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Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Inside the temple

Updated: 2017-04-01T05:12:53.892-07:00


giggle! thanks Star.. blessings and new years abun...


giggle! thanks Star.. blessings and new years abundance.
namaste. x

Hi there Ruth, Yes it is the same star of eco-car...


Hi there Ruth,

Yes it is the same star of eco-caravan and natural 'potion-making'
Am glad to see you here on Veronika's space as I'd thought you'd dropped of the Planet! Hee hee.
I always used to love your page in Get Fresh magazine, soooo inspiring!
Big Hugs xxx

Star. YOU ARE A STAR giggle! what spacious abundan...


Star. YOU ARE A STAR giggle! what spacious abundant sentiments you share syster.
I remember you from the days of Harmonious Living gatherings, wonderful to meet you in this sacred space.
You are sooooooooooooooo flowing and spacious, yes yes of course, if we all just give - its amazing how it makes a difference.
The Golden chalice overflows when we put love into action.
Yes I have found also that I have been helped by others along the way, times when I felt despair and or lack.

Of course we all know its about sacred contracts, karma unfolding, but we are here now, listening, reading, hearing, so we are part of it. Its our karma too.

bless you star for your flowing love, you give an article in funky raw - yes? on natural cosmetics, and you had a eco caravan at one point if I recall.

Anyways. I feel so much more at peace now the flow is manifesting, as its such a muddy area, this money stuff eh.
We inherit so many belief systems and almost uncomfortableness about money and giving and sharing and loving.
Celebrating you syster Star and all of us in this orgasmic expression of love flowing into the chalice of the feminine.

I can feeeeeel we are pregnant with the child of love and she is birthing into abundance.

We are blessed in being called forth to give and blast through the corridors of mind and make it happen.
Blessings to all.
love ruth.

Hi there, I think our Syster Ruth summed up the s...


Hi there,

I think our Syster Ruth summed up the spirit of christmas nicely by offering us to GIVE! I have cried along with your story Veronika, I know others who've had this kind of unfair happening too. I wish to help fill the golden chalice with a humble offering of my own, it'll be in the post forthwith.
C'mon everyone, let us GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! If a few hundred of us gave a mere £10 it'll go a long way I'm sure.
I've been helped all my life by other's kindness, I try to give back when I can to keep the balance in my life :-)

Love and Blessings to you V my big sis and to our blogging freinds!
xxxx star

Dear Siobhan, systers and all. I just posted a 'fe...


Dear Siobhan, systers and all.
I just posted a 'few' quid also. Its NOT about how much - the giving evokes the flow.
I birthed both my children in the cold corridors of St. Marys Paddington! on the conveyor belt of 60's ignorance - allowing myself to be robbed of that sacred experience. Something deep within me 'knew' but I wasnt strong enough in those days to integrate that knowing into action and expression!
I was moved beyond words to celebrate my own daughters home birthings.
I celebrate all of your systers when I read the MOTHER MAGAZINE I feel a deep passion and inner joy that you reading, sharing, and acting. THE MOTHER mag has been a deep gift as I now wear the grandmother heart hat!!
I have heard from several people who have shared how Veronika has been there for them, and they will also be giving a token of their appreciation into the Goden Chalice.
So proud of you all, this is Love in Action.
I felt nervous at voicing my intent, so many have such an issue about 'money' -
We seem to be able to give to huge organisations and this and that and its wonderful! BUT WHY do we have such a block about giving to each other in times of real need showing and sharing appreciation and love.
Blessings to all your systers and families who are now giving back.
Remember its not about how much.
Just give.
In love and awe at how you are all opening hearts at this time.

Happy Birthday Veronika... Feeling the pain with y...


Happy Birthday Veronika...
Feeling the pain with you, and loving you, and praying...
It is late and I have just scan-read the comments from others, one inviting us to GIVE. You offered help to me when I was in big trouble (roof blew off my house with week old baby inside...seems a far distant memory now). I am posting you a few quid..not much and doesn't solve the legal bollocks but comes with our love and belief in abundance, and that you will get what you need out of this.
with all our love to you, Paul and girls, and here comes heaven in 2007!
xxx Siobhán

Mary, just had a brief journey through your blog, ...


