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Preview: Lost Blog Roll, News, and Theories

Lost Blog Roll, News, and Theories

Links and original content featuring important Lost blog posts, news, spoilers, and theories. Lost airs Wednesdays on ABC at 9pm EST. Lost is currently in hiatus and will return February 7th.

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On Hiatus


My blogging is going to take a backseat to my new job over the next few months so enjoy your updates about everything Lost from the sites listed on the right. Enjoy season three!

ABC Gives Out Some Lost Spoilers


BuddyTV reports some sweet Lost spoilers about upcoming episodes that involve Hurley finding a CAR on the island. That's right, a car! I can't wait.

#2 Best Moment of TV in 2006


BuddyTV put Lost's revelation of where the Others live as the #2 Best Moment of TV in 2006. #1 went to 24 for the assassination of David Palmer. I can't really argue with that so I will accept it.

New Lost Moments


From now on the Lost moments will be posted on this url. The next Lost Moment is slated to hit the web Friday at 8am ET.

Matthew Fox on Season 3


Kristen at E interviews Matthew Fox and he reveals what he thinks of the last 16 episodes of season three.

Lost Moment 5


Cindy's back! Wow!

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Fan Theories About Lost's Ending


Inspired by Stephen King's Entertainment Weekly interview about how he would end Lost fans have sent in their theories to BuddyTV as part of a contest. The twelve best theories have been chosen and summarized for your perusal. Check them all out and comment on your favorites. Theories 1, 3, 4, and 14 were my favs. I'll save further comment til you've had a chance to check em out.

Lost Moment 4


Desmond saves Claire! What is going on?

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Doc Jensen's Latest Theory


This is probably my favorite Doc Jensen theory yet. He explains how he thinks Lost might be mirroring Old Testament history. Very interesting and worth a look.

Lost Filming Without Matthew Fox


A Boston Herald exclusive interview reports that Lost is currently filming without Matthew Fox. Don't worry, the article also says Matthew will start filming more episodes starting after the 1st of the year. Whew, they didn't kill off Jack after all.

Lost Moving to 10pm


The Hollywoood Reporter reports that Lost will be moving to 10pm on Wednesdays to avoid American Idol. I hope none of you will really care about the change and watch Lost just like you always have, I know I'll be there at 10pm every Wednesday.

Matthew Fox Pokes Fun at Lost on SNL


Check out this great SNL skit featuring Matthew Fox and some rabid Lost fans.

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Lost Moment 3


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Desmond's Flashback


A link to Desmond's flashback courtesy of Approaching Lost but originally found on the The Fuselage. It seems Desmond had his future seeing abilities prior to coming to the island.

Entertainment Weekly Reveals Lost Clues


EW reports that we will be getting some answers when Lost returns. We'll get the scoop on Jack's tattoos, Locke's wheelchair, and Desmond's "abilities". Damon Lindelof even goes so far as to say that Desmond's new powers will be a big time factor in the remainder of season 3.

Lindelof also says the following about Juliet: "Her agenda is more in line with the castaways than we originally suspected but that does not mean she is not sinister."

About the implosion of the Hatch he says, "There is definitely more to this story. You will get a better picture of what happened when Desmond turned the fail safe key."

Finally, on the question of who is Jacob and why is Jack not on his list Carlton Cuse answered, "The answer lies further downstream in the ongoing story." And Lindelof reminds us that character names in Lost are not assigned without reason.

Source: Approaching Lost

Lost Moment #2


Featuring an interesting conversation between Hurley and Locke.

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