potty training.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In a time when economic turmoil grabs the headlines, this month is a reminder that there's something even more valuable than money -- our health. Whether it's an aunt, a cousin, or friend, most of us know someone who has had breast cancer. With today's early detection and treatment methods more women are winning this battle. Learn more about early detection and winning the battle against

Why Indeed


During dinner tonight:Three-year-old Z: (chanting) Caul-i-flower! Caul-i-flower! Caul-i-flower!Me: Hey, what's up?Three-year-old Z: Mama, why we not have any cauliflower?Me: (refraining from dancing in jubilation) I don't know. Would you like some?Three-year-old Z: Yes.Me: Okay. I'll make some.So does this redeem me for that day in the grocery store a couple weeks ago in the grocery when they

She's Got a Great Sense of Smell


A few days ago as I was cooking dinner --Three-year-old Z: Mmmm. I smell something good.Me: What is it?Three-year-old Z: Mmmm. I smell macaroni and cheese.Three-year-old K: Mmmm. I smell something too.Me: What is it?Three-year-old K: It's bracelets!!!Should I be worried?

The Hazards of Three-Year-Olds' Haircuts


Tonight as I was helping Baby K with the potty --Me: What are you doing Z?Baby Z: Picking up brains off the step stool.Me: What? That doesn't sound right. Say again.Baby Z: I'm picking up brains of the step stool.Me: What?!Baby Z: I'm picking up brains of the step stool!Me: Oh, bangs! You're picking up bangs off the step stool, Honey.

Things I Never Thought I Would Have To Say . . .


No, don't put the fork in your pants.

All Hail the Power of Three


Three is the best number ever. I'm convinced, or at least I was until it actually got here. Don't get me wrong. Three is good, very, very good. Perhaps just not as magical as they claim.All those labels on toys that read "For Ages 3 and Up." I totally took those to heart. "Woo-hoo!" I thought, "We're no longer relegated to giant wooden blocks, Legos the size of bricks, and fabric-only dolls sadly

You're Invited!


It was preceded by two sleepless nights of ear pain and vomiting with two cranky almost-three-year-olds, but it happened. Bitsy Birdie is launched! I'm really excited about the lines we're offering, especially Kate Quinn Organics, a beautiful line of organic children's clothing, and Plan Toys, awesome eco-conscious toys with a focus on fun and learning. I hope you'll stop in and have a look

Busy Birdie


It's where I've been investing my non-mommy time lately -- Bitsy Birdie, launching April 26, 2008. I'll fill you in on the details soon, but for now, I'm chest deep in the startup hoopla and loving it. Cool site design changes should be showing up soon, possibly as early as this weekend. Even better, the store launch will include some super fun giveaways.

The Dog Ate My Blog Post


Okay, I admit it. I've been non-blogging, not writing new content, playing outside in the California sunshine and investing lots and lots of time here.More to come soon . . .

The Democrats and the Delegate Process


A timely reprint from January, 2007 . . .The media attention focused on the upcoming 2008 presidential primary and the already common use of polls to predict who might win could give people the impression that the winner of the popular vote would be the winner of the presidential primary. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. For example, following state primaries and caucuses, Delegates at the

It's All About the Presentation


Coughing and with great drama after a sip from her cup, "Mommy . . . I have . . . water . . . in my mouth . . . I need . . . apple juice."

Obama, the Movement


Barack Obama represents true change. The excitement about him comes as much from what he doesn't represent as what he does. He doesn't represent back room deals. He doesn't represent big money donations. He doesn't represent buddying up with lobbyists. He doesn't represent divisiveness and dirty politics. He represents genuine honesty and a willingness to work together. He is the candidate

Yes, We Can


Obama '08 -- Donate Now, Vote Feb. 5


I'm proud to support Barack Obama. I hope you'll consider supporting him too. His views are well-explained here:

Ack, Ack, Cough, Gag, It Got Me


It got me. The girls' germtastic circus is bringing me down. Just one more thing I must post, then no more posting until the circus leaves town . . .

Ear Infection Number Five


Dear Daddy,As we are not feeling all glittery and sparkling in our sore-throated-runny-nosed-croupy-coughing-over-tired existence today, we, The Wonder Twins (as we shall herein be referred to), have determined it is appropriate to issue the following demands:Someone must bring us the following before midnight, or there will be no sleep tonight:1) The biggest jug of Martinelli’s apple juice in

Are You Ready?


I'm an Obama mama. How about you?Be sure you're registered to vote. Deadlines to register before primaries are approaching quickly.

Try It, You'll Like It


If you've never read Dooce, you've got to try it. Today's post is short, hilarious and typically Dooce, a perfect-sized appetizer portion of reality. Just click here.

I Can Bring Home The Tofu, Fry It Up In A Pan


My new friend Lori recently spent six months living in China. Her stories are fascinating, especially the ones about taking cooking classes while there. Today she generously shared her skills with us in a class she hosted in her home. The food was delicious and learning to cook it in person, rather than from a book, was even better. Thank you, Lori.For a better view click here.P.S. The company