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The Lost Fan Blog

Fan-delivered news, theories, and information about ABC's Lost.

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RIP "The Lost Fan Blog"


(image) We laughed.

We cried.

We got answers.

Well, some.


Thank you to all my readers!


Nick G.

Through the Looking Glass


Season Finale at 9/8c on ABC

Jack and his fellow castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi's rescue ship.

1. Both this season's premiere, "A Tale of Two Cities", and the finale, "Through the Looking Glass" are book titles.

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I'm not going to make any predictions or share any rumors. There'll be plenty to talk about afterwards. Enjoy the two hour finale!

Greatest Hits



Tomorrow, Wednesday May 15th at 10/9c on ABC:

Jack devises a plan to do away with "The Others" once and for all, Sayid uncovers a flaw in "The Others'" system that could lead to everyone's rescue, and Charlie's dangerous task may make Desmond's premonition come true.

This episode is Charlie-centric, but sadly this may be the last of such episodes... In other words, (although I question whether the writers would make this so obvious), everything leads to the fact that Charlie will die:

1) The episode title, "Greatest Hits" refers to an album containing a band/artist's top songs, usually after a member(s) of the band or that artist dies. With Charlie being a member of the band Driveshaft, you can see the connection.
2) We already had an episode that teased us from the opening scene that Charlie would die, but he survived in the end. If he doesn't die in this episode, it will be as if we've seen it all before.
3) The "epitaph" in the episode description..."Charlie's dangerous task may make Desmond's premonition come true."

Honestly, Charlie's cool, but he might have lost our interest in his character. There's a good chance he's not coming back next season. To dodge having to give a definitive stance on this issue, I'll just say that we'll just have to wait and see...




In last week's episode, "The Man Behind the Curtain", Ben appears to be speaking to an empty chair, where Jacob should have been sitting. Locke is skeptical about the situation and has started to think Ben is crazy. You heard the "Help me" line and Jacob's wrath throughout his little hut, but perhaps you missed the screen flashing for a short second with the above image, which is likely of Jacob himself.

Why does Jacob only appear for a second? Why does he say "help me"?

The image we have of him leaves many possibilities. It's hard to tell whether he most closely resembles Alvar Hanso, Locke, or any other character one could make an argument for.

The Official Lost Audio Podcast May 11th, 2007


Dominic Monaghan talks about his character, "Charlie". Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse preview their "Greatest Hits". Listen

End Date? 2010


It's been reported that "Lost" will end in 2010.

Here's the breakdown of the structure for the following years:
  1. Spring 2008 Feb. to May – 16 consecutive repeat-free episodes
  2. Spring 2008 Feb. to May – 16 consecutive repeat-free episodes
  3. Spring 2008 Feb. to May – 16 consecutive repeat-free episodes
Lindelof and Cuse seem pretty confident with this bold move. I especially like a few Lindelof quotes:

"...with the answer-filled season finale May 23, viewers 'will begin to get an idea of what that design will be, and it will not be at all what they expect.'"

"the last five minutes of (this month's) finale are going to seal our fate."

There are pros and cons, but overall this will end up being a good decision. If they revert to the 9:00 slot, "Lost" is set for the next three years.

The Man Behind the Curtain



Wednesday, May 9 at 10/9c
Ben begrudgingly begins to introduce Locke to the secrets of the island, beginning with the mysterious Jacob.
TV-14 has a more satisfying description:

Ben unwillingly divulges information to Locke about the island, taking him on a journey to various locations including strange monuments and the mysterious Jacob. Back at the beach, Juliet's secret is revealed. Flashbacks will show us the origins of DHARMA and the history of the island, including 'the purge'.
I love the allusion in the title of this episode, likely referring plot-wise to Jacob. This isn't the first time "Lost" has given a nod to "The Wizard of Oz". If you recall, Ben called himself Henry Gale, a name he stole from a dead parachutist in the show, and a name the writers borrowed from the movie.

Also, the episode will be Ben-centric and Mikhail is supposed to have an appearance.

Lost: The Answers


"It's that time again. In anticipation of the Lost season finale, a special called Lost: The Answers is scheduled to air twice this month.

The special will be similar to Lost: Survivor Guide, a clip show that aired before the winter premiere. Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will co-host the show, which will "recap the secrets that have been revealed, as well as those that remain unanswered."

The special will air on May 17th at 10PM ET and May 23 at 8PM ET on ABC.

The Brig


Wednesday, May 2 at 10/9c
Locke tries to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis, and the survivors learn some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815.

