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Preview: Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Writer's Block

Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Writer's Block

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i have watched your vid on youtube several times, ...


i have watched your vid on youtube several times, and now have added it to my new blog. i am just now coming into my own as a woman and mother to be. i share so many views in common with you, if i had not been up for over 30 hours straight i could write more, and i will write more. You are amazing. you are such a beautiful woman to represent the mother race as a whole! u are sweet and kind and soft and sweet, and i see that so well from your video. i am a bit delirious at this moment, but when i do wake up, i will get back with you!

hope to hear from u soon!

lactavist, lactation guru by heart, lactation cunsultant in training! lol ! and future mother to be!

(from Samantha Price) Your writing is amazing, it ...


(from Samantha Price) Your writing is amazing, it really is exciting, your words spark my own and resonante so deeply. Just on example, I found myself 1000km away from Solène on Feb 2nd, the day she turned 6. I had made the decision to return to Wales to be near my father who was in hospital, lots wrong with him and he had just found out he has a cancer of the stomach. It was hard to be away at that time but it was the only opportunity I had and I grabbed it. I awoke around 4am on the 2nd knowing I had to put the light on and write. I knew I was writing for all the wonderful women I know, are part of, have been an important part of my life. I was writing about birth, about Solène's birth but it was not the birth story I have never been able to write, it was not the story of how it all happened, what happened, it was the story of how that unplanned, unassisted birth affected me, affects me today. Your thoughts on the birth stories you have read really shone the light for me, put into words what I have been struggling with. I'm not interested in telling the story of what was going on around, although I have forced myself to do that at times and I do recognize that it has helped a number of other souls come into this world with simply their parents present. What I am interested in is all the inner work; how that experience affected me. It occurred to me that the experience of her birth enabled me to tap into a source of power hitherto unknown, even if I did get a glimpse of it with Milla's birth a few years earlier. How come I have not been able to ride those powerful waves of energy and power that I know are there, potentially within, even when I'm not birthing our children? I haven't gone back to those pages and pages, the idea of sharing it with all the wonderful women (those who read English) faded, yes I admit out of fear of sounding so bloody "wise" and "I've got it all sussed". What rubbish, I can see that now. Perhaps thanks to your peice of writing and sharing last Saturday, I will reread what I wrote and "edit" it. It came so strong from somewhere really important deep down inside. And then there's this idea of needing to do things that are linked to what makes my heart sing, I don't do enough of that. I've kept relatively quiet for about 8 years or so about birth, all the while bubbling with excitement inside. I turned 40 last July, felt a great push to go digging and delving again. It occurred to me that perhaps I would live another 40 years and that I wanted to ensure I would continue to grow and learn, carry on the struggle ('cos boy it's hard at times - but I've come to see how "addicted" I am to that feeling) of becoming my own best friend, of learning not to hide my light under a bushel ...... now there's something I could write about. The idea I had in mind when I started this paragraph was writing workshops with pregnant women. I've got a friend who owns an "alternative", no make that mind / body / spirit bookshop in Dijon, it has occurred to me to suggest it to her. Then that ties in with what you were saying about FEAR. I'v just made a huge decision to apply for a permanent job training primary school teachers here in France, I was doing the job on a part-time, temporary basis. Deciding to apply, getting my act together so that I could actually make up my own mind about what I wanted rather than letting the interview panel decide for me was an enormous step. I went inside for answers, I had been considering home educating, but the girls are happy in their village schools, we are both still so critical of the education system even though we are part of it. I got the job, I know it's right for now, that I have a part to play. Jeannine Parvati's words about "serving" came back a lot. Oh wow, there's so much to say about everything it seems but apart from my proliferous scribbles in my journal I find it so hard to get around to writing in any other way. Another of my "What am I going to do to mark my 40th?" ideas was to treat myself to a creative writing course, haven't done m[...]

Hi V. Wow! Did you write this for me? Because I...


Hi V. Wow! Did you write this for me? Because I said I had a block about Amba's birth story. You're right about the external & going within. I do remember the "events" to some extent but felt I couldn't write the story because I couldn't remember all that was happening around me. But then that's not really important. Of course I can't remember because I was so focussed on the internal & THAT is the birth story, the real thing. Also it was a process. Where's the beginning & where's the end? I guess when you look at conventional birth stories you do get all the detail & when I tried to script it that way, it was too difficult and not really what I was trying too say, not special enough. Now I'm rambling! Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of TM. May there be more & more & more &.... Love & blessings, Kalyani.