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Published: 2013-11-11T10:29:44-05:00


Data on Rapid Increase of Mainland Chinese Students at U.S. Colleges


Numbers of mainland Chinese students at U.S. colleges and universities have increased 400% over the past seven years, according to an article in Inside Higher Education. Year Number of PRC students % change from prior year 2012-13 235,597 21.4 2011-12...

China's Higher Education Bubble - Caixin


The numbers of university graduates in China has exploded. In 1997, 400,000 students graduated from four-year university programs. Today, Chinese schools produce more than 3 million per year. But employment rates at graduation have plunged. And remote suburbs of Beijing...

What Direction for Legal Reform under Xi Jinping? - Jamestown China Brief


Hopes for reform in China have risen in recent weeks. Xi Jinping’s decision to make Shenzhen the site of his first formal inspection tour as party general secretary spurred predictions that he will seek to assume Deng Xiaoping’s mantle as...

Rule of Law in China: Past, Present, and Future - The Diplomat


The conclusion of the Gu Kailai trial recently prompted an outpouring of interest in what the case might signal for the direction of rule of law and legal reform in China. As some have already pointed out, the answer is...

Chinese State Council White Papers and the "Turn Against Law”


In recent years, Chinese central authorities have turned against a range of legal reforms that they had pursued in the late 20th century. They have de-emphasized judicial professionalization. They have increased the harassment and abuse of public interest lawyers. And...

The Chinese Bar Exam and the “Turn Against Law”


In recent years, Chinese central authorities have turned against a range of legal reforms that they had pursued in the late 20th century – a professional judiciary, resolving administrative and civil disputes through court trials, and so on. (For more...

"Stability Maintenance," Mediation, and Chinese Hospitals


Official “stability maintenance” (weiwen) efforts in China have created pressures on local authorities to hold down citizen discontent and protests at all costs. This has also created markets for people capable of filling this role – the hiring of informally...

Position: Professional Staff Member, Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC)


The CECC is seeking professional staff members to assist in monitoring and reporting on substantive issues, including worker rights, criminal justice, freedom of residence and movement, access to justice, Xinjiang, ethnic minority rights, freedom of religion, civil society, North Korean...

Program Officer Position: UNDP, Beijing


The United Nations Development Programme is seeking to fill a programme analyst position in Beijing, focusing on the areas of civil society development, access to justice and legal empowerment. Deadline is February 25. Open to Chinese nationals only. See here...

Party Policies on Culture Continue to Play Out


None of the recent developments such as ...