I wonder what exactly was meant by Naomi's testament: ''Flight 815? The one from Sydney? That's not possible....They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.''

Could the Others have created some sort of decoy crash? This seems far-fetched, but with money and connections, they could have faked it or had a false news story leaked. It wouldn't be as hard to stage if "all the bodies and most of the plane were destroyed by fire."

Of course, the thrilling far-out sci-fi twist would be to have the outside world exist in a different future, one where the people on Flight 815 didn't survive...This becomes very confusing when you consider it.

The Official Lost Audio Podcast April 30th, 2007


Check out the new Official Lost podcast!

04.30.07 - Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse conceptualize "D.O.C." and look forward to what's in "The Brig" (5/2/07).

"I am not alone"


When Naomi (the parachutist) says "eu nao estou so", Mikhail tells the others that she has said "Thank you". The actual Portuguese translation is "I am not alone".

Any thoughts on this?

DVRs help out "Lost" and others


Some of TV's biggest shows ("House," "Lost") and some of its smallest ("The Office," "Friday Night Lights") are benefiting significantly from the impact of digital video recorders, according to data released Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research.

"Lost" adds 2.5 million DVR users to its 10.8 million viewers who watch it at the normal time.



Wednesday, April 18 at 10/9c

Official ABC Summary:
Sun discovers the identity of her unborn child's father after being examined by Juliet. Meanwhile, Desmond allows an unlikely foe to help save the life of a mysterious new island inhabitant.TV Rating: TV-14

Promotional Video:
(object) (embed)

Looks like this is going to be a great episode. I'm interested to see how the "new person" affects the survivors and what she knows in regard to Penelope. Any thoughts?

EW Article


More news...

Here's an article I found about the recent decline in viewership: Click here

Should "Lost" fans be worried? No. Personally, I don't think "Lost" ever lost its quality...(Ofcourse I'd say that, I own a "Lost" blog) The change to the 10:00 timeslot may have been a bad decision, but in the this day and age, viewers have no problem adapting to it with DVRS and iTunes downloads. In reality, it all evens out, and everyone's watching "Lost" one way or another.

Catch-22 Rerun


"Catch-22" will air again on Wednesday at 9/8c before this week's new episode of "Lost".

Charlie questions whether Desmond has had another "flash" foreshadowing his death when coaxed into joining a trek across the jungle, and jealousy motivates Kate to turn to an unsuspecting Sawyer.

The Official Lost Audio Podcast April 20th, 2007


Here's the summary for the April 20th episode of the Official "Lost" Podcast:

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss Desmond's Catch-22 and preview "D.O.C." (4/25/07). Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim talk about getting conflicting stories as to who the father of Sun's baby might be. [RSS]

"Lost", the Video Game


Only a few months ago, Ubisoft signed the license to create games based off the popular Lost television series.

For months, hardly any new info on this upcoming franchise was available till now. LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that Ubisoft Montreal is indeed working on X360, PS3 and PC versions of the game.
The title hasn't been announced yet and it's due out in 2008. I hope they can pull off something cool, instead of adhering to the usually mediocre quality of movie/tv show-based video games.

The Photo



On Brother Cambell's desk there is a picture of him with Mrs. Hawking (that lady in Desmond's flashback)...



Wednesday, April 18 at 10/9c

Official ABC Summary:
Charlie questions whether Desmond has had another "flash" foreshadowing his death when coaxed into joining a trek across the jungle, and jealousy motivates Kate to turn to an unsuspecting Sawyer.
TV Rating: TV-14 S, V-- For more info visit
Promotional Video:

(object) (embed)
If you can't wait for the upcoming episodes, you may want to pause this video clip in certain spots to get a taste for what's to come. Here are some important things I noticed in this clip:

1) A...dare I say it...long silver aircraft plummeting to the ground
2) Desmond aiming a bow and arrow
3) S.O.S.
4) Catch-22 in a foreign language
5) Juliet in a hatch
6) Someone's hand grabbing Sun's face
7) The feet of someone being hanged...possibly Charlie
8) Locke getting attacked by Sawyer

More things...but you can see for yourself.


The title "Catch-22" is a reference to the satirical historical novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The story takes place during World War II and the main character is Yossarian, a soldier. From this story, the term "Catch-22" is derived:

Catch-22 n.1.
a. A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions
b. The rules or conditions that create such a situation. —From

"Catch-22." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2003. Houghton Mifflin Company 15 Apr. 2007

The Official Lost Audio Podcast April 16th, 2007


Listen to the new podcast at Here's their description:

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse rehash "One of Us" and prehash "Catch-22" as well as some other upcoming goodies. Actor M.C. Gainey ("Tom") reveals his past connection to Carlton Cuse.