Mary, just had a brief journey through your blog, wonderful and your beautiful little daughter! so sweet, and a son too. Celebrating your mothering syster.

Loved your sharing with Veronika. We really do create our own reality and work through our karmic fruits.
I also feel that our karmas are linked with those we know and love and appreciate - and that as others fall into one of those huge lifes crevices, if we are around, its part of our karmic unfolding to give and support also.

That universe we trust is made up of each of us. As we give, so others rust in that universal force is strenghened, WE are strengthened and empowered, cause giving is love in action.

If I am witness to the pain, I am part of the healing also.
namaste Mary.
Love ruth.

First, Happy Birthday Veronika and I hope you will...


First, Happy Birthday Veronika and I hope you will celebrate the special day. After reading about your difficulties with this family and the land, I naturally wonder how such nasty people receive the abundance they do, how they are 'allowed' to tend the earth! But I also know about karma, even if it doesn't always make sense, and that times like these are invitations to deepen our compassion, even though that's also a tough one!! We had to leave our wonderful home and acre of land behind in America when my husband was denied a green card due to complications from the past. Although it didn't involve court,it was depressing to leave what I thought was my dream home. Having to give up this home and other things and leaving nearly bankrupt and starting over in this country has just been another set of lessons. I have had to learn to trust in the universe, to really learn to let go... my husband is slightly better at this than I am, and that's probably why I married him! The other possibility to consider is that another, better piece of land is waiting for you!!

Thank you so much for your love Ruth. Veronika xxx...


Thank you so much for your love Ruth.
Veronika xxx

THE GOLDEN CHALICE - for ALL to read. Hiya Veroni...



Hiya Veronika. inviting you into your light and celebrating you haven given voice to this experience.

YOU are in touch with the universal energies.
Our life experience is the dance of shakti, we all created a sacred contract with before coming earthside, but YOU know this and you and I and all of us forget.

Print out your blog, Light a family fire and burn the printout of your blog, offering it to Spirit - chanting and spitting fire and brimstone as feels most appropriate - then sitting around the burning fire, closing your eyes and bringing awareness to third eye. Inwardly offer the mind turbulence to Spirit as the fire burns the gross manifestation of your story.

Then open to receive the fruits of this whole scenario and embrace the depth of pain and frustration and anger that will have purified your sacred space. WAIL.

We all know intellectually and philosophically this stuff. BUT when our own houses are on fire. We dont find it so easy to sit in the philosophical awareness. I know I dont!! And as I have said many times, when the house is on fire, we dont sit meditating, we act.

I am Acknowledging your muddy plodding through the witnessing of the nonsence that people call law and truth and social sanity.

Watch your light shine on the ignorance of those who have been part of this unfolding and smile at the sweet release of venom from your lives.

Visualise a chalice of bright gold emerging from the flames and invite all those who love and respect and appreciate to pour their love into this chalice.

WE ALL put a monetary gift into this golden chalice. WE ARE PART OF THIS Happening. WHY, cause we have all just read about it - so WE ARE part of it.
Spirit minds not 'how much' but love grows. pounds grow.
There is NOT ONE person reading this right now, who doesnt deserve to put into this golden chalice.
WHY cause when we give we grow, and when we give, Spirit flows, when we give we blossom, and when we give we pray.

EVERY SINGLE person reading this, has the choice to react, to witter, or to give.
I invite us all to give. RIGHT NOW.
Lets invest our material light into the emerging cosmic light of this coming new year.

There is NO GREATER INVESTMENT we can make into this new year than to give. AND before the minds start around talking of more deserving causes. STOP IT. YOU ARE reading this now, right now, this offering is coming to you to give into a golden chalice emerging from the tongues of fire of the sacred fire.

I will give, and I KNOW others will too. And it can be sent in the post to our syster.
ISNT this what love is. NOT some new agey faffy huggy huggy pink clouds and angels love - come on systers and brothers, let us put our hearts where our meditation seats are and GIVE NOW.

Mail me to get Veronikas address if you dont have it already. (no time wasters please)
I am hoping this syster of ours allows this mail through.!!
She had better not halt the offering eh.
COME ON SYSTERS AND BROTHERS, this is the time of year to give. to our nearest and dearest, to those who serve, to those who are in the pain of their shakti hitting the fans of life.