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Preview: Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: BULLYwood

Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: BULLYwood

Updated: 2017-04-01T05:12:53.892-07:00


Ah the media. Oh joy. I'm not going to comment o...


Ah the media. Oh joy.

I'm not going to comment on BB - I haven't watched it so don't feel in a position to add anything.

However The Observer experience...

I only saw the online version - no piccys - loked it up yesterday after I read the blog. The piece on you I thought was pretty typical of a bite-size interview.
Nothing dreadful, pretty shallow. But you sound interesting, intelligent and positive.

The 7year thing. Well you know what? I reckon maybe a few people wil read that and go 'right, nutter, won't pay any attention to her', and another few will not even take it in because they're not interested in earth mums anyway - but then another section might well say to themselves ' bloody hell, if she can breastfeed for 7 years I can do it for ...6 months/1 year/18 months/2 years etc...'

It's fantastic that mainstream papers are even talking about this. It's getting the info out there and that's great. So although you may feel aggrieved by the typical UK media slant that The Observer took with you, I sense that your 'truth' will only end up having a hugely positive impact as ever.

So, I say well done - and have the courage to continue being who you are. Because you help others to have the courage to transform.

Veronika, I had to laugh when I came over to your ...


I had to laugh when I came over to your blog today, because I also wrote about BB on my blog (not a usual thing!).For me the topic was prompted by a nasty incident at my son's school this week. He's 6 but this is his first year in school (year 2) because I had been homeschooling. Never sure that school was the right decision, I felt even worse when he was kicked in the face and knocked down this week. He suffered a small bruise on his face, and a grazed & bruised knee, not bad really, (what about emotional??).

The school seems to have played the incident down, and the perpetrator was given 10 minutes off his 'golden time'-- extra free/play time in class.

You certainly wrote a bit more eloquently about Jade Goody than I did,but I do feel compassion for her, in her tirade I could see the pain in her face, a pain that she has no doubt, experienced many times previously in her life. But we all have lessons to learn, and clearly her decision to re-enter the BB house will teach her many, especially that every action has a consequence.

Hi Veronika, I thought the Observer article was q...


Hi Veronika,

I thought the Observer article was quite good and the photo was o.k. It wasn't worse than some of the other photos,but I thought you all came across in a good light.
Great blog again (although I never watch Big Brother) and keep up the good work,- I'm available for T.V / photos shoots if you don't want to do anymore,

Doesn’t anyone in mainstream media have integrity?...


Doesn’t anyone in mainstream media have integrity? ....
NO. I dont feel they do, and those that do or might, dont keep their job for long.
When we ran an organic smallholding some years back - my experience of local paper was the same.
Woman asked for interview, and during the interview she asked how we dealt with pests (being organic with no chemicals)
I told her, and she said, 'what about slugs' - owh I pick many of them off the plants after dark, going out with a torch.
She asked what I did with them, and I said I just relocated them on the other side of the stream.

This resulted in a local media article entitled. Locals who Save the slugs, blah blah!!!
Hmm yep ruth ego mind was most put out and pic was not of the best either.

Thanks for your blog article, it was well written. You raise some excellent points. I have never seen it the programme but have heard about it.
I did speak with one syster who pointed out that it was a powerful indication of the shadow side of us all etc... so maybe its good to watch just to seee? dunno.. I dont feel drawn! lol

Has anyone watched the Ray mears wild food gathering and the syster gungho about organic gardening, both on BBC 2 running current weekly episodes...
Joyous new moon to all -