(It says that I posted this on April 14th, but I just set it back a few days so the next episode information will be first on page.)

Biblical Names


The oft-mentioned Jacob isn't the only person on "Lost" with a name borrowed from the Old Testament. Here's a list of people I can think of that have a "Biblical" name:

1. Benjamin Linus - Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob in the Bible
2. Aaron Littleton (Claire's baby) - Aaron is the brother of Moses
3. Jack/Christian Shepherd - Jacob is a shepherd in the bible, (among other prominent characters). Also, Christian could be a reference to Christianity.
4. Isaac of Uluru (healer from flashback in season 2)- Isaac is the son of Abraham and the father of Jacob.
5. Dave (Hurley's imaginary friend) - King David
6. "Adam and Eve" (skeletal remains found in season that are given this nickname) - Adam and Eve are the first man and woman created by God in the Bible.
7. Rachel Burke (Juliet's sister) - Rachel is Jacob's wife.
8. Rachel Blake (daughter of Alvar Hanso, protagonist of The Lost Experience) - idem.

With this in mind, maybe the true identity of Jacob can be revealed through a Biblical clue:

1) Jacob is Isaac of Uluru or his son.
2) Jacob is Rachel Burke's husband.
3) Jacob is Christian Shepherd.
4) Jacob is Ben's father.

1) In the Bible, Jacob's wife Rachel, died while giving birth to Benjamin. — Women who have become pregnant on the island have died.

Claire and Jack


With Juliet hanging out with the plane crash survivors, there's the possibility for a number of mysteries to be revealed. However, one thing that I could see happening is her informing Jack and Claire that they are siblings. I hope the writers can tie that into the plot cleverly.

How do the Others leave the island?


Let's look at the facts:

1. The Others have food and it must be replenished. In Ben's refrigerator, this food has the DHARMA label.
2. The Swan was associated with a food drop and at one point, the survivors found a food drop. There was also food in the hatch itself.
3. In "One of Us", Ben has Richard Alpert show Juliet's sister on a television screen in the Flame Hatch. Richard must have gone there very quickly and he is told to return as soon as possible. However, when Ben speaks to Alpert, his reply cannot be heard.
4. Juliet was drugged before being taken to the island. She wakes up in a submarine.
5. Juliet and Jack are told they can leave the island if they comply with the Others, and they will leave via the submarine.
6. Ben says that his people are free to leave the island but they always stay. The submarine gives them the choice. Ben says its destruction could cause problems for him.
7. Aircraft have crashed on the island (Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed thanks to Desmond, Beechcraft, Henry Gale's balloon).

These are just a few things that should be considered. Please tell me if something isn't accurate.

My theory:

The submarine is a decoy like the beards, the "station" that Sayid and co. found, etc. Ben uses it so the Others will believe that they can leave the island. Perhaps, it actually transports people to nearby island, where planes can come and go. By drugging Juliet, she misses this part of the trip and is led to believe that the submarine goes the entire length to and from the island. Also, the Others receive food via a DHARMA food drop of some sort. Alpert and Ethan would use the submarine to go to a nearby island to go on a plane. This is how they could transport supplies and bring people.

One of Us


Episode 3:16 "One of Us" airs at 10/9c on ABC.

Jack's joyous reunion with his fellow survivors is cut short when they realize that accompanying him is one of "The Others."

This episode will be Juliet-centric with island flashbacks, and its title, "One of Us", references the season two episode called "One of Them".

(object) (embed)

Sayid: "I want to know everything."
Juliet: "If I told you everything I know, you'd kill me."
Sayid: "What you think I'll do if you don't?"

I hope Sayid can get some answers out of her. With a Juliet island flashback, this episode has the potential to answer questions. And hopefully Juliet's true motives will be revealed. Was she left behind as a mole in the Losties' camp? With Ethan dead, and Ben no longer there, maybe the Others need a new spy at the beach for some unknown purpose. And where did the Others go? Why did they just pick up their bags and gas masks and head on out? I hope the survivors decide to take over Othersville.

What was the purpose of Hurley's movement to coax Sawyer to become the "leader" if it seems that Jack will retake that position?

Enter the Code


Here's a "Lost" gadget: